Viber is still working on its universal Windows 10 app, but no word on launch


In late April 2015, Microsoft announced that the popular Viber messaging services would be launching a universal Windows 10 app. Since then, there's been silence from both Microsoft and Viber on the status of the app, but a new message from Viber's PR rep indicates that it is still in the works.

Windows Central contacted Viber to get an update and received an email response from its PR representative merely stating that it is "still working on the universal app for Windows 10". However, the message didn't offer a release date estimate.

It would appear that the app is still a viable project, but that it may be a while before it appears in the Windows Store.

We are still waiting for many more promised major Windows 10 apps to be released, including ones for Instagram, Shopular and Facebook Messenger.

John Callaham
  • That's a relief
  • Windows Central is still (maybe)working on its universal Windows 10 app, but no word on release date
  • Shots fired
  • Due sometime in the Q2 of 2016. ;-)
  • Or, god forbid, soon!!!
  • Rudy mentioned few days ago that it take two to three months to create universal app and he is alone working on his app. Now we have big developers that have resources to devote more resource to development but they don't. So the question is, is MS WM so unattractive to developers that they just don't give a **** about it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The new app doesn't seem to be exciting with first impressions from the teaser in AskDan.
  • Compared to being a rockstar NOTHING is really exciting. So shut it Akhil...
  • Lol
  • Haha BAM! Apply cold water to the burnt area
  • Lol!
  • It makes you wonder if the process is that difficult since most Universal Apps have been "Coming Soon" for quite some time including the updated Windows Central app. Ones that have been published, except ones made by Microsoft, often seem very rough around the edges and development is slow. The Android version of the same app has been updated multiple times in the same period.
  • It's not difficult at all, it's just normal WP users treatment and they're still investing their resources on Android and iPhone although now with W10 UWP they could greatly increase their user base with quality desktop and tablet companions. TBH. Microsoft is not leading by example. I see some devs more passionate about WP then Microsoft.
  • Haha welcomes everyone in to windows universal system
  • Since when has the official WinBeta universal app been a thing? Completely missed it and just noticed
  • WinBeta?!
  • The day when I can do all my messaging from my pc will be a great day.
  • You can do that already. Viber has desktop app, using it on daily basis.   (and by app I mean, .exe application not store app)
  • Yup. But the design is bad and seems slow to launch.
  • Slow? I think youre talking about mobile app, because that one is slow for sure, especially on W10. But I have no problem with W10 viber native app.
  • I said all my messaging. I don't even use Viber, I mean messaging, messenger, WhatsApp, groupme, but texting is my wish first and foremost.
  • But it doesn't scale with high dpi screens.. It is TINY ony my QHD 15,4" XPS 15 :(
  • Facebook, messenger and instagram too ;)
  • I have a feeling alot of these apps were reliant on the Astoria bridge and therefore are on hold but the PR reps dont want to explicitly say that and would rather say its still being developed. MixRadio, LoseIt, FB Messenger, Instagram etc. UWA is MIA!!!  
  • Newsflash, Astoria doesn't work on PC so your logic is flawed. Do some research before you're feelings speak.
  • Scratch Astoria, write Islandwood.
  • Err...AFAIK Astoria was the bridge to make Universal Windows Apps. And Universal Windows Apps can easily be made to work on the PC. So, well, indirectly, Astoria would have got apps for the PC too!
  • No
    It was just an emulation which would work on Windows mobile ONLY.
    Astoria is an emulation which works with an APK whereas the Islandwood is an actual bridge that makes an app universal.
    Simple as that
  • Hi, how are you today? Good? K, lets move on. LoseIt already stated they are in limbo due to Astoria, I'm pretty sure there were other developers as well in the beta of Astoria that are now reconsidering their UWP plans or developing for windows at all. That is all that I was saying, sorry you misunderstood. UWP doesnt mean the app will run on PC, the 4 bridges are all for developing UWP apps.
  • Astoria is just an emulator that runs APKs. So MS should just make a UWP android emulator to compete with other desktop emulators using their astoria tech and be done with it.
  • Easier said than done.
    What they have basically done with other bridges is still something others have yet to do.
  • Oh, okay. Cool.
