Verizon's HTC 8X passing through FCC and beyond

The HTC 8X is well on its way to Verizon

We're aware that Verizon is most probably going to stock the HTC 8X - in fact, it's pretty much a certainty. Not only has the Windows Phone been confirmed to be heading to the US carrier by its own roadmap, but HTC also hinted in one of its press releases.

If that weren't enough, a HTC 8X video sports a Verizon 4G LTE logo on the rear panel of one of the featured models. Just to ensure there's little doubt left. Here's some more good news as today it has been reported that the FCC has cleared the HTC 8X for docking.

The CDMA handset (labelled PM23100 - cousin to C-3PO) features NFC, has been identified as a HTC Windows Phone, and supports the 700MHz LTE of Verizon. What's more is Engadget reports the device will also enable owners to use GSM frequencies (850 and 1900), which will help those who frequently travel beyond the shores.

We're getting there, folks. News is beginning to spread and Windows Phones are well on their way to carriers (and hopefully your pockets).

Source: FCC, via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Might wanna fix the title. Good new, anyway.
  • Why fix the title?
  • Because I doubt that it's passing through a front facing camera. :)
  • He means it the FCC, not the FFC.
  • Ah
  • It should also be fixed to reflect that it is certification for a CDMA HTC 8X, not a VZW HTC 8X.  While that would logically be where it will end up, unit VZW annouces it, it is not real.  The only thing confirmed about VZW and Windows Phone is that they have still not annouced a single product they will carry and the release date is now only a few weeks away. 
  • Find me another cdma carrier that utilizes 700 MHz spectrum.
  • Well at least he didn't put FAA lol
  • Fixed. :-P
  • Hehe, it's all good.
  • news*
  • Cool!
  • Being in the UK this doesn't effect me, but I understand the gravity of Wp8 devices coming to the big red (am I right in calling it that?). Great news for WP. :)
  • Lol, yes. This will be a huge deal, considering it's the biggest carrier.
  • I think many will be very happy with this device. The HD7 was well loved. The 8x is its newborn child.
  • Yeah, but gonna miss the hd7 kickstand terribly to watch vids.
  • I owned the HD7 and had no idea there was a kickstand. I feel terrible.
  • Are kidding me
    Do don't know it was kick stand man you should shots your self
  • Wow, nice reply. Angry much?
  • are you kidding us pate,learn how to use the English language before you try to use it to talk trash to others genius
  • Oops, - wrong reply!
  • Im willing to pick up this device if the price isn't too bad
  • Well maybe I can hand down my trophy to my daughter for the 8x then the 8x when L920 is available. IDK yet. Really want the L920 but how long will that be before it's available on Verizon?
  • What kind of dad you are "hand down my trophy to daughter"
    If your real her dad or love her get her good new phone man. She is your girl
  • At least he is giving his child a phone... Not everyone has a smartphone, even a regular phone.
  • I would think that his daughter IS his trophy... :P
  • Dafuq? So giving a kid a 2nd hand phone means he's a bad father and/or doesn't love her? What kind of messed up world do you live in? If he didn't love her, he wouldn't give her a phone at all. Having a phone less than 2 years old would be freaking awesome to any kid! Is your childhood so far behind you that you forget none of us had phones growing up?
  • It's called 1st world problems. It's pathetic.
  • @pate- you are kidding, right? Sarcasm much.
    Honestly I am on the other side of this topic in thinking too many kids have smart phones. Kids are glued to their phones all day. My daughter will hate me, but I will not be in any hurry to get her a smart phone.
  • I'll definitely go for this over a lumia 920 on Verizon. I just hope they will have one 32gb of storage in the blue version.
  • I'm really hoping they get a 32GB version. If a Canadian carrier can order an 8GB version then Verizon can certainly order a 32GB one. If they do this is my phone for sure. If not I'll have to give a long hard look at the Ativ, providing they get that of course.
