US Carrier Apps review: a free Windows Phone catalog of carrier apps

Windows Phone is one of the more carrier-agnostic platforms out there. You can get one or more Windows Phones from every major carrier in the US, and many of the smaller ones like Cricket too. And many of those carriers choose to offer proprietary apps in order to differentiate their Windows Phone devices or build carrier loyalty.

Keeping up with all those apps can be tough, especially if your carrier doesn't make them easy to find. At the same time, maybe you want to use one carrier's apps on another carrier's device. That takes a little trickery. Even then, you still have to find said carrier-specific apps. Loyal Windows Central reader Thals1992 has developed a free app that links to every known carrier app. US Carrier Apps is a simple app that could come in very handy when you're looking for just the right proprietary app.

Find your apps

Launch US Carrier Apps and you'll find an attractive Modern UI-style interface which makes use of a brown backgrounds and high-contrast yellow text. The app has five pages worth of carrier apps:

  • AT&T: A whopping 13 apps. Sure I uninstall these immediately whenever I get a new phone, but somebody out there might appreciate them.
  • Verizon: Windows Phone's second-largest domestic supporter offers seven handy apps.
  • Sprint: This fair-weather friend offers six apps to install.
  • T-Mobile: A bigger supporter than Sprint, T-Mobile nevertheless offers six apps as well.
  • Cricket: The little carrier that could (but could not offer decent reception in my area back in the day) has two Windows Phone apps to its name. Color me impressed that they made the effort.

After finding an app you want, tap it and the app will launch a hyperlink to that app on the Windows Phone Store. For the end user, it basically takes you straight to the selected app, but you'll have to tap Back on your phone twice to return to the main app instead of once.

Once on the app's Store page, you can install it if your phone comes from that carrier and is compatible with the app. My Lumia 1520 can't install AT&T's YPmobile app for some reason, but that's no great loss.

Installing to a different carrier's device

On the "Cricket and Misc" page, you'll find the "About This App" link below Cricket's apps. There really should be a space or some kind of divider between the Cricket apps and About This App, but whateva.

About This App offers a bit of coaching about how to install one carrier's apps on another carrier's device. This involves the use of a proxy application like Fiddler. My computer has Fiddler installed, so apparently I engaged in such shenanigans at some point in the long ago. Anyway, it's cool of the developer to offer some guidance on how to actually install the app he lists.

