Viber for VOIP now available for Windows Phone, but still exclusive to Nokia for now

The popular VOIP service Viber has been a long time in the making for Windows Phone. The fist app was merely a preview beta that only had direct messaging but no voice capability. Then a few weeks ago we got word that the ‘HD’ version with full VOIP capability was headed to Nokia Lumia phones.

During that time though, a lot has happened including a very long delay, much to the surprise of the developer who had anticipated a quick releases. Due to Microsoft’s quirky (and backlogged) app submission process, Viber got lost in the shuffle and had to have some pushing before the Store could give birth.

The new Viber for voice calls

The good news was as a compromise, Microsoft reportedly was going to lift the “Nokia-only” label from the device and allow all Windows Phones to freely download it (your outrage in comments helped too). Alas, the app is now available, even to those in the UK and here in the US, but as far as we can tell it is still a Nokia-exclusive, despite the developer being under the impression otherwise. The app's Store link went 'live' yesterday but for most people, it was widely unavailable.

Needless to say, it’s a bit of a mess for what is actually a very well done app.

The full Viber app is loaded with some nice functionality, including contact lookup (to show you who is already on Viber), push notifications, a way to set up your account and more. The app launches with a nice walkthrough to get you started. And the app looks sharp too—lots of black of the bold, purple color that’s the signature of Viber.

So will Viber go to all Windows Phones? We think so but it depends on if and when Microsoft lifts the ‘exclusive’ status. That may surprise many people who think it is Nokia controlling these things but we’re told through various sources that is not the case.

In the meantime, if you do have a Nokia Lumia phone, you can finally grab Viber HD here in the Store (Nokia Collection).

Daniel Rubino

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