Verizon's new ALLSET pre-paid plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and 500MB data for $45/month

Pre-paid plans are becoming a more-and-more viable option these days, especially if carriers continue to make improvements like Verizon has just done with the introduction of their new "ALLSET PLANS" (opens in new tab) (no more all-caps from here on out, mkay). These new plans start at $35-a-month for basic phones, but if you're smart and opt for a smartphone, it starts at a mere $45-a-month.

That low Allset plan price includes unlimited 'Anytime Minutes' calls and unlimited messaging (including international messaging to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico). The base plan offers a measly 500MB data allotment each month, though thanks to the magic of pre-pay you can get more as you need it. An extra 500MB is $5, and that's good for 30 days, while you can get 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20 — both with a 90-day expiration.

Verizon has a handful of smartphones available for purchase for use on the Allset plans, including the iPhone 4 for $99.99, iPhone 4s at $199.99, the Moto G for $99.99, and a few other low-end Android phones. If you have your own off-contract Verizon phone, you can bring it onto an Allset plan as well.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab)

Derek Kessler

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  • Is this a promotional/paid article? I see no mention of Windows Phone at all in this article except for the picture.
  • I guess the point is that if you have an off contract phone including windows phone you can use it. Though admittedly, I could see why you'd question it.
  • mobile news in general, if you scroll down to the sister sites you can see they are using their own mobile flavors
  • I wish Lumia phones cone with contract in India as well, or else high end phones are pretty expensive to buy at one shot..
  • Not feasible in India, call rates, plans are dirt cheap, its much much cheaper to buy your own phone and recharge your phone with $5-$10 prepaid credit every month instead of spending $50-$100 per month on contract!!
  • This needs to arrive asap!
  • Reliance has lumia phones available on contract in india
  • Pathetic in comparison to T-mobile.. for just $5 more.. I get unlimited 3g and 500mb LTE...
  • But the difference is that T-Mobile's network sucks compared to Verizon.
  • Eh? Your biased as fuck, T-mobile's network is great, the speed is fantastic, reliability is great, I get far better signals then I ever did with verizon, and 3g may suck, but guess what? It comes free with the plan, so point nulled.
  • People, people, people. This same discussion comes up every time a carrier is mentioned. Carriers vary depending on location and need.  We all have our testimonials, but the truth is that while someone may have great service with one carrier, another might not have any.  For example, at my parents' house in the country, they can only get Verizon service (and poor service, at that [like one bar of 3G most of the time]). At my apartment in the city, any of the major carriers work perfectly fine. There, it really only depends on price. What if I want to travel a lot? I would want a carrier that covers my frequented locations, too. For some people, it is worth it to have to pay a little more if it is the only viable option.
  • Does it happen that much? jeeze, I haven't been around here long.. guess i havent seen the cycle yet.. well lets agree on this... were both gtting ripped the hell off regardless lol
  • No bias here. I'd love to have T-Mobile, but real world evidence shows the coverage is not nearly as good as Verizon's.
  • See, its the opposit here, most of my friends and family has verizon and they rarely get 4 bars while I'm always at 5 with LTE lol
  • T mobile does suck unless you live in a big city. I had tmo for a week and switched back to att. Any time I went inside a building no signal. Any time I went into a rural area no signal. It doesn't matter how fast their lte speeds are if you can't get any signal Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • My god carriers are ripping you off in the US :-o
  • My thoughts as well. And it explains why US people get so many offers / deals regarding accessories while we don't :-P
  • Yep
  • *nods* gotta love the subsidy
  • LOL,,,Try living in Canada and paying our rates,,Being ripped off is the norm here in the great white north
  • Not only ripping us off but the regulating entity, the FCC, is so impotent that EVERY FREAKING CARRIER runs on separate LTE frequencies. You can't end your contract with one carrier and drag your phone to another carrier because it will barely work. Nope, gotta buy a new one.
    Even if you did the costs of the service (sans T•mobile) includes the subsidies for a new phone even without buying one. Buying a phone outright means you're paying $20ish/mo just for the liberty of being able to leave your carrier.
    Again, if you could, but you can't because the phone you just bought only works for that carrier. But what is the point? If AT&T increases their rates tomorrow, Verizon will increase theirs next week. So you can't even save money switching.
  • :-/
    Good luck then, hope someone will change that someday (as they did here in France a few years ago).
  • I'm happy with T-Mobile!
  • What do you pay per line? Unlimited? I pay like $70 for unlimited
  • I pay 20 dollars for unlimited everything, but then again im from india. :P
  • 30 for 100min and unlimited text and data.
  • Just realized I have two lines and pay 80$ for shared family plan. Plus additional $20 PER line for internet. 2.5GB. I don't want that. Why can't I share the 2.5GB. I don't even use 1GB. BS
  • $45 per month after taxes with T-Mobile. Two lines each for my mom and me. Very happy. My best friend has been expressing a desire to join up with us, which would make the bill even cheaper between what the three of us would have to pay.
  • I had 200MB on TMO at one point and never used it all. Now I have unlimited but I pay like $75/m. I feel like im getting ripped off but what do I know.
