Use this app to always show the date on your Lumia Glance screen

Niche apps are always tough to write about. For some, they’re indispensable. To others, they don’t make sense. DayGlance is one of those apps, designed specifically for Lumia devices running Nokia’s Glance screen.

You may not have noticed, but Nokia’s Glance screen omits the date. Instead, it just shows the time and any notifications. While I understand the logic – keep it simple – for some, knowing the calendar day is important. Luckily DayGlance fills that gap by let users show the date in the notification bar.

The app is as simple as can be. Just download, run and add it to the lockscreen notifications under Settings (the app has a direct link to simplify things). From there on out, you will see a cute little dg icon with the today’s date. Short and to the point.

The app is limited from showing more since the notification area can only be configured to show a ‘count’ and not the full date. Still, for those who want to quickly know today’s date without having to turn on their phone, it’s a novel solution.

DayGlance joins my other favorite app for Glance, LockTemp. That app runs in the background, updating every half hour to show you your current temperature based on your location. Together, both apps provide a lot of info, all attainable with a single glance. Whether or not you find them useful is a personal decision, but I do like for you guys to have options.

Pick up DayGlance for free here in the Store. If you want to support the developer, you can optionally buy it for 99 cents. 

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Wish this could work on my Icon...
  • Same.
  • Stupid how Icon doesn't have it. And no excuse about AMOLED, as the 82x series, 928, and 1080 have AMOLED. And no double tap, really? My spare phone, a 520, has double tap! Wtf!!
  • So that means the 925 is still the best Lumia? ;-)
  • ;)
  • +925 :D :)
  • I'm sorry, no glance for icon?
  • Not at the moment...  hopefully in a firmware update.
  • does anyone know if Glance will be available for MetroPCS Lumia 521?
  • apparently, no hope :( according to nokia, it is a hardware matter, not software.
  • Which app is the temperature one??????????
  • LockTemp
  • Thanks
  • Adding it to the lockscreen notification will mean I have to lose another apps notifications. Not happening.. Too bad we get only 5 spaces.
  • Yup , that is the tradeoff. There's never enough.
  • I also hope MS fixes the issue that only Counters are allowed. That causes the effekt in the App LockTemp that negative temperatures are countet down from 99 because no - is allowed...Makes it useless for whole Europe!
  • ...And for northern North America. That's the main reason I don't have that app installed.
  • Wow! I love Lumia more n more daily :)
  • we can only have 5 notifications on the lockscreen... but sure, waste one on this...
  • Everyone's needs/wants/priories are different. No need to be judgmental.
  • Yeah glance screen isn't a lock screen. We don't want more mess
  • I dont meant to be judgmental, just frustrated by how much microsoft has let the lockscreen slip...
  • Wish we had more choices. Some might want more. It may look "cluttered", but some might want it. Like I want the action center notifications to show on the lock screen, like IOS.
  • We have live tiles that's wp identity. U can pin your apps to the main screen. We are also all things we need. But y u want notifications like ios. IOS and android both try to copy and compete themselves. Its good Microsoft has innovation in their design. All credit goes to Belfiore and his design team.
  • Live tiles≠Notification Center
    Glad they are adding the action/notification center into 8.1. I hope lock screen notifications get better than what is out currently.
  • Agreed. Double tap (or press the power button) and the date along with what day of the week is right there. Obviously, if I had more notification slots, I'd be more inclined to do say it's a good idea, but with texts, my primary email, fb messenger, nextgen reader, and a battery life indicator there, there's simply no room--and I still have a few other apps that have been pushed off the screen (namely, phone/voicemail, secondary email). There needs to be another row of 5 imo (maybe on the top, below the status bar...or just above the other row of notification indicators?) and it'd be fine. Nothing against the dev or the idea: it's a good idea, but realistically there's just not enough room for it for most people. Edit: Or a great solution would be for nokia to allow you to have the full lockscreen show. So you see: 1:27 PM
    March 10
  • My Lumia 1520 just arrived at my front door.  Can't wait to get home after work and try it out. It's going to be a "big change" no pun intended, coming from the HTC Trophy!
  • Trophy to 1520...yeah, that should be wow-like experience, lol. Congrats.
  • Woah, big change! Enjoy!
  • Nice :)
  • you deserve a TROPHY, for upgrading to WP8 from WP7.
  • I DON'T MIND WHICH DATE IS TODAY... Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Not free in india
  • Daniel any idea if Lumia 520 will get glance screen??
  • the 520 will never get glance, its screen is to cheap, it cant run at the low power consumption mode it needs to for glance top work
  • Date is important. I might go there but the update to 8.1 is too close. Gotta save space.
  • Well if we use this than lock screen is useless. I now only use it to see the date :D . 
