US government shows how smartphones can help save lives, merging the iPhone and Lumia 920

The US government fired out the above promotional video, which has been captured and uploaded on YouTube. It essentially sends out the message that smartphones (and mobile phones in general) can save lives just as effectively as other technology. A weather warning is demonstrated on a Nokia Lumia 920, but it's not showing a Windows Phone screen. We're looking at an iPhone.

Sure, it makes sense why the team behind the production would prefer to show the most popular smartphone UI in the US on that device, but it's great to see them consider the award-winning design of Nokia's Windows Phone hardware. Mixing the two together is just weird, especially since they didn't even fill the entire Lumia 920 display, making it appear to cut off. Why not just use the Modern UI?

via: WMPU; thanks, John, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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