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Verizon updates its Lumia 735 with Advanced Calling toggle

If you own a Lumia 735 from Verizon Wireless, you might have a surprise waiting for you. The carrier is rolling out an update to the Windows Phone device which adds the ability for the owner to activate the phone's Advanced Calling directly on the device.

Verizon's Software Update page for the Lumia 735 shows that the new software version number for the phone will be 02171.00002.15194.03084. Other than that, there's no other information on this update. If you do notice anything else added with this update, please let us know in the comments.

Source: Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab)

  • What's advanced calling?
  • So it looks like advanced calling is HD voice, or VOLTE:
  • Only because people are leaving Verizon they don't have many phones to choose from. No update's they charge for everything you do on your phone and the updates sounds like something for Verizon and not the consumer. Big deal Verizon boring
  • 735 dude. You posted 725 Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Verizon doing something nice for their Windows phone users????... Something is going on..... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • What not trying to advertise or sell them?
  • Two letters: HP
  • That might be it, looking forward to that phone but never from verizon.
  • I tend to agree, I don't see no other reasons
  • Gonna go check my sons 735 check back after I'm done. Posted via win 10 App on my Lumia 950 AT&T.
  • No nothing yet his phone says up to date. Posted via win 10 App on my Lumia 950 AT&T.
  • Roger that cowboy, that's a 2 thumbs up for checking back.
  • No Prob my son says he'll let me know as soon as he gets it.
  • Verizon is doing something proactive for WP?!? The end times are near.
  • Maybe this means they'll let the Icon, L928, and L735 get Windows 10M? That would be epic.
  • I wonder if they're surprised by how many people are still rocking 928s and Icons. In my family we've got five.
  • My family we have one, but me and mother have the HTC One M8. Dad been rocking the L928 for a few years and loves it. Would love to see it last him another year or two so I can find him a suitable Windows 10 replacement.
  • I would still be using my 928 if I hadn't broke the display. Picked up an Icon for not much more than a replacement display. I like the pillowed glass of the 928 more than the flat Icon. Can't argue with this camera though :)
  • Pillowed glass is really nice and the phone feels a lot nicer than my One M8 in my hand. Love the L928's camera, but the performance is a bit lacking compared to my M8.
  • More like the slow march to shutting down 1x and transitioning the network to LTE only for voice and data.
  • They were the first with denim as well
  • So the Icon doesn't support this tech? Or Verizon just hates it so much they're not going to give it the update?
  • I have asked that question around and never got a response. My take? I believe that it's technically capable and the SW and FW support it. So, to answer your question ... yeah, Verizon ...
  • Hey Verizon remember that WP called Samsung ativ se you sold a two year contract on... Guest what they are still working thank you :{
  • O.o let me check outside. Nope no flying pigs... This is a surprise indeed.
  • I think Verizon personally hates the Icon
  • Icon? Pls?
    I went into a Verizon store just for kicks the other day and asked them when Windows 10 Mobile was coming to their phones and the guy gave me the usual "WP not a huge priority right now" thing Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • Wasn't this feature already available? At least that's what some folks posted on the forums about 6-7 months ago.
  • HD voice... Seems nothing to me.. What is really improved??
  • Check out this link.. Have to add it to your account and check out, but no charges to your bill.
    Then, To turn HD Voice on or off for your Windows OS phone: Tap Settings. Tap cellular+SIM. Tap SIM Settings. Tap or slide the Advanced Calling switch as desired.
  • Do you need to roll back yo 8.1 to get this update?
  • No my sons on 8.1 with his 735 and nothing yet.
  • I'm wondering the same thing.  I dont want to have to roll-back in order to get it.
  • Anyone know the answer to this? My wife's 735 is on 8.1 and she got the update today. I am on 10586.107 and do not see the update even after setting my phone to Production Builds using the Windows Insider app.
  • Anyone? I tweeted the question to GabeAul and only got crickets in response.
  • FWIW, i fnally decided to just roll back to 8.1 using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. The install from the tool included the new firmware. I did a clean install followed by the Windows Insider app, then updated to 10586.107. I had to set up all my apps again, but my text messages all restored perfectly (MMS messages restore better with W10M than they do in 8.1). This morning I a Windows Insider Fast Ring configuration upate on my phone. No idea what that is. Only time will tell.
  • Could possible mention in the article what Advanced Calling is for the people who don't know...
  • Anyone actually get the update yet? I haven't seen it come through on my 735 yet.
  • I have not seen the update as of this morning, but in reading about it on Verizon's site, and looking at the settings on my 735, it seems like it is already there.  I remember hearing about it some time ago.  My wife and I talked about this a couple weeks ago as the phone 'sounded' different when I talked to her after she also got a 735.  My firmware number does not match what the article reports, though...mine is sitting at .03079 while the article states it will update to .03084.
  • Three Windows Phones on Verizon in our family. Zero of the other kinds. Getting old but working great on WP 8.1. Our next phones will be Windows Phones 10, bought outright, on Verizon, if they ever have a new well spec'ed one. If not, we've been thinking we'll tryout some other carriers, each for a few months. No harm in trying. Best Wishes
  • Verizon? What a joke!! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Has anyone gotten this update? I have not.
  • this could mean a Windows mobile device supporting Verizon is coming.
  • Yes that's what I would say. I dumped Verizon 4 YRs ago now on AT&T glad I am now sporting a 950, love this phone, musing my old 1020 on Win 10 insider that runs great as well.
    My son has a 735 he really misses the dedicated camera button on his 928.
    He tried going to AT&T but they wanted a $500 deposit so he's still on Verizon.
    He wont let me add a line to get him a better phone, he wants to pay his bill, can't blame him.
  • ATT's now offering me newcomers up to$600 to switch, so now would be a good time for him to migrate.
  • I would guess it is more like Verizon wants to push the new service as much as they can.  Many other phones (IOS/Android) also support this feature and they are simply updating everything to get it out there.
  • Your caps lock key is stuck.  Suggest you get a new keyboard.
  • Nice. Now new graphics driver for Adreno 300 series GPUs. The new compositor does not work very well with WP 8.x drivers.
  • They always use the ugliest home screens when showing windows phone..... Not good for advertising in my opinion.
  • Does anyone still use REGULAR calling anymore? Whenever someone calls, I ask myself why they can't just text like a NORMAL person!
  • It is already available, however, you will need to activate it on your plan. For me it was via web under "Plan Management" > "Products & Apps" > "Free Products.
  • The advanced calling feature allows you to use data (surf web, use Maps, tweet...etc) while you are on the phone. It's a feature that has to be added to your phone as AdFunk mentioned. I'm actually in contact with Verizon to get the advanced calling working as the firmware update is NOT working. It adds the switch to Activate Advanced Calling. (Settings --- Extras --- Advanced Calling) Verizon support has been spectacular and gotten multiple engineers on the line to assist me. They even reached out to Microsoft for support. I have a networking ticket open right now with Verizon for them to look into the issue. I was on the latest W10M build and reverted to receive the update. When I used the Windows Device Recovery Tool that's when the update got installed. I now have the same version number as is released from end of February. I'll keep you guys updated on the status. Verizon also told me that they were excited and looking forward to expanding their Windows 10 Mobile line-up...which is good news! As for the official release...everything is slated for tomorrow. I've heard some things internally that confirm it but who knows the way things have been going.