The Verizon Touch Diamond actually exists

We reported a few weeks ago that Verizon finally is set to launch its own Touch Diamond, and the Boy Genius Report snagged a few pics that prove it's not just vaporware.

BGR is also reporting the VZW Diamond has a Qualcomm 7500A processor running at 528 MHz; 256MB ROM/128MB RAM, and everything else we've come to expect in the Diamond (though we're curious about the state of its GPS).

Of course, this is good news for you die-hard (and contract-bound) Verizon customers. As for the rest of us, we'll just sit back and wait on the Touch Diamond 2 to make an appearance in a few months.

Phil Nickinson

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  • see, as a verizon sufferer, this is why I hate big red. While the rest of the world gets ready for a the diamond2, we get stuck with last year's phone. I can't wait till my contract's up so that I can flee.
  • At this juncture.....why even bother with the diamond while the diamond 2 is coming out.....once again VZW is WAY behind the curve and completely sticking it to its customers
  • I agree that verizon is behind on this one. I am disappointed that the diamond 2 will be out after verizon just released the diamond, which is already so old. The fact is while this may be yesterdays technology we need a wm device to "quench our thirst" The omnia sucks the touch pro and 6800 are too bulky and the rest of their line leaves a lot to be desired but at this point i will take what i can get.