Hands on and first impressions of the Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

Nokia has finally done it. They’ve announced their first Windows 8.1 RT tablet. It’s called the Lumia 2520 and is actually incredibly compelling. We’ve got some hands-on photos and videos for you folks to check out. Like the Lumia 1520, the display on the Lumia 2520 is breath taking. Let’s check it out.

Surface 2 versus the Lumia 2520 is going to be the big question this holiday season if you’re shopping for a Windows 8 tablet. Both are fairly similar in price and features and their differences are compelling in their own rights. What’s so great about the Lumia 2520? First, its display is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on a tablet. Its 10.1-inch IPS display features a resolution of 1080p. But it stands out with its brightness and viewing angles. It goes up to 650 nits of brightness (so you can view it in direct sunlight) while the air between the glass and display has been removed. It makes it look like the content on the screen is literally at the surface. You’re also getting a viewing angle of 180 degrees. Crazy.

To protect that display, Nokia has made a protective cover that doubles as a keyboard and an extra battery. With just the tablet you’ll get about 11 hours of battery life, but the keyboard cover will add an extra 5 hours of battery life. That’s about 16 hours of battery life you’ll get with the Lumia 2520.

It’s both light and easy to hold. The edges, where you’re most likely to hold the device, have been tapered to give the impression that it’s thinner than it really is. This makes it feel like a truly mobile tablet. Speaking of mobile, you’ll be getting LTE capabilities in every single Lumia 2520.

Let us know what you think of the Lumia 2520 below. Have any questions? Ask us and we’ll let you know. 

  • Awesome...nice machine
  • Give me cyan, Sam :-(
  • Mines!!! This will be go great with my Lumia 1020. With the growth of RT and the fact that many other OEMs have left it behind makes it so much more compelling for me. Don't ask me why...I'm just a Nokia Fanboy, lol. One question...does it come in yellow???
  • Yes, all the Lumia colors, except the green shade of the 620.
  • And cyan
  • There IS a cyan 2520!
  • sorry no yellow.... only red,white (these two are glossy) and black,cyan(these two are matte)
  • On Nokia's website it says black and red for Verizon and black for AT&T.
  • @111san I was afraid of this. Nokia Australia just told me the same with a link to the official site. Sure not everyone wants a yellow tablet...but the same goes for the phone and the purity pros...both of which I own in yellow!!! I know it sounds petty, but I might not get it because black is no fun and none of the other colours match. Especially when I'm using my headphones with it. I'll look daft, lol!
  • When?
  • And how much?
  • U$499
  • But no full size USB port on the tablet? Just micro?  That's a loss for me.. Sad, cause it looks like it could have given Surfce 2 a run for the specs....
  • That's a tradeoff for going skinny and tapered edge
  • It's thinner/lighter than Surface 2 and has LTE. I'm hooked on the Surface kickstand, but the Lumia 2520 has given me pause.
  • So am I to understand that this tablet has no kickstand?  How does it stand up or can it? 
  • It has no kickstand because its simply a tablet not a hybrid of sorts as is the Surface which is neither a tablet or a laptop but something of the latter.
  • the keyboard cover is multi-purpose....has a battery, 2 full size usb and doubles up as a kickstand to use the 2520 as a laptop....no in-built kickstand on the device
  • The keyboard has a stand.
  • You can get adaptors for micro usb to full size usb
  • The full size USB port is one Big reason I go with windows. (Plus many other reasons)
    I fiddled with that adapter on my android tablet I used to have, and I want no part of it....
  • True, but they suck terribly and I will never use them again. Full size USB or nothing for me, so I am upgrading my Surface RT to a Surface 2.
  • The cover adds 2 full sized USB ports and extra battery....not to mention a full size keyboard...
  • Yeah, I know, that is nice, but mose of the time, I would rather not carry the extras. That's why I buy a tablet, to be ultra portable. And the keyboard is something I don't use everyday.
    How thick are the covers with USB ports & battery? They would have to add some chunk....
  • Yeah, no full USB, sadly, that makes it a no go for me. I'll keep my surface RT, until I get a surface 2.
  • I thought the USB ports on the keyboard were full size.
  • They are full size on the keyboard, but not the tablet itself.
  • Love it as a companion for my main machine.
  • Nice choices, choices, choices...Surface or this...hmmmm
  • ...hmmmm, tuff, but...hmmm. I think I'll go for...2520?!
  • What happened to the NFC/Bluetooth Treasure Tag that evleaks leaked. Don't seem to find any article on that. I would have loved to see that gadget being launched today.
