Hands on video with new Lumia 620 shows Nokia can make affordable look hot

You have to give Nokia credit, even when not designing high-end, flagship phones they can nail the looks of a device. Such is the case with the recently announced Lumia 620, being billed as the "most affordable Windows Phone 8 device". Indeed coming in at USD $249 without subsidies is quite an accomplishment.

The site Phone Seven have got their hands on the device, which is being shown off today in Paris, and in a 9 minute video you get a nice tour of the budget phone...

The Lumia 620 features a 3.8” WVGA 800x480 screen that uses Nokia’s familiar 'Clear Black' polarising screen technology to reduce glare. It will also pack a Snapdragon S4 dual core CPU running at 1 GHz, so it's clocked a bit slower than other Windows Phone 8 handsets. The 620 will also have a base memory of 512MB RAM and 8GB of on-board storage. Thankfully it also has the option to increase storage by way of MicroSD cards of up to 64GB in size.

We're impressed and so is Wall Street as Nokia's stock has jumped to $3.75 a share, a gain of 9% since yesterday. Yowza. Thanks, Mika, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • My affordable? :)
  • Looks like its a bit on the fat side..
  • It's thinner than Lumia 800 or Lumia 900.
  • That's like saying a bulldozer is thinner than earth. It's still thick.
  • Terrible, terrible analogy.
    It's 61mm thick. The iPhone 4 is 58 mm thick. I wouldn't call this thing "thick" at all.
  • Actually it is 11mm thick.
  • Wow. Pasted the wrong part of the spec lmao. My bad.
  • Are you high, drunk or both?
  • Sometimes I really have to wonder what is wrong with people on the internet. It's effing 11mm thin. 11 fukking millimeters. That's NOTHING. That's on the verge of being too thin to fit comfortably in your hand when talking. Calling any phone thinner than 15mm's (or a deck of cards) a "brick" is fukking retarded. A 2+ cm thick phone can be called a brick if it's as big as the original 1997 Nokia 3110. But these phones? Please...
    Anyone calling a phone of 11mm too thick probably has a weener that's thinner than that, hence his impression that that's thick... lol
  • What I fail to understand is why people have to be somewhat rude when someone else gets something wrong. Sure, research the facts first, but there is no need to be nasty about telling them that, is there?
  • That's like saying a bulldozer is thinner than earth. It's still thick.
    This is what we're responding to. It's not an unresearched opinion, it's extreme, intentional hyperbole.
  • Yeah, I understand. I think I got what I was trying to say muddled up. I was attempting to express my distaste toward any user (in this case "ramrac") who deems it necessary to use foul language on a public website.
    This is supposed to be a place for discussion, sharing of opinions and ideas. Instead, all I ever see on Windows Phone Central is this: a debate is brought up, someone sees it as a confrontation almost, and then a consistent strong of retaliations begins. What makes me laugh though is some people on here can only remind of the maturity of a toddler. Scream first, never ask questions.
  • Is it on Sprint yet?!
  • Sprint sucks come to At&t
  • 1+
  • It can come to both you know. I think it's time for Sprint users to have at least ONE WP8 device. AT&T already have tons of choices.
  • It's not CDMA, so it cannot be used on Sprint.
  • Just get an unlocked 920 phone and it works fine on sprint
  • I am seriously curious how you got it working on Sprint as mu understanding is that Sprint themselves will only allow their own branded phones onto their network.
  • Unlimited data is hard to beat... so is a year of a contract.
  • Nice one
  • Does anyone know if there will be app limitations on a slower clocked device?  I'd love to pick this up unlocked to complement my 920 so I can use this when I travel internationally and still have all of my apps/settings, etc stay synced.
  • No limitation for clock speed i would expect, but the lower memory (512mb) will have some limitations, it's the new low memory standard. I'll look in to the exact limits with wp8...
  • Unlikely. It'll just run slower. The bigger issue would be the RAM. Presumably most apps will run with 512MB RAM. 
  • In the video, they said that all the applicatios are availiable for this smartphone (I'm french!)
  • i love the two tone casing
  • weight is 2 pounds and exclusive to At&t.
  • Lol say it's not so. I'm still sad about the Lumia 920.lol
  • "We are impressed and so isn't Wall Street" Don't you mean "and so is Wall Street" Daniel?
  • Maaaaybe :)
  • I was going to say the same thing... :)
  • so isn't wall street?
