A universal version of Glympse is in the works for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

The team behind travel-tracking app Glympse has confirmed that they are currently working on an updated Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of the app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

The Glympse team revealed the news in response to a user on Facebook, stating:

It is in the works! Release in a few months. Stay tuned!

If you're unfamiliar with Glympse, it's a free service that will let you track your driving on road trips. In addition to planning where you're going, you can also send updates to a contact who can check in on where you are, along with your ETA. It's a great way for friends or family members to keep track of your progress on a long trip without having to constantly check in.

If you're interested, you can currently check out the current Windows Phone version of the Glympse app on the Windows Store.

Download Glympse from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Bawa J., for the tip!

QR: glympse

Thanks to Bawa for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Awesome!!!
  • I like this app a lot. Still use it on roadtrips when meeting friends, etc.
  • Me too. It's one of the apps I was really hoping would get updated. Glad to hear it's happening.
  • Great, this is a very useful app, I was expecting an update for it
  • Great news.
  • Used to use it, and I do for longer road trips, but since moving to an iPhone with Find my Friends, which is a little more convient because you can set it up to always share, Glympse has taken a back seat, but this does have an edge showing speed and what not.
  • I agree, this is really a great and useful app.  Glad they're still updating it.
  • Thouoght this was another dead on the vine app.  Great to see its still has life.  I use it all the time
  • Still use this on my HTC Radar 4g. I'm still part of that 2% that's still rocking a 7.x device. Long live WP beautiful metro design.
  • You can share location via watsapp tooo
  • Does the receiver have to have watsapp installed?
  • No i mean you can share your current location from WhatsApp
  • It's a great way for friends or family members to keep track of your progress on a long trip without having to constantly check in. Read the article :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can via text as well and not depend on a data connection, just sms/mms
  • this app is how i stop the "hey, how close are you?" messages
  • Always share feature now that family 360 is gone? Or will squad watch go multiplatform?
  • I used to use this, but since I use navigation most of the time I drive, I didn't want both running. I like how Waze has this "share your trip" functionality built-in.
  • Love to see this App not being dead and actually looking forward to that UWP App in the works. Saw it recently on Android on a friend's phone and loved the many more options available there.
  • I still use this as well. Looking forward to the new version! Hopefully it will better integrate with other apps during the transition. Clicking on links just lead to the browser version currently.
  • How does it compare for tracking family members with Life360 (which, despite the app apparently not searchable in the Store anymore, I still use on my, my wife's, and my son's Windows Phones, and my mother's iPhone)?
  • With Glympse you have to explicitly send each person authorization to view your location. And the authorization expires after the time you set
  • Ooo this sounds good, I could have used this on my full circumnavigation of Iceland this week in a camper van...
  • And I just started to check out Sentinelle... glad to hear they are working on a UWP version of Glympse though
  • I love this app. Great news!
  • Great news. I really like this app
  • Liked the idea of Glympse but I always had the problem of the app locking up if it was in the foreground and intermittent hiccups. I'm looking forward to a revamped UWP version.