Verizon Trophy's micro-SD card revealed

Curious about the Verizon Trophy's expansion card? Look no further. Disassembling the Trophy reveals a SanDisk Class 4, 16gb micro-SD card nestled beneath the phone's casing and foil protective wrapper.

This likely falls under the "nice thing to know" category and for those daring enough to disassemble their Trophy, you should be able to swap out the 16gb card for a larger capacity card of the same class. Just be cautioned that breaking down your Verizon Trophy is sure to void your warranty.

Source: wmpoweruser

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  • Same location as the European Trophy.I swaped my 8gb card that came with my Tropy to a 32gb Sandisk card.Little bit nerveous when i opend the Trophy up, but deffenetly worh it. It is a great phone. :)
  • Nice to know thanks same process swapping out as the focus process?
  • Well, the focus has internal memory and a microsd, it doesn't come with one when you buy it, the trophy on the other hand comes with the sd card as the main memory, same process, just that in the trophy it is the only available memory.
  • I dunno... I am an electronics tech by profession, and while I know that it is possible to do, easy even, I think that the chance to cause more harm than good in this case makes me back off the idea of doing it anytime in the near future. While I would love more memory, the thought of bricking my brand new phone that I have waited a year for; Well, Just makes me queasy!!:) Maybe after I start looking at 2nd generation phones probably in Q1 2012 or Q2... whenever Verizon starts carrying the next gen phones. On another note, its good to know that some of the distribution centers ran out of phones on release day, means that Verizon was greatly under estimating the demand.