Verizon HTC Trophy - First Impressions

Verizon Wireless Customers had to wait a while to get their first Windows Phone 7 device, the HTC Trophy. It finally hit shelves just a bit ago but was it worth the wait?  We've gotten our hands a review unit of the HTC Trophy and the first impressions are good.

The Trophy sports a 3.8" screen, 5mp camera, 16gb of storage, along with all the typical Windows Phone 7 specs.  Speaking of the screen, the Trophy's screen seems to have a little more pop to it. Maybe it's the red theme.

Compared to other HTC Windows Phones, the Trophy is most comparable to the HTC Surround. The Verizon Trophy is a touch shorter and thinner than the Surround but very close in weight.

The Trophy makes a nice first impression and we'll get a full review up on the site shortly to see if that impression lasts.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Was just going through the drive thru at DQ a bit ago, just as I finished ordering, a song came on the radio. I pulled up to the window, whipped out my Trophy (clean minds please, lol) and got to Shazam, got the song identified, hit the Zune button at the bottom of the app, up came the results at Zune market place, Went to the song and started it streaming over 3G.. then realized that I have song credits on my Zune pass that I needed to use, so I "bought" the song with the a song credit and started to download the song.... the song was still playing and the download was at 75% complete when the guy came to the window with my drink and to take my money... and was done by the time I pulled away... All I can say is WOW... this is how it is supposed to be...flawless and FAST!! Good job to MS,HTC, Zune, WinPhone, Shazam, and Verizon. and to the guy that made my drink at DQ.. Perfect too!
  • LOL, nice I wish I had a trophy, I don't use the keyboard on my Arrive.
  • I certainly use it less than I thought I would, but I still find it essential for all emails and text messaging. Quick searching and website form inputs? Onscreen keyboard works fine.
  • Heh, you should call up Microsoft to do a commercial similar to what Apple did with the iPhone. Kinda like the air traffic control/weather app one, but obviously not as ridiculous.But yeah, I have the Trophy and the seamless cross-app linking is a huge platform highlight.
  • i finally got to play with Trophy in Verizon store. And i have to admit, it's a damn nice phone. Just the right size even though i prefer 4.3 inch screens. I had no idea how **** my HD2 screen was until i compared it with the trophy. the build quality was excellent as well. One of the Galaxy phone was siting next to Trophy and it was just a crappy plasticky phone; although Focus had a nice build quality even with hard plastic. But as a tech user, i can't go wrong with Trophy, but knowing that Mango and Nokia phones are coming in just around the corner, i have some hard choices to make...
  • My thought is that with Verizon, it could be a year before we see some s3xy Nokia hardware. ok, on contract (renewal) the phone cost me $119 subbed. Now if in the fall (doubtful) or sometime in the future, I see a s3xy hard to resist, erection causing hardware and I have to shell out 500 for, so be it. I needed a new phone just so that having a cell wasn't a waste. (my last was really bad) The Trophy is a very serviceable phone. About my only complaints with it is that the camera is not very good (it is an HTC) and I wish that it had 32G but I am happy that Verizon upped it from the Original 8GB that most of the rest of the world got. 16GB works as long as you don't want to keep a huge music collection on. I have a playlist that has 420 songs, 29+ hours of music and it only takes 3.2GB. I don't plan on needing much more than that while I am out. Plus I have the Zune pass to fill in if I don't have something I want. I love mine!!