PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a third-person battle royale being developed with the help of community feedback. Starting with absolutely no gear, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a flight to be the only one alive.

Updated July 31, 2018: It seems that the promised changes are being split into numerous patches. Today, the developer only released analog movement alongside performance and stability tweaks. You can read the entire patch notes on the game's forums.

Even after nine months, the game still suffers from numerous bugs on Xbox One. Today, PUBG Corp. detailed some of next week's upcoming changes. You can read about the major ones below. Analog movement has to be the biggest addition because it gives players more control over their character and results in smoother animations. It seems like this should've been part of the Xbox One port from the beginning.

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  • Analog movement has been a popular request and it's going to be patched in next week. The current movement system resembles playing with a keyboard, where the character is only able to move in eight directions. With analog movement, players will be able to move freely in 360 degrees with the left thumbstick on the Xbox One controller.
  • The "PUBG Official Club", a new messaging platform for a wider audience, will launch on Xbox One in early August. This seems to be the result of the changes Microsoft is making to the "Game Hub" function.
  • Teamkilling players will be banned for up to two weeks for repeated offenses.
  • A ping-based matchmaking system is coming soon which should reduce the instances of desyncing lag.
  • Detailed textures will load faster on Xbox One X.

Hopefully the next patch will also bring frame rate improvements for Xbox One owners. It's been months and performance is still rocky. Games like Fortnite are witnessing unprecedented success because many players are abandoning PUBG due to its problems. The performance fixes need to come out before it's too late.

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