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VAIO currently have no plans to bring the Phone Biz to the U.S.

We have some unfortunate news for those who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Phone Biz by VAIO. The company has revealed on Twitter that no plans are currently in place to bring the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone to the U.S. That's not to say it will never hit the U.S., but you'll need to jump through hoops to import the handset after it's launched in Japan.

Confirmation was published by the official VAIO Twitter account:

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The Phone Biz was recently announced, featuring a 5.5-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 617 system-on-a-chip, 3GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, expandable with a microSD card. It also has a 13MP rear camera and will be available in Japan come April for around ¥50,000 ($427.92).

We hope we'll see the VAIO Phone Biz outside of Japan, because that is one sleek looking smartphone.

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Source: VAIO (Twitter)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great news! Feel the pain of being ignored. The rest of the World.
  • Blame AT&T for expensive validation requirements and poor market share
  • It's not just at&t it's the majority of people.
  • If something never is released in the US then by definition it's vaporware. ;)
  • Windows Phone is much more popular in the rest of the world than in the US.
  • +1
  • Yeah, 2% vs 1%.
  • Exactly, it is TWICE as popular... 100% greater share.  Incredible! Hooray statistical spin!
  • Define popular. The US has more devices with Windows on mobile than any country. You don't make money on "market share" need to calculate actual, real units sold. My household has 100% Windows market share, but who cares?
  • I think you know what he means. I definitely know he is not talking about hardware, so that leaves people are just not buying iPhones and android phone.
  • Blame Americans for being such isheep and Android sheep's that it discourages OEM's outside of Apple and Samsung from bringing devices to America. I'm surprised that HTC is still trying with their ONE series devices since they've been losing money for the past 5 years.
  • Sheep? Sorry but it's more about what works and what doesn't. WM/WP clearly doesn't for many. And please don't drag people into the **** hole Microsoft opens. People will hate you deeply because of this. True story...
  • I was a Windows Phone "sheep" for four years. I blindly supported the platform and bought new devices loyally. I finally got sick of it, pulled my head out of by butt, and looked to a device that actually does what I need, abandoning Windows Phone.
  • My 735 does what i need so i will stay on the boat until it breaks or until I'll have money for a 950XL
  • Yea
  • Hahaha...exact thoughts
  • I'm ok with it, make it popular everywhere else so the US wants it. Americans want what they are told they can't have. As long as I can still have my 950xl
  • LOL, what?
  • If it was a source of oil the USA would carry it
  • Oh...moan and whine. The US envy is pathetic. Are we whining about this or any other time something doesn't happen in the US? I would have lived that promo where the non XL 950 git the Continuum dock, but oh well. I'm not going to bash the countries that got it. I just say "good for you".
  • Question will this work in states
  • You can still buy the international version?
  • But it doesn't support North American LTE bands. Not even Band 7 which, while not rolled out in the U.S., has been deployed in Canada and is in use on every continent on the planet except Antarctica. That makes it less exciting as an import item, sadly. I haven't looked at what HSPA bands it supports but T-Mobile has already started refarming right from 2G to LTE and not deploying HSPA. T-Mobile has done greenfield LTE-only deployments in Northern Michigan and elsewhere. Other carriers may not be far behind. Importing a handset without local LTE support is an increasingly bad idea. If it had band 7 LTE and band V HSPA, I might have considered it since I'm in Canada.
  • Does it even support the right bands for use in north America?
  • WCDMA 1/6/8/11/19 LTE 1/3/8/19/21
  • Nope, it would be a 2G-only handset here. Not even HSPA support that's at all useful I'm North America.
  • And this kind of weird marketing strategy is one of the reason MS is failing so hard in mobile market. Everything is region locked, hardware, services, software.
  • That's not Microsoft choice.
  • The company is vaio not Microsoft. And who's to blame them, the market share here is abysmal or windows 10 mobile
  • And the abysmal market share is Microsoft's fault.
  • Cant argue there.
  • Okay but who's FAULT it is for low marketshare is completely irrelevant to whether VAIO wants to bring their phone to the U.S.
  • They don't want to bring it to the US because of the low market share, which is Microsoft's fault.
  • Japan has even lower market share so I highly doubt that's the reason.
  • Honestly, OEM's should market they devices or broker deals with cell carriers to do so. Look at Apple and Samsung, they market their own devices because they are the OEM's. I do still feel that Microsoft should market the devices, but at the end of the day, OEM's should.