  • Now bring this to southeast Asia,south Africa,Europe,metro pcs,virgin mobile,boost sky's the limit.. Lets brighten up those websites with the live tiles,instead of those boring grid icons
  • Hmm – if the specs on the Lumia 620 can get WP8, I wonder why the Lumia 900 couldn’t get WP8. I thought it might have been the limitation on the 512MB RAM, but the 620 has the same amount.
  • It's not so much that it's impossible for the 900 to run WP8, it's the actual nature of flashing it as an update. It'd be like "updating" your PC from Windows to Linux. It's not really an update and there's no easy way to do it--you have to wipe everything--even more so on a phone as the bootloader needs to go too. It's probably possible on a single device in a lab, but how you do that wide scale is the problem without people permanently damaging their phone.
  • That has little to do with hardware limitations and more with just the way the OS was designed to run on the hardware. To run WP8 on older devices, they'd have to code everything from scratch and when money isn't an incentive, it is a little hard to justify it.
  • Question....how come the same s4 on 920 (1.5ghz) is always limited (lower speed) on "budget" phones like this and the HTC 8s? does it have to do with performance from lower ram or being less of a battery hog from smaller batteries?
  • I'd go with the battery explanation
  • The "S4 Plus" is a line of chips, not just a CPU. The chip in the 920 has many more features than the chip in the 620. Qualcomm clocks the CPU where they have tested it to give the chip its best performance. Edit: Here are the different chips: http://www.qualcomm.com/sites/default/files/common/products-services/sna...
  • Actually this is using a completely new chip (msm8930) instead of the msm8960 that's has been used in all previously announced WP8 phones like HTC8s. It's lower end which helps in reaching that price, but it's still a pretty damn good chip
  • It looks really good man I wouldnt mind trading my 710 up for one.
  • Same here, it is very similar to the 710, except for a .1 bigger screen, vga camera, expandable storage, dual core and WP8. All these upgrades for such a low price makes it a great option for me, since I'm completely happy with my 710. I just want to look at some camera samples to make my decision over this one.
  • At long last my prepaid friends can finally get a WP device and not have to buy em unlocked off risky sites and such. I just upgraded to a 920 and sold my 900 to a friend that is going to unlock it and use it on t-mobile's $50 prepaid 4g plan.
  • If you say at&t you are going abroad, they may give the unlock code for Lumia 900. I got it.
  • I think one of the best aspects of Nokia is that they actually make phones available to people in less wealthy markets than the US and Europe. Most of South America and Africa are interested in joining the smartphone craze and from my experience in those countries, people have turned to Android devices for a cheaper alternative with the features they want. Nokia is being somewhat generous in producing smartphones that yield a smaller profit margin as well as being strategical here since they're actually going after a market Apple will never win. Kudos, Nokia.
  • The premium market seems locked between iPhone and Galaxy S2/3, and saturated to hell with many other Android handsets from the likes of LG, Sony, Motorola, etc. The real drivers of growth for Windows Phone are budget-sensitive markets, especially markets in Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. These are the markets where Nokia has brand recognition, and these are the consumers who are not heavily locked into eco-systems, hence there's some real room here to grow and flourish. Looking at how well Windows Phone is optimized to lower-spec'd hardware, I think it's clear that the platform offers a compelling alternative to Android in entry/mid-level markets. Nokia's suite of exclusive apps (especially if already pre-loaded) sweetens the deal I think for a lot of people...
  • Well, 
    actually we (phoneseven) did NOT get a view on the Phone. WE only found the Video. 
    The Site BlogNTTV posted the video and did the Handson :-)
  • If they bring this to US, this will be my first off-contract purchase. It's perfect for my daughter.
  • Only thing I'm wondering is where will these show up, and when?
  • Nokia should look into reducing the bezel around the screen for the next round of phones.
  • Why? It's impractical. 
  • Tempting to buy this until I can afford an 8X or a 920.
  • It will probably come to US Cellular. This seems like a phone that will.
  • Looks nice! I may be picking up this phone instead of the 8S now.
  • Corning gorilla glass? Will the new version of Skype run on 512 ram?
  • No Gorilla glass but it is scratch resistant glass. Yes Skype will run on 512 ram. it wont run only on 256mb ram
  • Virgin Mobile, Net10, TracFone, and Straight Talk are all perfect carriers for the device.
  • This device certainly has the potental to do very well. Hope it comes to the right carriers and countries.
  • That shell looks like there's enough room to fit the wireless charging gizmo in there. There should be a 710-sized phone with QI out there, as the 820 and 920 are too gigantic for petite people. 
  • When I can buy that phone?
