Vegas, baby! Our CTIA coverage is so money

Lock up your daughters, folks, the injunction's been lifted, and Dieter Bohn and company have returned to Las Vegas for CTIA. (We forgot what it stands for a long time ago — something to do with cell phones and VEGAS, BABY!) For the next several days, we'll have an avalanche of the latest Windows Mobile news just as fast as el jefe can carrier pigeon it back to us from the Nevada desert. And we've got a handy link, just for you, to follow it all.

But if you're hurtin' for more smartphone news than should be allowed by law, be sure to hit up our sister sites — Android Central,, NokiaExperts,, The iPhone Blog and Treo Central — for all the happenings from their parts of the world. And for the really hard-core, you can follow @backlon on Twitter for all of Mr. Bohn's exploits, live and direct. And @crackberrykevin is along for the ride, too, fresh off his recent national television appearance.

Strap in, folks. It's gonna be a fun week.

Phil Nickinson

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