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Verizon to retire FiOS TV Xbox apps on March 31

Verizon has announced that it will soon retire its FiOS TV app for Xbox consoles. Verizon is alerting users of the app's retirement via email, noting that Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will no longer be able to stream content through the app as of March 31. From the email:

On March 31, 2016, the Fios TV app you are using to watch your Fios TV programming through a Smart TV or Xbox gaming system will be retired and will no longer be available for use. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The email goes on to note that customers should look towards the FiOS mobile apps on iPhone and Android to continue streaming programming — something that will come as little consolation for Windows Phone fans or those looking to keep streaming on the big screen via their Xbox.

Are you currently using the FiOS TV app on your Xbox Console? Let us know what you think of the app's retirement in the comments below!

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  • Ulgh. Gotta call them and see if this qualifies as an activity whereby I can get some contractual reimbursement. Doubt it, but I don't use a set top box... My Xbox one handles it via the app. ..... Growl.
  • ...and that's why they're canceling it. Verizon wants more profit from unending set-top box rentals Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • And given that the FCC is about to review briefs on clamping down on box rentals it's no surprse that they're trying wring as much money as they can before that happens.
  • Who cares about Verizon
  • People who have their service. For some, their only option. Now they are forced to lose a viewing source or, as Verizon would prefer, they will rent a set-top to replace to loss of the Xbox app. Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • WTF!!!! I use this app.  Saves me some cash on getting a box. 
  • They're following the Comcast approach , they want everyone to get a box
  • Correction - they want everyone to get multiple boxes.
  • That's probably why they're discontinuing.
  • It's actually because that client is no longer supported by Ericsson. There will be a WIndows 10 UWP app at some point.  Whether or not it will be made available to Ericsson's customer base is another story. Bell in Canada has partnered with Netflix to bring that to the set top box as an app.  Might want to start bugging Verizon to do the same.
  • There should've already been a Windows 10 UWP released from Verizon for mobile viewing. They've had access to beta's for quite a while now, complete with Project Island for their iOS app...
  • Lol and cogeblo has tivo(which sadly Nintendo gave up on maintaining) while telus has mediaroom(optiks)
  • Relax...they are retiring it for the universal app. ESPN and ABC are doing the same, it would be nice if Windows Central do a little more reporting and you would have found out. One app to rule them all!
  • Source?
  • Doesn't help me on an Xbox 360 which I have two of!!
  • I think everyone knows that a universal app will eventually be released; the issue that we have is what do you use in the meantime if you don't use a box and only view content on your Xbox One. In the meantime you'll either have to "rent" a box, or continue to pay for it even though you can't actually use it anymore.
  • App doesn't give you anything. With the pass through you are already watching FIOS. It was good on the 360, but not the Xbone
  • Most people probably use the app so that they don't have to pay rental for an additional one.
  • Hopefully, they are make a Windows 10 Universal App...which at least the Xbox One will be able to run soon.
  • This is why I hate Verizon! They're just as bad as google excluding windows from apps, etc. They can go suck an egg as far as I'm concerned. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • th fios mobile would be a great app on windows 10 or any device that can alos output 4k as well. I need a live tv app for Windows 10. 
  • Verizon has some serious beef with Microsoft?
  • Microsoft sold their IPTV Platform, Mediaroom to Ericsson a couple years ago.  Since then Ericsson have been prioritizing work, and as a result have deprecated this client. 
  • Except isn't optiks in the dame boat
  • This is why I'm glad the FCC is busting the cable companies monopoly on cable boxes. I can't wait until you can buy a box from Walmart/Amazon that works with all cable companies. I guess this is why Verizon is cashing in before the law is passed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Xbox can run an app ...a cable box is redundant this is all about greed plain simple!!  
  • This sounds like it'll be great for consumers, but as is always the case with these a-hole porviders, they'll likely strip out functionality from owned boxes that will only work on their equipment
  • I think Microsoft owes Verizon money or something because they are just throwing anything with Microsoft on it through all their Windows... Lumia icon, Samsung ativ se now this...
  • I found this app redundant since my Fios box runs through my Xbox. If they had all channels and on demand in the app itself, I would use it but nope. I guess a lot of people felt this way and not enough people used it hence the cancellation. Cop E Ryte........ Cause everything I do is official!
  • But if you have the Xbox in your bedroom, it let you watch cable without leasing another cable box.
  • True.
  • You didn't need another cable box at 11 bucks a box!! This is greed plan and now we have to get more boxes to have fios tv in rooms that only required an Xbox!
  • Verizon doesn't give a rats ass about Windows. Remember the 950 fiasco? Sent from Windows 386
  • Actually, it was Microsoft who never bothered to certify the device for Verizon's network. They could have, but instead they chose an exclusivity deal with AT&T because apparently they think they're Apple and this is 2007,
  • 1. "Certify," meaning "make a special version of the phone because of Verizon's CDMA signals and different LTE bands." It's not like they just had to say "Verizon can have it," they'd have to make another device entirely (see: Lumia 928, Lumia 822, Lumia ICON). 2. Verizon's done a wretched job with WP in the past, so even if it WERE an easy move, I don't fault Microsoft for not wanting to waste money on sending hardware to a company that won't support it. 3. The unlocked versions work on T-Mobile, so, again, it's not just a "screw Verizon" thing.
