Visceral Games: Battlefield Hardline developer may revisit Dead Space

When EA announced that Visceral Games were the developer for Battlefield Hardline, many gamers found themselves scratching their collective heads. Visceral is best known for Dead Space - arguably the strongest triple A horror franchise from the previous gen.

Dead Space 3 had critics divided (and some fans disappointed) as a result of the switch to Gears of War-like cover mechanics, human enemies and co-operative play - all before mentioning the chilling effect the game's obtain-weapons-faster micro-transactions had.

The series failed to meet EA's financial expectations and thus suffered a whirlwind of rumours of its cancellation (although accusations Dead Space fell a-foul of the axe were firmly denied by publisher EA).

With Battlefield Hardline in the can ready for release on March 17th, many are wondering what's next for Visceral Games?

Besides rumours of a Star Wars game, Visceral GM Steve Papoutsis confirmed to UK publication Games TM that the developer hasn't finished with the popular horror franchise:

"Many, many people here at Visceral have a warm spot in their heart for Dead Space, and right now we're busy with Hardline and…other things, but it's definitely something we'd love to look at again."

Dead Space continues to enjoy almost a cult-like status among horror fans. The franchise may not have the brand power of Resident Evil, but it flew in the face of prevailing opinions that triple A horror simply couldn't work due to its niche appeal.

In a world where publishers are increasingly trying to maximise audiences, it's been refreshing to see games like The Evil Within and the recent re-release of the Resident Evil re-make achieve widespread acclaim - arguably on the back of a slew of popular indie horror titles like Outlast and Amnesia.

Considering the positive reception Dead Space enjoyed for its graphical chops, cutting-edge effects and swarms of delightfully rendered necromorphs - one has to wonder what Visceral could potentially do utilizing the new gen tech. Although, at least for now, we could be waiting a while before we step into Isaac's space boots again.

