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Visual Studio 2019 hits general availability on Windows and Mac, includes Live Share

Visual Studio logo
Visual Studio logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Developers of all stripes can now get their hands on Visual Studio 2019. The latest version of the development tool is generally available starting today for Windows and Mac, bringing a ton of improvements for developers to check out.

New in Visual Studio 2019 are various UI tweaks, including a new start screen that has been redesigned to work with Git repositories. You'll also notice UI changes like a new icon, a blue theme, and a cleaner interface, once you've started a project.

Visual Studio's IntelliCode AI can also now be trained on your own repositories, meaning it will be better at suggesting coding patterns that appear in your own projects. This release also marks the launch of Live Share, which lets you collaborate on coding projects in real-time with other members of your team.

Those are the highlights, but other tweaks include improvements to code navigation, a document health indicator, and one-click code clean-up. You can check out the full release notes for Visual Studio 2019 (opens in new tab) to get a detailed rundown of what's new.

To coincide with Visual Studio 2019's launch, Microsoft is also holding a day-long streaming event (opens in new tab), which includes plenty of sessions to go over what's new and how you can take advantage of the improvements.

You can download Visual Studio 2019 from Microsoft now (opens in new tab).

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  • What I would really love is a Visual Studio that ran on a Chromebook and did nothing else but PWA web apps, Chromium, and Android apps. There is not one single reason I can think of why developers should bother with distributing their wares on the MS Store any longer. The MS Store is as good as dead. Visual Studio still rocks though. Please just make VS run on a Pixelbook Mr. Nadella, so developers everywhere can once and for all ditch the Windows OS!
  • It's called "Visual Studio Code" and it IS available for Chromebook.
  • What does the MS Store have to do with this? Besides VS Code exists.
  • No developer uses Chromebook - it is as good as dead. And moreover, Google is discontinuing its hardware division. So no need.
  • Wow such effort
  • which universe were you in? you really haven't been using windows 10 at all.. have you?... cause with that comment about wanting VS on chromebook seals the deal, i was wondering which cave have you been living under then again i guess you've been using chromebook for too long to realize that most noted designing applications like autocad/photoshop/ and many more have already made it into the Microsoft store, including the most top entertainment apps , heck we even apple iTunes in the store :) .. perhaps you should pull your head out of the sandpit you had it in m8.