  • Nope....not gonna happen.  HTC is only making an 8GB and 16GB WP8 phone.  That and the wireless charging is why I wanted the L920.  If verizon doesn't get that by the end of the year, I'm going to have to go with the 8x.  I just can't pass up the deal I got.
  • Well, the official site only lists it as coming in 16GB. There is no mention whatsoever of an 8GB version, yet one is coming to Rogers in Canada. The official information also says nothing about LTE and only lists the radio frequencies that will be on the European model, nothing about CDMA, but we know those things are happening as well. As such, there is some small hope that Verizon could order a 32GB model.
    I know I'm reaching, but I want a 32GB version dammit! :p
  • Well the HTC website actually says this "Specifications are subject to change and may vary based on carrier" So the possibility of a 32gb is not too far fetched ^_^
  • HTC is going to get so many sales off "well I was going to get a 920 but..."
  • Id what to get. The 8x is so sexy looking but the 920 has nice apps. I said the same thing i was gonna a 920 but..
  • I may not be able to get a Lumia 920. But I'll never settle for another HTC phone. I'd rather wait a little bit longer. Hopefully the exclusive at&t deal is time limited.
  • It is not well on its way to Verizon until Verizon actually annouces it. As in the past Verizon remains notoriously silent about this stuff, as opposed to their constant promos (and leaks) about anything Apple or Android on its way to their shelves.  BTW, as far as the "leaked roadmap"  demonstrating this is a certainty, that also shows them carrying the Nokia 920.  Now that doesn't seem to be the case, does it?  It is a logical possibility but upfront it is simply a preemptive effort on the part of the HTC to have a certified CDMA version ready, not that they yet have a deal in place with Verizon.  I am a Verizon customer; I like the company; and I have a HTC Trophy; but they have yet to prove thay are committed to any Windows Phone product.   When they anounce a product and its release date, then I will believe it.  Until that point, anyone pinning hopes on Verizon rumors that do not even originate from the company is as likely to be diasappointed as anything else. 
  • Lol, you had to post the same thing twice? Again, show me a carrier that uses 700 MHz spectrum cdma.
  • I agree with u swyost. I'm not a Verizon customer, and may never be because the can't ever commit to windows phone. I can't be with a company that just wants windows phone to fail.
  • Wanted the Lumia 920, but maybe the 8x will be the one.
  • Nokia did you notice HTC offering the 8x to every carrier? Well looks like some one else has a chance to dominate on the wp8 world. But aside from that the HTC one x+ is coming out, hardware wise the 8X is a low end device when compared to the one+. A device that I will consider if the 920 is not offered by tmobile by the end of the year.
  • The one x+ is not even going to t-mobile. It's exclusive to AT&T. Not surprised that you are this ironic.
  • The funny thing about that is Nokia has more WP marketshare than HTC and Samsung. Yet they both had a year and a half head start over Nokia. Not to mention HTC is offered on every carrier, and Nokia was only offered on ATT and Tmobile
  • It's ironic that it's available for pre order (the unlocked version) I do own a Samsung focus S unlocked that I use on tmobile & I'm not willing to get attached to another 2 years with tmobile for an HTC 8x (old hardware, nice look) but for the lumia 920 I would and I'm neutral to the os on my devices as I have own iOS, Android, window mobile.
  • old hardware?! Calm down. It is not "old" nor is it bad specs at all. Specs only tell a small picture, how it utilizes the specs is the rest. Look at the galaxy III. It has better specs than the iPhone in most categories yet it does not function faster in every area. at least in multiple tests comparing functionality. Specs can be misleading.
  • Well if Nokia is gonna be dumb and not release the L920 to big 8x here I come!
    By the way does anyone know if the Ativ S is coming to Verizon?
  • Samsung is the smartest. I bet, like they did with thr Galaxy, the ATIV brand will be carrier branded. Like tge ATIV 4G on Sprint, ATIV MAX on Verizon ... thats really tge way to do it. Nokia will be fine. I cant be the only one moving to ATT to get the Lumia 920. Or am I?
