Verizon Touch Diamond will sport an SD card, $300 price point, inferiority complex

Just a heads up that we're still expecting Verizon to finally release the HTC Touch Diamond on April 10 – that's Friday, as in tomorrow.

The $300 you'll have to spend (after a $70 rebate, no less) to get the thing is downright highway robbery, though, when you consider that the Touch Diamond 2 will be making an appearance pretty soon. Sure, Verizon's will have an SD card slot, and that's nothing to sneeze at, seeing as how everyone else must make do with the 4 gigabytes of internal memory. But that price point is still a little hard to swallow.

Any of you folks out there in TV land planning on picking one up tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.

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  • holy shizz! what's verizon's deal? i likethe color of the theme though lolz.
  • im not sure what their intentions are but maybe we'll see another device go on sale as a result. i dont think they can expect to sell this or the touch pro like the omnia
  • OK, So what will you get for 299$ Will VZ suck out 64MB of RAM like they did on the touch pro, thereby making TF3D even more useless. Will the GPS be enabled, or will the users of this device have to wait for Verizon to fulfill their promise to enable the GPS by the end of Q2. Will the form factor be different from all the other Diamonds out on the market which will cause the vehicle holder companies such as Seido and Proclip to shun it because the number of users are so small. NO, I'm not bitter. Wake me up when the Touch Pro 2 comes out. :)
  • Although it seems Verizon isn't totally crippling the Diamond, it IS about 6 months late and $100 too much.
    Verizon wouldn't change the form of the Diamond either, it would be completly ridiculous for them to do that. I do agree that I am waiting for the Touch Pr2 also. VZW better start workin on that now so they're prepared for its release a year from now, hopefully...
  • Pass. Day late and a whole lotta dollars short. Especially since Verizon will cripple everything they can...
  • Only an uninformed moron would buy this and Verizon should feel ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of these morons.
    just my opinion
  • Let's see....It's this outdated thing or the iphone 2G.
  • I have come to the conclusion that Verizon doesn't really care about its customers. As long as they are wedded to RIM and the BlackBerry Storm, customers interested in Windows Mobile can just take a hike! They are clearly only interested in conveying the illusion of choice in Windows Mobile phone offerings. I ask Verizon... Why not offer a true high end, maximum memory, GPS enabled, first run Windows Mobile phone, instead of the $#!&&^ last year's models? Why not be the first to offer the Touch Pro 2 maxed out?? That's what I want. If not, then I mean, really, why even bother???
  • Is their business suffering because of these choices? That's the bottom line, isn't it? It's just too bad Sprint's Diamond didn't get the option of expandable memory.
  • Verizon is committed to the BB, and I don't think that's going to change.
    The q series really changed the pricing, etc. of smartphones for the general consumer, with BB following suit with the pearl. I love wm, but as dieter and mal know, its niagara or the storm for me come June 4.
    Verizon could care less about wm anymore in my opinion. With android out there, two flavors of windows, palm os, BB and apple's os, developers are going to start choosing which platform they want to develop for. IMHO its going to be BB and Apple for most.
  • Pass. Day late and a whole lotta dollars short . Especially since Verizon will cripple everything they can...
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