  • Absolutely love the lime green!
  • Nice looking phone.  Too bad the Samsung Galaxy II X that I bought last month cost less. and has a much bigger screen (4.5") and has much more CPU power (2x1.5ghz) and has double the RAM (1GB) and has double the storage (16gb) and takes sharper pictures (8MP) and shoots better video (1080P) ...but at least the Lumia is...umm...Green?
  • and has a much bigger screen (4.5") - and a much smaller pixel density at 200ppi, when 800x480 is stretched out on 4.5 inches, as opposed to this phones 3.8 inches.   and has much more CPU power (2x1.5ghz) - lol @ the people who still don't understand CPU architecture. the Krait processor architecture that the Snapdragon S4 is based on is much faster than the Scorpion processor architecture that the S3 in your phone is based on. Even at lower clock speeds, it still works faster. Also, another important part is the graphics processing unit, and the Adreno 305 is again faster than the Adreno 220 in your phone. So this phone has much more CPU and GPU power. And will never lag, unlike your Android. We all know Androids still lag no matter how many cores and ghz they have. And don't even get me started on the absolutely disgusting scrolling behaviour of Samsung Touchwhiz Androids...it's worse than on a 5800 XM.   and has double the RAM (1GB) - And needs it.   and has double the storage (16gb) - This has a MicroSD slot, so I don't see where the problem is.   and takes sharper pictures (8MP) - lol again at people who think that megapixels equate picture quality. I can tell you that the 5MP camera in a Nokia N95 takes worlds better and "sharper" pictures than the one in your phone. Not to mention a 6MP compact camera from Canon from 2006.   and shoots better video (1080P) - again, quality has nothing to do with resolution. ...but at least the Lumia is...umm...Green? - But at least you're a troll who feels inadequate about himself and thinks he needs to go to other phones websites to make himself feel better about his bad purchase.
  • Good one bro, you totally pwned him... Im looking forward, it will replace my Lumia 800 as backup phone.
  • That... was.... awesome.
  • The screen size is nice, but means its a bigger device, so that works both ways here.  Lacks clear black polarizer.
    The CPU power is irrelevant to the user experience unless things running slowly at 1Ghz
    The ram is irrelevant to the user experience unless the apps won't fit in memory
    The storage is nice at 16gb.  This one can accept 64Gb cards.
    Your GalaxyII won't take sharper pictures because it has cheap optics, how good are the optics on a samsung?
    Better video needs quality optics
    No Dolby headphones, the audio on the 620 should sound better making it the better music player.
    No WP8 support on GII
    No NFC
    Your GalaxyII X looks boring.
    Got to say I'm finding the 620 strangely attractive, maybe I can justify buying one to tide me over until my contract runs out just to program WP8 apps on?  In green :)
  • That's pretty nice of Nokia to give us a budget phone, really liking that idea, hope thus gets sold in the states at least through Nokia, and free through carriers. Just flood the market with phones like what Android OEMs have done and Microsoft OEMs have done to the computer segment. It does look chunky though, like the 822 on Verizon, but when I saw that hands on, it really isn't, so id imagine the same for this.
  • People will check the number of apps available and half of them will walk away laughing at the idea of getting a WM8 phone with (almost) no apps available. Smartphones are little computers and computers with almost no software cannot be treated as a serious competitor in the world of smartphones/computers with a higly developed software ecosystem. "There is no app for that, but it's still a cool phone" may sell a phone to a few, but the majority won't be impressed. Shouting wow, WM8 got Skype! sounds like a joke, doesn't it. My Lumia 800 is probably the last Windows smartphone I bought. Jelly Bean all the way!
  • At 24 seconds in, it looks like the blue backplate he's showing has a wireless charging connector.  If not, what else could it be?
  • Yep, sure does and the coil is most likely in the rectangular uprising
  • Wow...
  • Why on earth does Nokia keep making these phones with spare space at the bottom? I like how there is no wasted space on the 820. All the other models all have extra space below the navigational keys.... It looks ridiculous to be honest.
  • After checking the size comparison tool in GSMARENA, this is slightly smaller than my current phone, the Lumia 800...
    which is the perfect size, i dont really like big phones
  • The answer is simple: MS wanted more of your money. They will start phasing Lumia 920 out in about a year, so don't expect to sell it for a lot of money!
  • Foe everyone concerned about the availability of the Lumia 620, it's going to Asia first then Europe and lastly US. So go get a 820 or 920. For pot smokers the Lumia 420 is coming next. lol