More Xbox Windows Phone games drop Nokia exclusivity

Less than a week ago we reported that two former Nokia exclusive Xbox games: Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane become available to all Windows Phone users. Several more former exclusives have just followed, right in time for the weekend: Vampire Rush from A-Steroids, Storm in a Teacup from Cobra, and The Sims Medieval from Electronic Arts. Okay, The Sims Medieval actually went non-exclusive a little earlier but we’re just getting to it now.

With three more Xbox games available to all Windows Phone users, the list of Nokia exclusive Xbox titles grows ever shorter. Head past the break for details, Store links, and an updated list of the remaining exclusives!

Vampire Rush

Windows Phone 7 or 8 – 137 MB –  $2.99 – Store Link

In Vampire Rush, players take on the role of Captain Greg, a British swashbuckler. Only Greg can stand between the gates of the city and armies of the undead in this mix of tower defense with hack-and-slash action.

You’ll run around each map, hunting down vampires and their kin on the map and swording them into oblivion. Sometimes they drop gold, which can then be used to build and upgrade turrets or purchase character upgrades. Just don’t let the enemies reach the gate or Greg and the village will meet an untimely demise. Check out our full review for more details.

Vampire Rush features both a campaign mode and survival mode, the latter of which was added in an update. That same update fixed a broken Achievement, but failed to fix another broken one. A-Steroids has told us they would like to get the final Achievement working, but only time will tell if that actually happens.

Storm in a Teacup

Windows Phone 7 or 8 – 32 MB –  $2.99 – Store Link

The game stars a little boy named Storm who hops around in a teacup through fanciful levels dreamed up by his brother Cloud in this touch screen platformer.

Storm in a Teacup is extremely simplistic in the graphics department – the backgrounds don’t even use parallax scrolling, which they sorely need. And yet the frame rate is somewhere in the 10-15 FPS range. It’s like Gameloft’s 3D Windows Phone 8 games, only nothing complex is even going on under the hood. Blame Cobra, whose port of iBomber Defense also runs quite poorly.

Still, if you can tolerate crap graphics and love platformers, you might be able to put up with this one. I’d definitely play Sonic CD and Little Acorns first though.

Sims Medieval

Windows Phone 7 or 8 – 139 MB –  $4.99 – Store Link

With all the love we’ve given The Sims FreePlay lately, it’s a shame we haven’t reviewed Sims medieval yet. Don’t worry, it’s coming eventually!

The Sims Medieval is much closer to Windows Phone 7 launch game The Sims 3 than FreePlay. Players control a single Sim as he completes quests and lives his life in a rural fantasy setting. This medieval Sim will perform traditional Sims tasks like fishing and decorating his house, but he also takes part in a story-based adventure.

The mix of Sims gameplay and light role-playing elements should appeal to players turned off by FreePlay’s real-time-based gameplay.

Nokia exclusives update: current exclusives

Here’s the full list of Nokia exclusives.

  1. DaVinci Pinball - Released: April 23, 2013
  2. FIFA 13 - Released: July 8, 2013
  3. Mass Effect: Infiltrator - Released: May 22, 2013
  4. Monopoly Millionaire - Released: April 23, 2013
  5. NBA Jam - Released: May 22, 2013
  6. Real Racing 2 - Released: May 22, 2013
  7. Tiger Woods 12 - Released: May 22, 2013

Former exclusives

  1. Bejeweled Live+
  2. Blobster
  3. Connect 4
  4. Dream Track Nation
  5. Flight Control Rocket
  6. The Game of Life
  7. iBomber Defense
  8. Jet Set Go
  9. Mirror’s Edge
  10. Parking Mania
  11. Picnic Wars
  12. Risk
  13. The Sims: Medieval
  14. Spy Mouse
  15. Storm in a Teacup
  16. Tiny Plane
  17. Trivial Pursuit
  18. Vampire Rush
  19. Yahtzee
  20. Zuma's Revenge!
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