  • Or that wireless headphone gadget. I'm really interested in that.
  • That's the Nokia Monster Purity Pro, been out for a while
  • I'm talking about this.
  • Was so close to pulling the trigger on a Surface 2, but there is no way on earth I am passing up on a that cyan slate. Now for the inevitable frustration as we wait for specific dates.
  • Looks good, wish it had a mini
  • this
  • Agree. I'd love an 8" version of this.
    I think the lower price would make it a bigger seller than the larger version as well.
  • That is one nice looking tablet.
  • I will need full windows 8, so it will be the surface pro. But I will surely find an excuse to buy this one as well :)
  • I am curious what people will be saying about the Dell Venue 8 pro at the end of the week.
  • The main reason for me buying the Dell Venue 8 Pro is the size. 10" is too big for me in a tablet. So I"m still happy with my purchase. For people where the 8" size is important, than the Venue 8 Pro is still a good choice. For people where size does not matter and they are OK with Windows RT, they may be having second thoughts about the Venue 8 Pro. It is all about what you are look for in a tablet.
  • If only the resolution was better.
    I don't know how they justify the WXGA (1280x800) resolution when the other premium smaller tablets are 1080p+: iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 7, etc.
  • There is only one Question! when can I buy it in Australia?
  • I don't understand why it is an RT! .. It is not going to sell at that price point. Hardware is great through!
  • So I guess you prefer windows phone operating system for this tablet? It has a Snapdragon 800 processor.
  • Compare it against the iPad not your Desktop. That why people have issue with RT.
  • Because the processor is a qualcomm mobile processor. RT is designed specifically for mobile procs. So no x86 architecture. That's why it  can't run x86 programs out the box.
    Intel is closing the gap on price and preformance with their mobile processors. I think in a generation or two RT will be obsolete, or replaced with a single OS merged with Windows Phone.  For now, we have RT.
  • Is it better than Surface 2 or the other way around?
  • Reason why this is so good is because its the only tablet with offline mapping. I am so getting this.
  • The only tablet with offline mapping ? 
    Google these:
    Sygic, Oruxmaps, Backcountrynavigator, Maverick, Osmand/Osmand+, GoogleMaps (heard of them?), Waze, and a few hundred others, ;-)
  • Please tell us exactly how you are doing to get Google Maps offline on a windows machine???
    I just checked and I cant find anything bout it!
  • And not a single one of them is truly offline. Majority of them either charge you a hefty fee, cache the local maps or don't allow you to download anything due to copyright issues. Here Maps is the only true offline turn-by-turn navigation with support of offline POI. No other maps app has this for free.
  • @bruno h - on a windows machine, i don't know. i don't own a windows machine.
    @ erzhik - you're mistaken about all of your bullet points. all the applications i've listed do exactly that. 
  • Google maps cache a small portion of a map. If you are offline and go outside the area that is cached, you are out of luck. Besides waze, I haven't heard of the others, but most maps only work when you have an internet connection. Do any of the maps you listed allow you to downlaod a map for offline use? Nokia allows you to download individual states or whole countries and it's free for Nokia devices.
  • nokias is exactly the same- if you leave the cached area, you have no maps, OFFLINE. ;-) google maps = cache 10+ square miles of area at a time. the only limit is how many of the 10square mile sections you have room for on your sdcard or phone storage. 
    yes, i've already stated that all the applications i listed do exactly that. ie: offline mapping. offline navigation. offline tracking/routing. everything, entirely OFFLINE. they're also free and not locked to one hardware manufacturer, phone, or tablet. transfer them at will to any other device via wifi, usb, microsd, bluetooth (if you have time lol), or whatever you like. it's not a new concept, but it's working very nicely ;-)
  • Do I see correctlly, background of Nokia tablet is GIF picture. Top robot moving left right, correct me if I have wrong.
    by the way, will it be available globaly?
    In general, people that use RT till now, surface, I would like their opinion, can it be used for business purpose?
  • Those animated Start screen backgrounds come with Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1
  • Just now notice, I did not know, uh.
  • I have a Surface RT, a Dell XPS 12 (Win8), and a MacBook Pro.  I work part time and I go to law school.  The MacBook is in a drawer and I use it only to edit video (iMovie and Final Cut Pro).  While I like the XPS 12, the Surface RT has become my daily driver (especially after the Windows 8.1 update).  The Surface RT works great, prints wirelessly to my printers without having to download drivers or use a dongle, and the typecover keyboard is incredible.  After the 8.1 update, It's like I have a new device.  I use the OneNote a lot for school, and Word/Powerpoint/Excel for work.  Now that I have Outlook, I can use my work email seamlessly from my Surface RT.  Adobe's pdf viewer is okay, but if I need to do more with a pdf (for work), I have to use Acrobat on my Dell.   