  • Personally I am not a fan of all of these services. I wish we could go back to the old days of standards being in place and you pick the software that works best for you. Not that the days of xmpp were much better.... But, much better than where we are now.
  • ICQ surely is missed :P 
  • they need to do more than make a universal app. why did the wp8.1 app lag behind so much.    Viber is at 4.5.4 for windows 5.xx for everyone else. No video calling or other features that ios/android has. Now if the app is still coded for capatibility for wp8 then understandable as wp8.1 did give a lot of extra features and apis for devs compared to wp8. And if it is why not update it to wp8.1 version where all those features are applied. The wp8 app works fine barely  has any issues just lack of features. So no need to mess with it. Just have two different versions in teh store.    BUt they need to update the app for win10 mobile as it is buggy as hell on win 10. least on me and my girls lumia 950/xl
  • I really like the viber app but it would be good to if video calling made it to the windows phone app. The app that you can download from the windows 8 microsoft store does support video calling apparently. Hopefully with a universal app comes feature parity. I'd really find it hard to stay with windows phone if it wasn't supported by viber.
  • Meanwhile somewhere in Redmond MS is still working on getting things right for windows 10 :-o)
  • I like Viber and use it constantly. Please give us app.
  • I asked Viber on twitter and they told me that they will make a new windows 10 pc app and it won't work on mobile. I guess only time will tell.
  • That would defy logic but some companies have weird logic. Ir wouldn't make sense to use the Universal App system but not make the few changes to port to mobile.
  • If you guys want a universal app then make it. Stop gripping and moaning. Being negative bout app development don't make it go any faster. The universal app coding is not easy but alot has changed. New coding is involved and more abilities. It does take more work than you realize to make it unique and better than IOS and Droid. I like my apps to be way different and better so if the development take longer then so be it. It is very hard to fix things that is working and upgrading things to make sure it don't break.
  • I think alot of Windows Mobile users do appreciate it if a developer makes tweaks for Windows Mobile but most would also be happy with a direct port for now.
  • In most cases yes but considering the fact the code development is constantly changing. Means developer have to learn more and pretty much redesign their apps because the old code may not have ported over with the new code because now the API may not be working properly so now that code from having 3 errors to having 50 errors. Then it has to be redone from line to line which takes longer because of the changes.
  • Wow, windowscentral asking whether Viber will still release thier universal app whiles they havent released theirs. I think they will after your is.
  • They work how to no exist on Windows 10 ☺
  • Is really that difficult to make an Universal app? All of the previously anounced apps are "Coming soon". Facebook, Instagram, Netflix... ugh!!! I getting tired of waiting  
  • The code is changing constantly and getting more advanced. Not always easy plus look at the big build event... That is part of the code changes being shown as it is advancing...
  • I've moved across to Telegram last week made my friends join and we are having a hell of a time using GIF's to chat. Telegram can be used either web desktop or phone, tho it gets a bit off sync at times.
  • The Wire messaging app does Gif's great, also photo, video and music sharing as well.
  • Coming soon ™ :p
  • Two to three months to convert a current Windows app to a universal app sure doesn't sound like the easy app creation that MS keeps promoting.
  • In android or ios coming soon means -it will be come within few weeks. But in windows coming soon .. maybe will goa one year...
  • And we are expecting Windows Central's UWP app..
  • Viber delayed UWA once again... They announced that company's app would come last year, announced after Build conference 2015. But they delayed until now...
  • oh great ..thats good news.! another delay ...we got used to be second class users. 
  • Why Microsoft dont make a Skype Universal app? That work good in both PC and Phones? Current skype sucks on tablets
  • Every messaging app on WP has more than just an issue I wouldn't know where to begin but the word soon is being inappropriately by both parties and we WP lover are literally dying waiting
  • Well, viber isn't particularly fond of actually developing their apps. Instead of updating their android app to follow basic os guidelines they released multiple viber-branded games. It took them more then a year to (not fully) implement material design.
  • Still waiting....