Microsoft only just released the first Visual Studio 2019 preview in December, but it's gearing up to launch it to everyone soon. Visual Studio 2019 will get its formal launch on April 2, alongside a full day of live-streamed sessions and Q&A opportunities for developers to check out.

Visual Studio 2019 will come with several improvements, including various UI and AI tweaks. The most obvious change upon firing it up, however, will be the new start screen, which has been redesigned to work with Git repositories. Once you've started a project, you'll note more UI changes, such as a new icon, a blue theme, and a cleaner interface.

Visual Studio's IntelliCode AI can now be trained on your own repositories, making it better at suggesting coding patterns that are common to your projects. The latest release also includes Live Share by default, allowing you to collaborate with others on coding projects.

There are also more general performance improvements throughout, and you can get a full sense of what's new with Visual Studio 2019 by checking out Microsoft's release notes.

As for April 2, you can look forward to a number of sessions and Q&A opportunities throughout the day as Visual Studio 2019 launches. For more about the agenda, take a look at the Visual Studio 2019 launch page.

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