    While the browser on the RT is good, there are still some issues with certain websitess like Citrix, Amazon Instant Video, and any that require a plugin like Silverlight to run.  The Surface RT isn't meant to be a laptop replacement, but it makes a hell of a companion device to a laptop or desktopp, especially if you're using Microsoft services like SkyDrive, Office, etc.  Everything syncs nicely between my Lumia 928, the XPS 12 and my Surface RT.  For example, it's awsome that I can take notes on my Sace RT through OneNote, and then read my notes while I'm on the subway from my phone. 
    Depending on how you intend to use it, the Surface RT should work well in business settings.  If you use a particular website frequently, I would check to see if it's supported on RT.  I found out the hard way that GoToMyPC wasn't supported...   
  • Thx for really, really great answer. What I am mainly use in my work is office and outlook of course, but I also have need for remote desktop, telnet, ssh etc. for administering, configuration and managing different kind of devices and I need lightweight device. What I was try to find, since I need to use very often, is wired ethernet that was not supported on Windows RT. Now as I can see MS release USB to Ethernet adapter that work with 8.1. Still what I do not know is it work - usb to serial. Does anyone know will this adapter work on Windows 8.1 on ARM CPU?
  • Will Nokia release WiFi only Lumia 2520 ?
  • This. Don't need LTE. It just drives the price up and locks us to a carrier. I have tethering on AT&T. I'd just use that.
  • The snapdragon 800 has integrated LTE support, I suppose they could shut it off, but what's the point in that? It also has 802.11ac so while it has lte its not necessarily needed if you don't want it. But they would have to change to a different SoC or increase manufacturing costs setting up a board design forgoing the lte. Its not worth it.
  • Id like to see video with keyboard please :)
  • I'm loving everything but Why there is no release date?
    are they going to release it this year or do we have to wait until 2014?
  • I hope if it comes to countries neglected by Microsoft Surface (e.g. Poland). I might consider getting one instead of an imported Surface 2. Some day when I'm bored with my Surface RT or annoyed by the lack of built-in 3G. BTW: oh gods, that display looks fantastic.
  • beautiful tablet even more beautiful with cyan
  • Pen?
  • Its a nice looking tablet. However,if I ever consider buying an RT tab - I will pick Surface 2. Reason? Full USB size 3.0 port, Micro HDMI out, built-in kick stand. Other than that both devices offer pretty much the same. LTE is the only thing which is a real deal on this which many will feel is sweet, for me its not really an important feature.
    Also, I believe Surface build looks better than this. I think they should have made this an 8" tab instead with same specs with price ~ 350-380$ that would have given this a real chance against the iPad mini, Galaxy and Nexus tabs.
  • You do know that the Surface 2 has an inferior processor?
    Both the designs are amazing...but surface does have a more classy look...
  • Wow are my eyes deceiving me? I browsed (i)Cnet and there were lots of Positive launch reviews for Nokia there.
  • I know right?? I was like...am i in the wrong website by any chance!! lol
  • Bezel too big with the new iPad coming out. If it had a digitizer for hte stylus, I would jump on it anyway.. Why can't we have an RT device with a wacom-style digitizer? 
  • Bezels on a tablet is supposed to be big, it's where you hold it. On a phone it's usually in your palm or you hold it right on the edges, but with a tablet that's heavier, bigger and needs a good grip possibility, a bezel of this size is the way to go.  There is a reason why they design them that way, you know. 
  • on 10" tablet bezels should be big enough, on 7" only landscape needs bezels imo.
  • That's abeautiful devicebutim still getting a Surface 2 today... Bring a 7-8 inch version and we'll chat. Then my wife would be interested.
  • yeah, a digitizer would be really cool. But I guess this is another RT tab without it. What about GPS? it has LTE, but in combination with GPS?
  • Hows that keyboard to type on?
  • Needs a WiFi only version. If I did get this I'd get red. It would contrast great with my cyan Lumia 920.
  • I so want one of these. However, with such a beautiful screen, they should of called it Lumia 2020 instead -- you know, like as in 20/20 vision...
  • will zune desktop work here? I have an 7.8 windows phone and the 8.1 windows phone app doesn't sync with this phone by default.