Overall Impression

US Carrier Apps is completely free and has no advertisements or in-app purchases. It's simply Thals1992's contribution to the Windows Phone community. Not everyone will have use for carrier-specific apps, but it's great that someone took the effort to find them all and make them available for those of us who do want them.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • The only carrier specific app I use myatt but this is a good app nonetheless :)
  • There are handful of developers who are really contributing to Windows ecosystem by making quality truly free apps, making Windows a better ecosystem, these people should be in the place of Joe, they have more concern towards the OS than him. :/
  • Joe has sat and watched them run this thing into the ground. Sat by as they made a mess of the Music and Video app. Sat by as they destroyed the games hub. Told us all about how they would be able to bypass the carriers and were would be getting updates quicker than were would know what to do with them. On and on. Time for him to get out of the way and get someone in there with some balls who tells entire below them "enough of this shit. Our customers first and foremost. This is what we are fixing NOW and if you disagree, get the hell out".
  • Yeah the change to the Games Hub in 8.1 pissed me off enough that I don't even use it anymore.  Instead I keep a folder on my start screen with most my games in it.  Much better than waiting 5 seconds for the freaking Hub to load.
  • ^^this, btw that man sounds to be like Steve Jobs.
  • That poor man. He gets so much flak.
  • Can say much here. I had originally sold it for $1.99 for two months, because I had to go out and buy a 520, 521, and a HTC 8XT to make the app. Couldn't get anyone to buy it in months, so I dropped it quite a while back.
  • No carrier apps here in Denmark. Well except for the one that almost all have, which is one to track your data/text/talk use. The one my carrier has sucks and is obviously a port from Android/iOS, so I just use their website or the native WP one.
  • Cricket: The little carrier that could (but could not offer decent reception in my area) has two Windows Phone apps to its name. Color me impressed that they made the effort.
    Interested when you tried Cricket to make that statement? Since Cricket was aquired by AT&T and now shares AT&T's full network footprint...
  • Oh, it was before AT&T bought them. You sure they get the same reception as AT&T now?
  • Yup, i'm rocking it. 70 bucks out the door for two smart phones.
  • Not too shabby! I updated the description for youse guys.
  • Also, both those Cricket apps were actually aio apps before AT&T acquired the Cricket name.  They were just rebranded green with the Cricket name. I'm on Cricket, but don't ever buy a Cricket branded WP and expect updates.  Both the 520 and 620 are forever stuck on WP8.0.  You can put the dev preview on them, but battery life is atrocious.
  • Yeah, cricKet is pretty cool. I've seen my data go from 250 to 500 to 1GB and my price has stayed the same. Of course, I thank T-Mobile for that. Competition baby, it works! As a previous postpaid AT&T customer, I really haven't seen any difference.
  • Has anyone tried using this to get T-Mobile WiFi calling on a 1520.3?  If it works, let me know!
  • It wouldn't work. I somehow managed to install it on my unlocked Rogers 920 last year but it never, ever worked. Non-T-Mobile phones lack the internals for it to work.
  • I tried for my L920 and it didn't change anything.  Lets you go to the app page in the store but it still doesnt let you install.
  • The app is not even available in the store on the 1520.3.
    I wished I had picked up the 1320 for Lumia $99 on Cricket on Black Friday to complement my Lumia 1520.
  • You need tmo fw
  • You can't uninstall them when you're on Android.
  • My most fav app that is available is Visual Voicemail from VZW. Yes, it costs $3 a month, but not having to dial in to my voicemail just to delete them is worth that cost. Eventually, I just got to a point where my bill is over $175 for four lines, so $3 wasn't worth sweating over lol. ;) (yes...I'm weird.)
  • That seems ridiculous paying extra for accessing your own voicemail. AT&T, at least, includes it in their data plans by default.
  • Until you realize that Windows Phone offers this natively and Verizon is the only carrier who blocks the native Visual Voicemail app, forcing you to install their own (which isn't as good, btw) and pay the $3/mo for something everybody else is getting free.
  • Haha wow, fuck Verizon.  My T-Mobile bill at the moment is $120 for 6 lines and no bull shit charges for features like Visual Voicemail.
  • To be fair, you're right. But like I said, I don't care lol. (and yes, I'm aware)
  • You need to switch to at&t.
  • Wait a minute... Visual Voicemail on Verizon is a separate app??? What the hell... why? It works fantastic in the native phone tile on AT&T. I wonder if that's the issue with Cyan and the Icon?
  • Lets just say, after experiences I've had with CS reps, internal tech and how they market, their technicians, and their shoddy service here in Utah, I REFUSE to use AT&T. I'll take Sprint over them; when one such as myself sees what happens on the back-end of their support? AT&T can equate itself to a hog pile of dung, IMHO. (To be fair though...VZW's practices on cash, money, and profit-making ability and such have become shoddy, as of late. But T-Mobile doesn't work well out here either. Nor Sprint.) As for Visual Voicemail? should be free, and VZW has it for its other phones, just not WP yet because its support for the platform is....lacking. Trade -offs for what a person wants in a cell phone service, I suppose...shoot me ;)
  • I actually take the long way around. I use Google Voice (sorry MS you dropped the ball here) and have the whole message texted to me. No reason to pay for a feature that's free elsewhere.
  • I'd like to complain about the myAT&T app. It feels like a crappy website wrapper. Also, it's so slow and the login bug is so annoying. I'm very disappointed in the quality of it.
  • Well the app does what it says.  I had a small hope it would somehow let me force the T-Mobile WiFi Calling app download, but that app still tells me my device isn't supported (unlocked L920).
  • Needs tmo fw
  • The WiFi Calling app is only supported on the 521, because of firmware hooks.
  • From the app reviews it looks like all US carriers are about the same when it comes to developing quality apps for Windows phone. I know when I get a new phone that's one of the first things I do, uninstall all the junk. Why do they think bloatware/crappy apps help them sell phones or differentiate themselves from other carriers? And they hold back updates for this? (I'm looking at you V)
  • I was going to ask; does this fix the Verizon app issues that's preventing 8.1 to hit Lumia Icon?
  • The only carrier apps I care about are MyAccount and Wi-Fi Calling (T-Mobile).
  • Damn.... Downloaded to try and get visual voicemail in UK... Didn't work... Uninstalling app. Worth a shot
  • This had been available for a while since they stopped publishing it on xda for dev unlocked handsets
  • They? I'm just one guy you know! The thread just kept kinda dying and I never bothered as no one ever would comment. I gave up giving extra effort to upload the source and the XAP, when I never had anyone inquire about it...
  • Wi-Fi calling app not available on HTC One M8. Hopefully they will address this soon.
  • You pretty much have to purchase T-Mobile's WPs to get the WiFi Calling. Doing a bit of hacking on it shows that it relies on a service that starts up when the phone does.
  • I didn't even think T-Mobile had any apps. Whenver I search the store I get 0 results.  Finally installed the My Account app on my 1520.3, didn't even have to log in or anything.