US plans to revoke several licenses to sell goods and technology to Huawei

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What you need to know

  • The Trump administration is reportedly revoking several licenses to sell goods and technology to Huawei.
  • The move is the latest in a long-running feud between the Trump administration and Huawei.
  • The Trump administration considers Huawei to be a national security threat.

Huawei suppliers, including Intel, have been informed by the Trump administration that the U.S. government will revoke certain licenses to sell items to Huawei. The current administration also plans to reject dozens of applications to supply Huawei, according to a report from Reuters.

With President elect Joe Biden taking office on Wednesday, this move against Huawei is likely the last of the Trump administration related to the Chinese PC manufacturer. The U.S. government has placed heavy restrictions on Huawei under President Donald Trump. One of the most impactful restrictions was the move by the U.S. government to require licenses for certain American-made semiconductors to be sold abroad.

These most recent moves against Huawei, which the Trump administration considers a national security threat, come alongside several other restrictions against China and Chinese companies from the Trump administration.

While Huawei and Intel have not commented on the new restrictions, Reuters saw an email from the Semiconductor Industry Association, which states that the Commerce Department issued "intents to deny a significant number of license requests for exports to Huawei and a revocation of at least one previously issued license."

Sources told Reuters that there are several revocations, with one source stating that eight licenses are being removed from four companies. Sources also stated to Reuters that in addition to Chinese companies, that Japanese flash memory chip maker Kioxia Corp has had at least one license revoked.

Roughly 150 licenses were already pending involving $120 billion worth of goods and technology before these most recent restrictions. Sources told Reuters that an additional $280 billion of license applications for goods and technology for Huawei have not been processed.

Companies have 20 days to respond to "intent to deny" notices, after which the Commerce Department has 45 days to advise on any decisions. Affected companies can then appeal a decision for up to 45 days.

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  • Not a fan of Trump, but I agree with this whole heartedly. China is a terrible government and there's no way to separate companies from the government in such an authoritarian communist nation. Our goal should be to use our economic power to encourage companies to move manufacturing (especially tech) out of China and into more democratically aligned nations like Taiwan, Japan, India, Korea, etc.
  • Companies only care about the bottom line, and manufacturing in China has proven to be the best for its bottom line. If companies cared about "democratic values", they wouldn't be lobbying our politicians 24/7.
  • Exactly, which is why using sanctions, tariffs, and export bans are effective tools to steer companies away from totalitarian nations. Hopefully now that the US has officially accused China of genocide we'll see more companies turn away from them.
  • Huawei is not innocent, but I think the timing of this proves that Trump was just using them as a political football, and that's it. The president-reject is the last person the country can trust with cyber security.
  • This is done purely for geopolitical purposes. Huawei's success is scaring the U.S.
  • Lol conspirationist much? If you don't want the brand don't buy it simple.... And thinking a Chinese tech company is any worst than any other is pure wishful thinking. And finally if there is a security risk find and expose it or STFU... Imagine what's apply to huawei was applied to every judgment in the country.... Guilty until proven otherwise.... What a pile of bullcrap.... Especially comming out of that crook's mouth... I don't care about pollital views Trump is a cancer for everybody and needs to be excised of the public world everybody would be better of....
  • See China, but not Usa ?