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VAIO's first two post-Sony laptops are also 2-in-1 hybrids

VAIO's first all-new Windows 8.1 laptops since breaking away from Sony in 2014 were revealed today. Both the VAIO Z and the VAIO Z Canvas are 2-in-1 hybrids. The VAIO Z includes a hinge on its display so it can be turned into a tablet, while the VAIO Z Canvas is designed so that the screen can detach from its keyboard.

The 13.3-inch VAIO Z will have a currently unnamed Intel Core i7 processor inside and is supposed to have a very impressive battery life of up to 15.5 hours. The weight of the VAIO Z is just 2.95 pounds and is supposed to be 16.8mm thick. The notebook will go on sale today in its home country of Japan for 190,000 yen, or just over $1,600.

VAIO Z Canvas

The VAIO Z Canvas is due out in May and the 12.2-inch notebook will have a touchscreen with a resolution of 2560x1704. The detachable display will come with a built-in kickstand, similar to the Surface Pro 3, along with its own digital stylus. It will also support an Intel Core i7 processor, along with up to 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. No pricing for the laptop has been revealed yet.

At the moment, both of these new VAIO laptops are exclusive to Japan and there's no word on when, or if, they might be released in other parts of the world.

Source: VAIO; Via: Engadget

  • Seems nice
  • They could think about Windows phone too...
  • They're considering phones...but not WP.
  • Your reply wasn't necessary. This is Windows Central, we care about Windows devices.
  • "Information is not necessary if it doesn't please me" is the mindset of an ignorant. Are you an ignorant?   He said they could think about a Windows PHONE in an article about laptops. I just informed that they were considering phones, just not Windows ones. 
  • Which phones are they considering?
  • Maybe ask them?
  • Well I'm asking DJCBS, he is the one who gave the info...
  • iPhone
  • They're considering Android phones.
    The only reason I didn't say it in the first comment was because, as you see, some WC commenters can be amazingly childish. But that's what's on their table which is interesting if you consider that one of the shareholders of Vaio is still Sony. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm trying hard to understand your defense because it's not helping you a bit. If you were truly wise because you're doing your best to be a wise guy, you would have understand it's easier to apologize and move on instead of digging a deeper hole everytime you says something.
  • I have nothing to apologise about. Simple as that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice answer. DJCBS :) :)
  • They want to lose money on android too like Sony? Cool.
  • LG had an increase of profits of over 20% on Android. Just because some OEMs aren't making money or are losing profits doesn't mean that it's not possible to make money on Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So... CBS I is a broadcasting network and a DJ now?
  • Yeah. You can't imagine the amounts of drunk hot girls he now have around ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not VAIO. They're not part of Sony anymore and they're strictly the PC business.
  • Vaio has actually announced that they will do phones in Japan.  There was a (rather stupid) press release quite recently where they reveal the packaging box and nothing else.
  • Seems so pricey
  • look cool...
  • I'd love to see a 7-8 inch tablet from them. They seem to be focused on high-end and we have yet to see a high-end Mini Tablet running Windows.
  • Huh, that's a good idea. I guess the Surface Mini was ready to take that spot but I guess it's been shelved.
  • But Surface mini was supposed to be a RT device.
  • I'd love to see a surface phablet, full with a kickstand :)
  • I really will like the idea of a mini high end tablet
    If possible and doesn't interfere with battery life vs an atom-based an Core M 8-inch tablet with 4GB of RAM will be awesome
    Of course it will not be cheap...
  • The Sony tax still seems to be in place however, judging from the $1600 price tag :P
  • Well...the fact that Sony still holds 5% of the Vaio Corporation may explain it =P
  • The box looks good, the specs look good, now we just have to see about price. Under Sony's reign the Vaio devices were never out-and-out bad devices, but were rather OK midrange devices with a premium price tag. Now that they are no longer under the debts (social or otherwise) of Sony I am curious to see if they get more competitive on price with everyone else in the market.
  • Dat Windows logo instead of company's logo is so good ^_^. Every company should learn!
  • It's "That" not "Dat"  
  • Look at those specs
  • My wife has the z3. Very premium phone. I don't think they should make a windows phone though They are bleeding money when it comes to smart phones and if they can't do well with android why would they bother with windows phone? Design wise I'd love to see a z3 running wp10 but it would not be a smart business decision for Sony at this time.long story short I agree with you haha
  • I'm waiting for companies to start making these prices worth while for there laptops. (imo.) I believe at the $1600ish an up should have at minimum 16gb of ram and at least 512gb ssd. Paired with an sadly i7. Wish AMD would get in the game and start making better chips. I don't like Intel.
  • Couldn't agree more about AMD. The A10 micro-6700T looked so promising, but no OEMs appear to be interested except bungbungame, which sounds like a joke.
  • VAIO can stick their laptops somewhere. You won't release it to the US? Your either not real confident in your product or your support doesn't cater to the US. Either way, we would be stupid to buy it. I don't believe their support is favorable to the US, which means if anything goes, it goes. It's very pricey compared to products that have better specs and reviews. Pass!
  • Good Move VAIO
  • I dream of two in one devices at 15 inch screen size. Someone make that, please. Ill buy! :)
  •  Sony Viao to me is the best, both mySony Viao  all-in-ones are still working perfectly. i use them both  every day...great quality products.
  • Some of the previous VAIOs had n-trig pens. It would be nice if they did the same with the new ones.