Update 3 now available for the Samsung ATIV S Neo on Sprint

Remember Sprint? They don’t carry too many Windows Phone devices, but they have a few and one just picked up a nice update. If you’re rocking a Samsung ATIV S Neo on Sprint you now have Update 3 ready to download. The update is rolling out as we type.

You’re probably on software version 2216.13.07.6 if you don’t already have Update 3 on your ATIV S Neo. Once you update you’ll be on 2216.14.01.2. Here’s all that’s new with this version:

  • Fix for SIM contact notification in the people app
  • Special software build to address a customer issue with the camera
  • Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (GDR3)

We’re happy to see two fixes specific to the ATIV S Neo with this update. Those of you rocking it let us know if those errors above have been fixed for you. And do enjoy Update 3. It brings a few cool new features like driving mode, orientation lock, Bluetooth fixes, and an app switcher where you can close apps by hitting the X in the top right. Check our full coverage of Update 3 to see all that’s changed.

Want to get Update 3? Just head to settings, hit phone update, and then tap check for updates. Your ATIV S Neo will then call up to Sprint and see if the update is ready for it. If you’re not seeing it right away you might want to wait a day or two.

Source: Sprint

Thanks for the update vistascan32!

Sam Sabri