  • Exactly. And to "swipe" to unlock. So its another step to get to where u need to go! But hey, if you have a perdy background it sure does look nice. I fall in love with my phone each time I unlock it. Hahahaha. WOAH
  • Yeah not paying for something as stupid as that. Why are we getting charged for Angry Birds to? People are trying to get rich overnight.
  • Looks like the Trial Version is fully functional doesn't expire. So free if you like.
  • Read the post. App is free. It's 99 cents in case you feel like supporting the dev. Quality of your post: D-
  • Cool love my Red L1520. Rocking glance screen and lock screen notifications.
  • I was just noticing how glance didn't show the date and thought that it is a stupid omission, perfect stop gap solution :)
  • already on my 920 glance screen, thanks :) still have one free slot :p
  • Daniel, doesn't this drain your battery extremely? Glance itself isn't so nice for your battery already - but having a separate app controlling part of the glance screen (and one with GPS?!) wouldn't that be like letting termites in? (I'm using a L920 - I find WhatsApp as only background task draining my battery enough alrready)
  • I haven't seen any conclusive evidence that Glance significantly drains the battery. I leave mine on as 'always show'.  Regarding separate app controlling the Glance screen, the Glance screen refreshes already once a minute. Updating it every 30 minutes with new info such as temp is not taxing.
  • you leave it on as always show? do you use a phone with an amoled like the 925? ive heard that amoled's have bad burnin issues, you run into any? I would love to run glance as always on.. but i fear the burnin...  what do you think?
  • It moves around every minute.
  • I've had mine set to  "always show" for a few months now. No noticeable issues - including battery and burn-in.
  • I'm betting using a background on glance is a different story..
  • I use the peek option for Glance and never noticed any battery issues. I have 6 background tasks running including WhatsApp. I get about a day out of my battery. L920.
  • Hmm, I don't get a day out of it if I use it - so WhatsApp from time to time. I don't really trust my phone without the battery saver for a long day... Especially if I want to listen to music as well. Thanks Daniel, this comforts me when using glance - I love the feature, but I always thought it was battery killing. Maybe something else is killing my battery - though I had resetted mine like 2 weeks ago. Besides WhatsApp, nothing is running in the background with the standard features (extras+info, here Drive, Nokia care). I feel like Android is better at handling the battery. I have a Moto G (a back up phone, don't worry!) with WhatsApp, Line, Kakaokotalk, Skype, FB Messenger running, and that phone offers over 2 days of battery life if I am lucky. If I install all these apps on my L920, it will die within half a day. Is this my L920 or a fault in the WP OS?
  • the 920 is wierd when it comes to its battery life. only lasting all day when it wants to. background tasks arent supposed to drain it, the only thing that drains mine is gaming or streaming. but its crazy, one day it'll wana last all day without me touching it much, then the next, i'll just watch it got down 10% every hour
  • It would be great if we could add more than 5 notifications to the lock screen. Just let us choose as many as we want, the priority, and show the top 5 that actually have notifications at that time.
  • It will be more useful if it support many types of dates such as Hijri (for Muslims)
  • Ok, so you got me scared there for a moment. I was like WTH, how did the developer gain access to the glance screen? Through some private API? I want that too! And a couple of seconds later I see the screenshot. Fail.
  • Why doesn't this use the detailed status instead? With the new glance screen update you could let it show the date actually written out in a line of text.
  • Noice
  • I use TimeMe(1min update) for calendar (glance screen detailed notifications) and 1min battery status. Locktemp for weather and now this app. Thx, my glance screen is complete!
  • Being in a rural area it would be nice if the glance screen showed signal strength.  :-)
  • Rad!
  • Sees MetroTalk icon on Glance screen (like mine), dies a little inside. The end is nigh!
  • Nice app :)
  • "Glance ... just shows the time and any notifications". I WISH!!! Can't wait for my 620 to catch up with features that many Nokia's seemed to have had many moons ago (at least in terms of technology), although at this rate, 8.1 will be announced before the vast majority of 620 users see Black. PS Sorry to bring this up here, I wouldn't be surprised if many are bored with us 620 users keep complaining about this, but equally, we are bored with not having features that many have had for months, with no apparant reason as to why we have had to wait so long. Rant Over. 
  • +620
  • Not good
  • I thorougly enjoy the idea of the glance screen (though I never use it, ironically)... and all these extra apps and abilities for the glance screen just make me think: at what point does it just become another lock screen?
  • Cool app, too bad it requires you to trade one notification slot.
  • Hoping in the future we get more than 5 notification slots, and that there's an option to double tap straight to the Start Screen.  
  • What's,the app on the right?
  • MetroTalk