Updates to the Ring app will make your home security even smarter

Ring is updating its official Always Home app (opens in new tab) with Smart Alerts and other new features to help make your home security that much better. If you're running a Ring camera, like the cameras in the $199 Ring Alarm (opens in new tab) security system, then you will be excited to know the cameras are getting upgraded without you doing a thing.

Smart Alerts will use your Ring Protect Plan and cloud-based video analysis to deliver only the notifications that matter most to you. This will actually save power on any battery-powered cameras like the Ring Spotlight Cam (opens in new tab) and improve motion detection by reducing false alerts. The specific examples, which will start rolling out to the Ring app in early 2019, include Motion Verification to rule out false alerts, Motion Stop to halt cameras when the motion is unimportant, Person Detection so the motion detection won't follow people when it doesn't need to, and Motion Zones so they can focus on specific areas.

One of the other features includes Camera Previews, which will consolidate the recent images from all of your Ring cameras in one place. You'll be able to look through the photos, tap the preview, and go to a live view right away. The Timeline feature will give you a look at Ring's event history and let you know what happened and when.

The Ring app, which will eventually get all these updates and more, is available for free through Google Play (opens in new tab), iTunes (opens in new tab), and the Windows store (opens in new tab).

John Levite
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  • Awesome
  • Hope they work, 99.9% of my alerts are from moving cars in the street, rather than anyone on my property, even with the range set quite short. That said with all it's shortcomings Ring cameras work for me.
  • Check out SimpliSafe! My Video Doorbell is on the way. It's Not GOOGLE!!!!!