Verizon to offer mobile recovery services

It appears that Verizon is close to launching a new subscriber service called Mobile Recovery. The service will allow Verizon customers using smartphones to locate their device via GPS, sound an alarm on their phone, remotely lock or wipe their phone.

The service will be a free add-on for those who subscribe to a Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) plan and will be compatible with Android, Windows Phones, Palm or Blackberry phones.

If you are already on a TEC plan, you can go to for details on how to enroll in Mobile Recovery.  There is no word yet if non-TEC customers will be eligible for the service.

via: boygeniusreport

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  • I wonder which Windows Phones they are thinking of since they are EOL'ing all WM devices.
  • Why would you need this???? The MyPhone service does this...Just like the HTC Sense stuff..MYPhone service handles these same things. Redundent software that just gets in the way of the OS...
  • Actually this goes a step further. My Phone can tell you its location based on where it last synced or uploaded pics. This VZW service locates it right then via gps. that way you can lose your phone permanently when you go to it and ram the phone up the thiefs butt....
  • I tend to agree densbucs on this one. MyPhone tends to make this irrelevant. It is nice that you can use it to see where the phone is now but considering that I have the replacement warranty on the phone, I'd rather just wipe it and then start anew. The real question for Verizon is where is the new WP7 models that we want to see? The rest of this stuff is superfluous ($10 word here boys!)!
  • Well I suppose it's a matter of preference, but MyPhone doesn't make it irrelevent to some people. Personally I want my device back and the thief to wish he'd never stolen it.