  • Microsoft tried marketing. It didn't work either. When Windows Phone 7 was released, the commercials were on TV non-stop. It didn't help at all. They knew better than to waste the money for subsequent versions. They should have tried something new, but instead they keep releasing the same thing year after year. Each version is visually no different from the rest! How crazy is that? Sticking to a failed UI. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe if they ever get an OS even close to "complete" (I know it can never be complete, but let's say close enough in features to comparable OS's) they can give marketing the mobile OS a shot. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Apple is NOT the OEM of its devices. They never were. OEM stands for Original Equipment MANUFACTURER. Apple hasn't manufactured a single iPhone in their life. Apple designs the phones inside and out and then Foxconn manufactures them.
  • it is, however, Nadella"s choise to not have any mid range MS phones on offer anywhere, including the US. he said if other OEMs don't fill the gaps, ms would. are there some in the pipe? when is the time to act? now or later? will he? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The marketshare is even worse for Windows phones in Japan where they *are* releasing it. I think the theory is that a business-focused, Continuum-enabled, Win10 device at a reasonable price could be successful. For whatever reason, they seem to be banking it'll be more successful in Japan.
  • Everyone seems to know what's to blame with their Forum MBAs.
  • It's raining Windows phones to USA?
  • But if they would bring it to the US and it sells well it would help spur WM market share growth
  • Scratching my head?
  • I'm Ron burgundy?
  • Does your friend got that black panther?
  • Why would it sell any better than the multitude of devices that have been sold in the US the past 6 years? Windows phone has failed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple had failed in the past. People can only see the status quo and have no capacity to envision the inevitable shifts that will happen in the future.
  • Apple changed their products and tried new things until they found a hit. Microsoft keeps releasing the same product, only changing the kernel as if that was what people didn't like! They need to try new things, not the same old failed platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah. That's right! Don't release it in the US! They don't deserve it anyway... 1% market share. No need to bring it too the land of iSheep and iVerge lovers.
  • Land of Snapchat Posted from my Note 5
  • So not in India as well? Sony has an AWESOME!!!! market in India , specially for the VAIO series. Mast of international brands have best markets in India and Japan is ignoring it...... Humph......
  • VAIO doesn't belong to Sony anymore.
  • That 1% in the US is still more users than most of the higher market shares in European countries.. the US is a big place.
  • Yes it's big in area but not in population
  • Seriously, some people don't know how percentages work. 1% of 350 million is still more than 25% of 10 million.
  • In absolute numbers you are correct however when it comes to MindShare or willingness of developers than not so much. You can easily ignore 1% of the market but 25% of a market not so much.
  • Sure you can. Ignoring 25% isn't a big deal if it is only a small market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Exactly. They just repeat Verge stats.
  • Wen in Portugal?
  • Never.
    Windows Phone died here once Nokia left (and rightfully so).
    Even the social pages of "Microsoft Lumia" had to be discontinued by Microsoft and merged into the Windows social accounts because it wasn't worth the cost of maintaining the teams such was the stampede out of the platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No one was actually interested.. So it doesn't really matters wether they release it or not..
  • Didn't you read the comments on the other article? Ppl were claiming this phone better than the 950 series. There was definite interest
  • They would have sold dozens! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol. Sad but true. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • With which perspective do you read the comments????? If you aren't interested doesn't mean the whole world too isn't......i will give you the link read the comment again
  • Who made you the voice for everyone?
  • Um.. I'm interested in this phone.. I might import it one day.
  • Probably no Canada either.
  • The snapdragon 617 is my only concern. Otherwise I might es well pick one up on my next trip to Japan.
  • Japanese are very nationalistic. They will buy locally built products as they don't want to see Vaio fail. To them, its iPhone be damned!
  • Meanwhile, back in the real world...
  • Ha ha Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • For your info, Sony Xperias are getting constantly outsold by iPhones here in Japan
  • I'm sure we can thank the US carriers for this.
  • This is sad. I was hoping someone new would put pressure on Microsoft.
  • Not in the US? Good. Cause Americans don't buy Windows Phones anyway.
  • Nope. We just have more of them than any other country. They must have given them away.
  • I can't blame them. Our own fellow americans are too brain washed.
  • Agreed. Applesauce for brainz.
  • I love it!  That one little tweet....."Not coming to USA", has more positive influence on the opinons of how good that phone is than any marketing ploy ever would. If we can touch it, it is crap. And the forums will be filled with FAIL threads. If we are denied it, it is the one we are being CHEATED out of and we will loooooong for it. :)
  • Hehe yup.. It just became the elusive holy grail. There are more OEMs something else surely will pop up. Actually I wonder if Ms might change their mind on the 850 if a real positive interest is shown in mid range OEM phones.., that would be interesting now..
  • NuAns vs Vaio showdown. NuAns for the win.
  • The Special Phone Olympics! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That tweet from VAIO was sent to me lol.
  • Is it coming to India?