Upgrade Your Home Security With 70% off This Smart Outdoor Camera

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When you're not at home, it's good to know who is snooping around your front drive. With motion detection and two-way audio, the Sinji Smart Outdoor Camera is a great home security upgrade. It's currently 70% off MSRP at just $59.95.

While many smart cameras are designed to stay inside, the Sinji embraces the great outdoors. The camera can be mounted on any outside wall, and it connects to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. With an IP65 rating, the white case is truly waterproof.

The camera captures 1080p live video, with an 85-degree viewing angle that covers both the front door and the garage. This means it's pretty difficult for intruders to sneak past.

In addition, the camera has motion detection. Whenever it notices a person moving about, you get a notification on your phone. You can then view the recorded footage, or see a live view and use two-way audio to speak.

It normally retails for $199, but you can pick up the Sinji today for just $59.95.


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(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

Sinji Smart Outdoor Camera – $59.95

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