The Verizon Touch Pro 2 ... and its 3.5mm jack ... confirmed on video!

You read that right. Ckeegan from our comments (you guys rock, btw) points us to this Youtube video that, sure enough, shows the Verizon Touch Pro 2 with a 3.5mm headphone jack. So let's put that puppy to bed.

Now, if anybody wants to tell us when it's coming out, that'd be cool, too.

Phil Nickinson

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  • YESS!!!
    That really IS gorgeous! They didn't screw it over, like every other HTC device they try and "improve"!!! Hip, Hip?!
  • I already commented on the youtube page to see whether this fine gentleman would be willing to confirm RAM, and obviously release date would be nice too. With the ridiculous amount of info that's come out in the past 24 hours, I wouldn't be surprised if 8/27 is accurate, but I'm still trying to tell myself not to get my hopes up.
  • i hope the att ver is late because of the 3.5mm jack...
  • +1
  • What's up with the back of the case? That battery cover's seen better days.
  • It's a map, I think, because it's a "World Phone". HAHHAHAHAAAHAHAHA, GET IT?!??
  • Everybody has been complaining about the Sprint holes, and I think the Telus version is boring, so at least it's somewhere in the middle. I personally like the Sprint holes though, but I'll take it regardless. Now when the hell is it coming out?
  • Oh. Map of the world. ... Missed that the first time.
  • credit where credit is due by the way. a fine gentleman (cesium) over at ppcgeeks pointed me to it first.
  • Damn that's gay wished they put that on the T-mobile version. Oh well too late now 1 week till its crunch time.
  • Put what?
  • Wow finally HTC is getting to see the mistakes and correcting them I guess.
  • Just an FYI. The RAM is NOT crippled.
  • Ya the ram is crippled. 256 from 288. I guess only 32 vs 92 like the current touch pro is improvement for Verizon. They must feel compelled to nickel and dime customers.
  • Interested in seeing the memory like everyone else but it seems snappy enough on video. My guess is that I'll get to handle the Spring variety first (like the last Pro/Diamond).
  • I think the Sprint and ATT version will both have the 3.5 jack. Tmobile prob got screwed wanting to push it out so fat and not wait.
  • This is truley the best looking version. Like others I would like to see a headphone jack on the at&t version but will likely buy it anyway. The screen is gorgeous.
  • Whats the battery life expected to be; I know it's got the 1500 battery but it's also got that massive screen.
  • Woohoo! Hope they heal quickly! Aside from the fact that they haven
  • I've seen this device and the screen is awesome. The resolution is sick!
  • Video really nice interesting..welcoming..
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  • Verizon is finally putting out non crippled phones! I no longer have to choose between the best network and a decent phone selection. Let's hope they don't take till Christmas to get this out the door.
  • Any word on cost, or if they will be disabling features?
  • Judging by T-Mobile's $349, the Verizon version should be around the same with 2 year agreement, but likely after rebate. This is pretty much the same area as every HTC release (w/ keyboard) since 2004.
  • I went to verizon about a month ago and they told me that the HTC Touch Pro 2 is supposed to come out at the end of August 2009. But from what ive heard it wont be coming out that early
  • It'd be cool if it came out at the end of August. Then I can wait for a few months for the price to go down. Maybe get it for Christmas or something.
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