Source: Game TM via IGN

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  • A lot of Game news recently :)))
  • Would you like to see more of this sort of news? :)
  • Yes puhlease!
  • Of course! :)
  • Then you shall receive! :) We're trying to figure out how best to cover Xbox at the minute.
  • A new addition to the Dead Space IP would be most excellent. Dead space 2 > Dead space > Dead space 3, however all are thoroughly enjoyable. Playing on snowy planets is overdone and not as fun as venturing through the confinements of a planet cracker. This is without a doubt my favorite gaming genre and I look forward to what Visceral and developers with similar goals bring to the new generation.
  • Did you try The Evil Within? If so, what did you think? I enjoyed it, but still found myself yearning for the labyrinths of the classic Resident Evils.
  • Heh, I was going to make one long post earlier but split it between Visceral and other offerings. I rented The Evil Within the day it came out, played it for a few minutes and came back to it a few days later. I really enjoyed it. I am a fan of being as stealthy as possible in games so slow, steady and perfection was my goal. The bosses were very enjoyable to figure out without going online for hints. While it was challenging, it was no Dark Souls, all be it very different games. I never played RE on the original PS, more so from not having time for gaming then between school, sports and work. I played all Silent Hills leading up to RE 4 and was blown away. Dead Space 2 is still my favorite of the bunch thus far. Yourself?
  • To add, The Evil Within was a welcoming newcomer with many fresh ideas. It took a couple of chapters or more for me to really get into it but it too is worth completion and much longer than I expected. I was unimpressed with both RE 5 and 6, especially 6. They offer no sense of dread, worry or fear. Last gen's Silent Hill offerings were decent, as was Condemned 2. A reboot of Event Horizon would make a wonderful game. A new Riddick offering with a darker, Dead Space-esque flavor from Starbreeze would be great too. Can't wait for the next space thriller.
  • Might want to look into Soma. The creators of Amnesia are making a sci fi horror
  • Bring out the laptop brothers, we have dead space to play
  • Dead Space, incredible.
    Dead Space 2, incredible.
    Dead Space 3, garbage.
  • Dead space is more about the story than about jumpscares and horror. Try to pay attention to the campaign and you will see that the story is great.
  • Survival horror Star Wars game? Not likely but I'd play it.
  • Whilst unlikely (sup Disney)... that could definitely work! Star Wars has a really dark underbelly.
  • They didn't finish dead space? What's more to be told on the game's story? The bretheren moon consumed earth, Isaac and carver are the only humans left, maybe Ellie saved herself, but earth is destroyed and everyone is dead. A "dead space 4" is simpky not possible At least I think
  • Ehhh, who knows. Prequels or side stories could work. Maybe they just nomad around in space Quarian style haha.
  • Yeah, you got a point there. I'd like to see a sequence, dead space 3 had a quick 200 year prequel on the beginning of the campaign, I am curious to see what happened to carver and Isaac.
  • It is curious how dead space "fans" hate dead space 3, dead space is not only about the horror/jumpscare gameplay, it's more about the story, there are tons of players complaining about the "open" gameplay on tau volantis, but I thought it was great. Best dead space. Awakened was a great dlc too.
  • I think another major issue is, that there is no weapon specific ammunition anymore. This added some sort of tactical element to the game where you had to think which weapon to use.
  • I'm a Dead Space fan but also a horror fan. I can appreciate DS3 for the story but, it doesn't deliver in the horror department (for me). I'd personally hope that if they do bring it back that they can deliver a solid story without watering down the horror stuff.
  • Never got to DS3, always planned to revisit it. So thanks for ruining it. Seriously, an ending like that makes feel like I completely wasted my time in 1&2. May as well just shot Isaac off in a lifeboat and saved all the hassle. You've helped me avoid a tragic waste of time.  
  • *fabulous voice* ugh, spoiler alert
  • A Starbreeze led Event Horizon game would be amazing. Totally agree on Resident Evil, its criminal what Capcom are doing to that franchise haha. I hope the success of the remake relaunch on PS4/Xbox One makes them reconsider their tendency to action.
  • I usually buy and keep games but brought RE 6 to the store to trade towards something new and felt like I was ripping off the game store by getting $30 in credit.
  • Glad you found my reply, I had a fail moment. I actually didn't go for RE6. After 5 I was afraid it would be scary, in a bad, depressing sorta way.
  • And to answer your other question, I think my favourite horror game might actually be Call of Cthulhu on the original Xbox. I'm a huge Lovecraft nut though haha. I'm not sure if its aged well, might have to revisit it - but it made a lasting impression.
  • That game is great. Not as terrifying as Outlast or Amnesia, but it was creepier. It is Lovecraft anyway.
  • love dead space
  • Dead space ,one of the best I have ever played ...wish I can see a new episode soon
    And btw the three parts r excellent
  • I hope they make another Dead Space game. Dead Space was and is one of my favorite games from last Gen.
  • YES PLEASE!!!!!
  • oh I liked that one, it felt realistic and quite scary, sometimes even funny, the bad guys looked like giant cockroaches, and there was a pregnant guy glued to the walls lol hilarious yet scary and serious, wonder what they can do anno 2016 with hololens and the classic bad ass pc
  • Staaahhp! He's already dead! :( At least make something more like dead space 1 again. The games for worse with every iteration. DS2 was still good (though not as good as 1) but number 3 was horrible. As if someone did not understand the thrill behind dead space at all ... Lets see. Maybe EA manages to leave the devs alone so the game actually gets good. For now I'm completely happy with alien isolation
  • I hope so loved dead space
  • Screw the critics. Dead space 3 was a very good game with an epic storyline
  • Want dead space 4 miss it want more horror like want to be as awesome as dead space 2
  • Is hardline beta out yet? Anyone play? I'm worried the game style has become too mainstream. I hope I'm wrong. BF3 started to get that MW feel. But I still loved it. Just want to know if they kept the traditional gameplay going
  • Dead space was and still is an amazing game. I turn on my 360 just to play it again and again. I would love to see what would come of it on the one. That am sure would be mind blowing.
  • Bf:H sux.i dont like this,kill,no teamplay.i know,i go tó play bf2 or project reality or arma but,i love bf franchise and viserac completly ruined this.please C++God SW and Dead Space is not to be a garbage.