Verizon Touch Pro ROM update gets bugfix

That Verizon Touch Pro ROM update that unlocks the GPS? It's now officially up on PCD's Web site (that's where the official Verizon releases congregate), and it's there as a Version 2. Apparently a GPS bug was discovered in the first update that PhoneNews was hosting, and PhoneNews now lets us know that this new version takes care of it. And since it's the official official version, here's the changelog:

  • Added Visual Voicemail support.
  • Added EVRC B capability
  • Added Standalone GPS Capability.

Go get it here. And as always, back up your info first. And happy flashing!

Update: Sorry, folks, looks like the update's been pulled again. And nobody's saying why. We'll keep you updated.

Update 2: It's up again! Only change anyone can tell is in the date of the file.

Phil Nickinson

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  • WHERE IS THE UPDATE FOR THE SPRINT PRO!!! seriously though... I remember seeing so many cool upgrades and things for my mogul. I have not seen a single change on my current PRO since it came out... :( I NEED AN UPDATE!
  • it appears that the update has been taken offline
  • When you check the hyperlinnk you will notice an update which states the update was pulled...again.
  • it's back...
  • its up again. Yesterday it showed a date of 6/10 today shows 6/11... anyone know what changed?
  • I updated the ROM on my touch pro and the phone is unlocked and working OK with the new downloaded programs, but the VZ navigator which was working originally now wont connect.
    error message:
    There was a problem initializing the GPS. Please exit & restart. I have tried everything, including reinstalling, but get the same message. Any recommendation?
  • i downloaded the ROM and it doesn't really work, VZ Navigator won't run at all, same error message reported above. Google Maps works but the 'use GPS' function does not - i think this is a bogus ROM update, if there's something i've missed please let me know - is anyone else running this update with any success?
  • If you are having problems with VZ navigator after this update make sure you have the latest copy installed. According to the instructions attached, version 4.1.5 Build 241 or later will work with this update.