  • 2 & 3 are right. 1 is only partly right. MS would not have to make a unique device just for Verizon. There is significant precedence for a single device that is compatible with all the US carriers. My original MotoX is such a device, as are the current Nexus phones. MS could have done the same. Many assert that if MS had done so Verizon and Sprint would have had to allow them on their networks. I'm not so sure they couldn't have denied it if they wanted. They ultimately certify what goes on their network. My guess is Verizon indicated they wouldn't. Why else would MS not support their unfortunate Verizon bound users?
  • What I mean is that the hardware released is not Verizon-compatible. They'd need to make a different device, either through a separate piece of hardware or by changing what they put out now.
  • Verizon doesn't have the power to force manufacturers to make exclusive phones for their network anymore. Sure, they can make deals for such devices (see the moto Droid line), but as part of the deal with the FCC in which they gained new spectrum, they have to allow any phone on their network that has filled out the proper paperwork. It's exactly why the Nexus 5x and 6p work on Verizon even though Verizon officially has no business with those phones.   I'm a Microsoft fan, but they simply dicked Verizon users over this time. The fault is entirely with them.  However, there is a part of me that wonders if this was intentional... Not intentionally dicking us over, but intentionally saving shelf space and goodwill with Verizon. MS knew that the OS was buggy, and that the XL was essentially garbage. But they put them out anyway for the hardcore fans to essentially beta test the OS for them. Since they knew these phones were disappointing in pretty much every way, they had to know that they wouldn't sell well. One thing Verizon hates is having leftover phones on their shelves. So by leaving their spot on the shelves empty at Verizon, they're positioning themselves to have their true flagship - the Surface Phone - launch across all carriers simultaneously. With no gripes from Verizon that they haven't cleared their shelves of previous Microsoft Devices
  • Heck even Samsung has phones that are capable
  • Actually the SoC that the 950 and 950XL has native support for Verizon CDMA. Microsoft decided not to turn it on because the CDMA certification is much more expensive and longer than GSM. Even if they did it Verizon would treat Windows Phone fans like second class citizens even if they couldn't refuse them. I'm guessing Microsoft didn't want to strongarm Verizon since they will need their support when the Surface Phone comes out. No sense burning that bridge.
  • On the flip side of that, I think it's because the bridge was already burned. Verizon wrecked Kin. They requested a special version of the 820 (822) and renamed the 930 (ICON), then did nothing to help either phone. Verizon's been pretty crappy to Microsoft, and that's probably a two-way street in the end. It seems to just be about knowing what the market is, and after no one bought the WP devices on Verizon, Microsoft probably figured it best to just save money on devices that wouldn't sell.
  • "I'm guessing Microsoft didn't want to strongarm Verizon​" - MS hardly has that kind of leverage in smartphones.
  • So dumb...
  • Wow. These companies really hate each other right now. You'd think they competed in the same space or something. I wish they'd work their $hit out. They could really do great things if they could just get on the same page.
  • #anotherappbitesthedust
  • No! I use this app everyday.
  • Shocker. Verizon blows. I don't care about this app but Machinima cancelling their app hurt.
  • I legitimately didn't know FiOS was still around.
  • I suppose the question is, does the PS4 still have an app? If yes, then you can say it's possibly targeted at Microsoft. If no, then they're probably just trying to gouge customers into getting their set-top boxes.
  • Actually I don't believe a PS4 app exist.
  • no they do not
  • I use this app all the time. Verizon is such an awful company.
  • I pay almost $250 a month for FiOS, either they give me cable boxes for free going forward or I'm walking.
  • $250?!?! 0.0
  • Stupid.
    They want to screw you by making you rent additional set top boxes.
  • Microsoft Windows Media Center (WMC) with Ceton Infinity PCIe and Ethernet with cable card is the solution. Live and unlimited recorded TV and movies, also music and photos, all available throughout the house. Recently, Comcast has introduced a new multi-room solution that pales by comparison to WMC.
    WMC is an amazing solution that has been ignored by most everyone but still works. It's a versatile solution that provides many configurations. We have used it's "Whole House" configuration set up, to eliminate cable boxes on every TV in our home (except one) for many years. We have just purchased another new computer with downgrade rights (Windows 7) to install yet another Windows Media Center computer in our home networks. It's has been a great solution, that Microsoft ignored and most all people are unaware of.
    Nevertheless, all the family friendly features work for us. Disclaimer: Microsoft has not yet included the WMC software solution in Windows 10 and no longer offers the software as an upgrade to Windows 8.1. It is included with the Windows 7 Pro OS software. Best Wishes.
  • Yeah its a shame they dint push the app aspect then
  • What is VerIzon? A US spying agency? Sorry, I'm an Afropean!
  • Fios TV is on his deathbed! Google will take over once available everywhere! More more people are only after Internet connections. 75 a month for a gig of speed up and down will be more then  enough to cut the tie  to traditional Cable companies!!      
  • Verizon has it out for Microsoft! No phones, now no apps. Geeze, makes me want to leave Verizon, once my contract runs out. Still love my Lumia Icon with WM10!
  • If there isn't a Windows 10 App to succeed this, i'm ditching verizon for DirecTV or Comcast as soon as my contract is up.  Absolutely absurd.
  • TWC better not follow suit, I use that app for live TV/OnDemand every single darn day...
  • Well this sucks, now I can't watch TV. I have to be hardwired for my Xbox and have no second port for a cable box
  • One day i log in and it says "error, app quit"  next day i delete and try to re-install. and POOF its gone.  I used my Xbox 360 and XBOX One in separate rooms to stream video.   Needless to say, ill be getting rid of Fios TV when my plan is up.  Verizon is retarded for doing this......