  • Zune does not install on RT because zune is a desktop application for full windows.
  • Lovely device but whats killing it for me is the lack of an integrated stand. My wife will use the tablet as a cook book in the kitchen and it must be able to stand by itself. Looks like i'll buy Surface 2. whish I could afford both!
  • This tablet makes the surface 2 look like a kindergarden toy
  • so how is the price?
  • The battery life and LTE are the huge pros against the Surface 2. Tough choice =/
  • The question that nobody is asking is: is the keyboard connector on the device compatible with Surface keyboards?
  • I'm going to say no. The quick glance I got of the bottom looks like a different connection than what my Surface RT has. Plus we're talking to different model tablets; Microsoft vs. Nokia.
  • I see verizon has their big ugly logo on it.....
  • Does it support multitasking?? This will be a real deal breaker if not.
  • Of course. Preemptive multitasking, like Winodws NT, Linux and UNIX
  • It still uses mostly background agents for background stuff (that are not desktop apps), but it's the only OS that actually supports your multitasking with up to 4 apps on the screen at the same time
  • Thank goodness.
  • I would say the multitasking on rt is simply the best you can get on any device.
  • Surface2 looks more premium. It's even a little cheaper.
  • Exactly how I feel about it. Still, this babe looks sexy!
  • Microsoft should push the Lumia Tablet line for RT consumers and conserve Surface Pro for productivity and business.
  • Does this have a microSD card slot and available in WiFi only?
  • Yes, it does. And, no, it is also supports LTE.
  • The only mistake was LTE chip. Make two models and leave people happy.
  • If that exact tablet came in darker hues (besides black) with full Windows Pro (Intel Bay Trail).. I would be all in..
  • If they make a Win 8 Pro version with digitizer support...I'm sold!
  • What’s so great about the Lumia 2520? First, its display is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on a tablet. Its 10.1-inch IPS display features a resolution of 1080p. But it stands out with its brightness and viewing angles. ^^^Might be news for a Windows tablet, but this is old hat for Android tablets.  I'm glad to see that hardware makers (especially one as good as Nokia) embracing all of the form factors for the OS they choose to support.  It makes everybody better through competition.
  • Wow, very nice looking.  I'm keen on the keyboard/battery/cover case but not for every day use.  I hope there is a lighter/thinner profile protective cover similar to touch/type offered as well.
  • I want.
  • I have 1 issue I don't not see much talk about yet.
    nokia's USA website says black to come to AT&T and black and red to verizon.
    what happend to cyan and when wil that be coming out or is it overseas only? I do not want black or red.
    also I do not want a contract I only ant wifi but if it only costs$499 off contract the same I would pay for an ipad 16gb and get 32gb, you can bust use that as wifi and anytime in the future if you feel like using the lte on contract you can but don't have to
    Cyan release date ball park, USA confirmed?
  • Also will the keyboard cover be the only nokia offering for a core besides 3rd party? Th Smart Cover on the 1520 would be so ideal for this tablet keeping it mobile. It a tablet not a laptop. Wh I am sitting on the couch or at lunch I don't want a honking keyboard. Granted there are times for a keyboard but surfing web  and reading, the normal Smart Cover it great. The 1520 cover should be made for the 2520.
  • That is a really good point.
  • Is att getting all colors or just black like the website reads?
  • Hard choice between this and the Surface 2.
  • $499 is not all that if you think aboutit , full web browser, Office, offline maps, LTE, 11 hours of battery life, and the best screen on a tablet so far(Engagget and AndVerge said that)
  • I love the kickstand on Surface RT and can't give it up. I haven't noticed much processor lag and think high screen resolution and # of apps are both overblown issues. Picked up a $250 RT + keyboard refurb. and can't imagine spedning $500 + on a tablet!
  • Does anyone know if surface 2 accessories will work with this masterpiece?
  • Love it, but no stylus and digitizer kills it for me! :/
  • It has Windows RT. It will be dead on arrival. Just like Surface 2. 
  • I'll be waiting for the upcoming variant of the Surface 2 that has LTE onboard. If by, say February, a Surface 2 LTE doesn't materialize, I'll pick up the Lumia 2520. Or... I'll likely cave-in early and pick up the 2520 anyway. Does anyone know if the Touch/TypeCover keyboards for Surface will work on the Lumia 2520?
  • How thick is the 2520 with the keyboard case folded?   And, how heavy with the keyboard case?
  • <p>does lumia 2520 has the digitizer pen driver, can we place our palm on the screeen and write, or does it only support stylus. does it also support flash??</p>