Verizon Wireless Customers had to wait a while to get their first Windows Phone 7 device, the HTC Trophy. It finally hit shelves just a bit ago but was it worth the wait?  We've gotten our hands a review unit of the HTC Trophy and the first impressions are good.

The Trophy sports a 3.8" screen, 5mp camera, 16gb of storage, along with all the typical Windows Phone 7 specs.  Speaking of the screen, the Trophy's screen seems to have a little more pop to it. Maybe it's the red theme.

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Compared to other HTC Windows Phones, the Trophy is most comparable to the HTC Surround. The Verizon Trophy is a touch shorter and thinner than the Surround but very close in weight.

The Trophy makes a nice first impression and we'll get a full review up on the site shortly to see if that impression lasts.