  • I only pay $25 on T-Mobile per line on a family plan with four lines. This includes 500MB LTE.
  • So basically $5 cheaper than the previous prepaid plans at $50, $60, and $70 for 500, 1GB and 2GB? I guess the real benefit is that you can add 3GB for $20 and have it last for 3 months before expiring. That way a light month won't necessarily waste data and a heavy month can still be covered. Trying to decide between StraightTalk or Verizon Prepay when the Icon I won on twitter last week from MS Store shows up. Or maybe just being an added line on a friend's account, but that won't help my business expense claims on taxes.
  • This doesn't sound appealing at all. 500MB's? When other services such as Straight Talk offer everything unlimited for $45. So I guess I'm a little confused as to why Verizon thinks this is going to get people on this service. Even at the price for each 500MB it isn't worth it.
  • You are getting Verizon's network with this.  The Straight Talk AT&T flavor has good coverage, but still not as good as Verizon's, especially in more rural areas..
  • Verizon network means nothing to me anyway but if I was looking for a good value, which most people are, this would not appeal to me.
  • Wow, that is so expensive.
    I pay 18€ as month in Portugal and I can send SMS and call for free for certain numbers, and I also have 100 min and SMS for every carrier plus 2Gb of data a month.
    And for 40€ you get the 2Gb plus unlimited calling and texting to all carriers
  • The data for this plan is 3G... so, not worth it.
  • Exactly.  Verizon doesn't offer 4G on any prepaid plan.  Make you bend over and pay postpaid rates for that. Stinks for people like me who are unlucky enough to live in area where Verizon is only good option.
  • I'd much rather have T-Mobile's 100 minute, unlimited texts/data for $30 plan. Who only uses $500 mb of data in a month? This is the exact opposite of a good deal for a smartphone.
  • You're right, but some people talk more than 100 mins per month, so it's a pretty difficult tradeoff. Besides, T-Mobile's data network isn't that great unless you live in a big city and don't travel. I know, I had that service, and it was hard to get a data signal away from the metros.
  • Simply ridiculous. 500mb???? Wow, what a deal. Thanks but no thanks. I don't want to police my device 24/7 making sure there is no data usage. That'd feel like a job. IMO, $45 should get us 5gb, 4g/lte and unlimited text/talk.
    There is simply no excuse.
  • Exactly. But in my opinion that should be contract priced.
  • Verizon is just too damn expensive for what you get. Unless you live in the rural midwest where the only company to actually have full service is Verizon, then there is absolutely no reason to pay their exorbitant fees. At least with AT&T you are getting the same service in urban areas at slightly cheaper prices and you get a full GSM device. T-Mobile sucks in urban areas like NYC with full concrete buildings... been there, tried it and ran back to AT&T!
  • Sounds like a crap deal. 500mb is crap.
    Aio is way better. 5gb lte for 55$
  • Agreed or 2.5 GB for $45 on Autopay
  • 500 Mb is crap. I can barely stay within my 3gb cap on AT&T
  • What can you do with 500mb of data these days? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Huh, did they just add support for 4G LTE devices on prepay BC as far as I know only "select 3g smartphones" are available for use on VerizonWireless prepay service.
  • I just did a chat, and 4g phones are a no go with this pre paid plan.   I switched to T-mobile from verizon. T mobile is not very good where i live 2g. I knew this going in, just wanted a lower bill and on wifi 95% of the time. Once i get the ETA money switching to straightalk. Would do this if you could use 4G phones.
  • Boy, with those rates aren't I glad to live in the 3rd fucking world. Hooray for being underdeveloped.
  • Gotta love MetroPCS unlimited talk, text and unlimited data with no throttle for $60 a mo.
  • Are you saying that I can get the Lumia and pay $45 + 20 for 3 GB? If so, I will snatch the Lumia right away.
  • Am I the only one who thinks an iphone4s with no contract for $199.99 is a steal?
  • Pretty solid deal actually.
  • Verizon really misses the point by not including access to their 4G LTE network on their prepaid offerings.
  • I concur! At least with Aio if your phone has the capability you can get lte
  • Now just bring a CDMA variant of the Lumia 520 to Verizon!
  • Who makes calls anymore? T-Mobile has better options.
  • this plan is terrible it is so much more expensive than tmobile or att when will verizon get their act together and make an affordable plan without so many restrictions
  • If your looking for an AFFORDABLE prepay plan check out Aio. Their basic plan is $40 for unlimited talk text and 500mb of data. That decreases to 35$ with autopay. Want 2.5gb of data? Just 50$! 45$ with autopay. Want 5gb? Just 60$! 55$ with autopay. Aio is AT&TS subsidiary mvno. And they don't charge or cap you if you go over just throttle so no unexpected costs. Check out their website and the ATT Gophone/Aio thread on the Howard forums.:)
  • Would at&t phones like the 1520 work on aio? 4g lte the whole enchilada?
  • Check the site and type your IMEI number. As far as I know, all phones that work on AT&T, except for iPhones apparently, work on aio.
  • LOL in Israel we have unlimited calls, texts, and 2-5GB in 12-15$ We don't have LTE yet but it's coming soon, and it's not that needed.
  • Mi sembra che le offerte siano migliori in Italia e non li da voi. Allo stesso prezzo che da voi danno i minuti e gli sms da noi ti danno anche lo smartphone...eppure dicono che siano migliori le vostre offerte ma a me non sembra così
  • Read the fine print. I looked into prepaid for the icon and it's only available for 3g on select devices paid in full.
  • They shouldn't call it Allset. That's kinda false advertising. Seeming as how emails alone could eat that data. Plus you still can't do any phone you want on it? Hows that all set?