  • No, you are probably not the only one. As much as i hate it, I'll be making my move to art IF and only if Verizon doesn't have L920 by the end of the year. I swear Verizon loves to play with our emotions just to piss us off.
  • Att*
  • You guys seriously cannot wait for another month or two until the 920 exclusivity is gone? And go for a knockoff 8x? 
    Nokia's not being dumb and knows more than anyone what they need to do to come back. 
    They probably didn't think "fans" would just screw them over a 1-2month wait. holy hell.  Sucks living in the US doesn't it.
  • The thing is, I'm not a Nokia fan. The only way they have a chance with me is getting something out on Verizon at the same time as the 8X. Is the 920 nice, sure, but I think the 8X looks better and aside from the OIS none of the other features of the 920 do anything for me personally.
  • Then get the 8X. Case closed!
  • I'm obviously aiming at the Nokia fans (or 920 fans) that are whining, and not you. But yea I dig. The 8X looks nice ofcourse (no originality though) and is also one of the better choices for a Windows Phone so it's cool.  I'm not sure what the 8X does better personally than the 920 though. 
  • It's lighter and has higher pixel density, but only due to having the same resolution on a smaller screen.
    Then personal preference things such as one might like the 8X case better than glossy 920 casings as well as colour options are slightly different.
    But yeah, 8X doesnt really beat the Lumia in much.
  • It beats it in availability.
  • Only Beats audio... it depends whether that matters to you or not. I have a HD7 with SRS enhancement, which is good for the first few hours but then I ended up turning it off and going back to default. I could imagine doing the same with Beats. The Lumia phones have far more enticements IMO. I just wish the 920 had a freaking microSD :(
  • 30 days, OK, I can live with it but, 3-6 months ? By then the rumors of the 8.5 devices are out and time to wait....
  • No im pretty sure it sucks far worse wherever you are. I love America,and all of the people on earth. Fool
  • Uopjo6, aren't you being a little presumptuous stating that it will be a couple of months before the l920 comes out on Verizon? What is the basis of your comment?
  • L900 was exclusive to ATT and didn't go anywhere beyond that. They lied then, why trust now. And besides, Eflop said Nokia wants to go carrier exclusive route rather than be on many carriers. Good for Nokia if they their fans. Sure pissed many off when announced L900 exclusivity. Pissed off even more with L920. Leaves fans disgruntled and eventually they will have little faith in them. Fans and the potential will just pass them off.
  • Yawn, The 8X is totaly Mid-line with 16gb of ram. Wake me when their highend model hits and it hits Verizon. Maybe they will hit with 32gb and it MIGHT be an option but, 16gb is totaly ruled out for me.
    920 in White is what I really want....
  • I agree. 16GB + microSD would've sold it for me though. Apparently a HD8 is still coming... so we may still be surprised!
  • It just would shock me that the 8X is their high end. After seeing what the L920 put out, it's not even close compared (camera, screen, wireless charging, etc).
    Remember when the L900 came out,? The Titan 2 came out, with every spec better than the 900 (and no major bugs), it was a far better phone by the numbers. This is the type of thing I want to see from HTC.  I need to be WOWed, and the 8X does not even come close.
    If I do a 8X, it would be a used phone with out a contract.
  • Rather leave all my stuff in SkyDrive. Never know if phone crash and erase all info or if you need to reboot. Didn't hear anything about hd8.
  • whether nokia fan or htc fan im just glad that verizon is getting something and not leaving you guys completely dry for another year. THE FIGHT IS AGAINST THE GREEN MACHINE AND THE IOS CLONES TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM!!! DO NOT FIGHT INTERNALLY. THEY CAN TAKE YOUR FRIENDS MONEY BUT THEY CANNOT TAKE YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!!!!
    (lol my own rendition to braveheart speech)