Verizon unlocks Touch Pro's GPS

We've been pushing and pushing for Verizon to unlock the GPS on its smartphones, and it looks like they're finally starting to get the job done.

A new ROM has been released for the HTC Touch Pro, says PhoneNews. [via] Version 1.08 opens up GPS for use in Google Maps as well as Live Search for Mobile. A commenter also notes that the GPS even works in airplane mode. The update also gives visual voicemail and a new voice codec.

For now, PhoneNews has the only link to the update, but keep an eye out for one from Verizon itself. UPDATE: That previous ROM had a bug, apparently. New link here.

Now, about unlocking GPS on your other phones, Verizon ...

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  • Very good news for Verizon, they are making a step in the right direction.
  • anyone tried this yet?
  • Seems like they are taking their sweet time to unlock something that should be so simple. Any idea when more phones will be un-locked and whether new phones going forward will come out un-locked from the get go or will they be released locked and then have a ROM update to un-lock them later?
  • Can't find anything on Verizon about his. I still think it's a hoax.