Verizon Trophy shows up in stores; $409.99 is the full retail price

We have word from one of our readers, Sed P, that Verizon has some HTC Trophy devices on hand in stores, as expected. The final price for the phone, no contarct is $409.99, which actually is not too bad. Otherwise, if renewing, you'll pay $199.99 pus a $50 mail-in rebate.

We've also heard from another reader Justin L., that he succesfully placed a phone order for the device a day early. So for those of you just getting home from work, you may want to give Big Red a call now, that way you can maybe have it by Friday. Now wouldn't that make a great weekend? 

Thanks, Sed P. for the pics and Justin L., for the info

Daniel Rubino

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  • I just checked both of the Verizon stores in my area. Neither of them had them out and all the employees were saying that they would be available online.
  • Just hung up with VZ customer service. It's ordered! Due to arrive Friday 27th! Has this day really arrived???
  • I just called too...mine is being overnighted and will arrive before 3:00 pm tomorrow!!Excitement abounds!!
  • is that a little green led light on the phone? on the right side of the verizon logo? just kinda curious..
  • If I'm not mistaken, it's the notifications LED showing full battery charge
  • HTC devices also use that for missed calls and voicemail ;-)
  • I was also able to order the phone by calling Verizon Wireless. She said it should be here Friday.
  • What's the friggin wire tie doing wrapped around the front of the phone. Don't they have any of those stick on security things. Or did they use up the good stuff on the Android of the week. Completely destroys the look and user experience. But its Verizon, so why am I not surprised.
  • Is that in a Verizon store? I only ask because that little Triangle at the top indicates that its roaming. And that would be strange for a Verizon device IN a Verizon store to be data roaming.
  • Might have been in GSM-only mode
  • It must be the awesome reception in Verizon's store.
  • Hmm I wonder if there is anyway of coaxing a store rep to selling one a few days early
  • I called Verizon and the rep said I must have the name wrong, because they don't have a HTC "Trophy". Then after insisting I've heard that they do, she finally was able to find it, but said that I cannot order it yet. She said she could give me a call tomorrow. I declined and hung up.Then I called Verizon again and asked for the HTC Trophy again. The rep immediately knew what it was, it’s price and the $50 rebate and got my order in. Unfortunately at this point it’s too late for overnight delivery for Thursday. However I still got the overnight deliver for Friday. (They did not think I would get it till Tuesday if I did not get the $12.99 overnight option)
  • Just ordered a pair of Trophys for Friday delivery. Looking forward to a long weekend of WP7 goodness!
  • So what are your thoughts on buying off contract for $409 now and upgrading to next gen at full price versus $150 now and contract price for next gen?They are only a few months away. Hopefully Verizon will do a little better job with them.
  • i figure i'd upgrade now and just pay full retail later if a 4g wp7 with front facing camera comes out but u know how verizon delays everything thats what made me just upgrade now and ill do full retail later my phone was in need of a upgrade so i had to the newer phones will probably be 100 bucks more full retail maybe 599.99 at most