Vector smartwatches buck the battery life trend, boasting around 30 days of usage. The company supports Windows mobile devices with an app designed for WP8.1, but it has always been behind in features and polish when compared to its Android and iOS counterparts.

Today's update brings it up to speed with the latest features, in addition to stability improvements and other fixes!

Vector Smartwatch

The changelog is as follows (via reddit):

  • Now supporting Vector OS version 1.7;
  • New available watch apps: Camera App, Uber, Find my phone, Calendar, Agenda app;
  • New streams: Watch Battery, Phone Battery;
  • Improved apps: Activity Tracking, Evernote;
  • Improved streams: Daylight Savings Time, Timezone;
  • Introducing the Watch Settings section: adjust the watch backlight intensity and time-out;
  • Personalize the Low Battery and Link Lost watch experience;
  • Long text notifications;
  • Improved Daylight Savings Time and Timezone Streams;
  • Many bugfixes and improvements.

If you'd like to know more about the Vector smartwatch, Daniel Rubino gave some extensive impressions you can read right here or using the links below.

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Following the cancellation of the Microsoft Band 3, for those of us who use the Band primarily for its glanceable notifications and rudimentary app support, the Vector smartwatch line might be a viable alternative thanks to this update.

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