Visual Studio IntelliCode lets you tap into AI to improve your code quality

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Visual Studio logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft today announced new capabilities for Visual Studio at its Build 2018 developer conference. Available in preview, the new tools, IntelliCode and Live Share, will let developers tap into AI and seek assistance from others from within Visual Studio.

Perhaps the most interesting addition is Visual Studio IntelliCode. As is a theme with Build 2018, IntelliCode leverages AI to give developers assistance with improving their code. The tool can provide suggestions on how to improve both code quality and productivity, Microsoft says.

Meanwhile, Visual Studio Live Share will let you collaborate with other members of your team in real-time. Available in Visual Studio and VS Code, developers will be able to use Live Share to securely share their session with others who can then simultaneously edit and debug from their end. Live Share was originally announced at Connect(); 2017 and has been available as part of a private preview.

In other Visual Studio news, Microsoft also announced it is partnering with GitHub to bring Azure DevOps services to GitHub customers. Visual Studio App Center and GitHub can now integrate with one another, allowing developers to automate DevOps processes from within GitHub.

Visual Studio IntelliCode and Live Share are in preview now. The Visual Studio App Center and GitHub integration is available today.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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