Vito Threaded SMS: Now Available

Well, looky here. With the first screen shots of WM 6.1 and the subsequent Mogul ROM, lots of WM users are finally gearing up for native-based threaded SMS, long the hallmark of PalmOS and the Treo 750.

And who has come to steal their thunder? Maybe Vito Technology and their suite. Read on for a first look at Vito's new SMS-Chat app for WM Professional!

A couple months back, Vito launched their iwindowsmobile website, dedicated to their growing selection of (cough) iPhone-inspired software. One app that has been curiously under the "coming soon" banner for too long was "SMS-Chat" and now it's finally available.

Nate Adcock over at PPC Mag got his hands on a few promo screen-shots of Vito's long awaited chat-style app. Our verdict? Looks mighty tasty, in fact just from the visual aspect, it seems to smoke Redmond's conspicuously, yet not unappreciated attempt.

Features Include:

  • Threaded messaging
  • Send multiple SMS
  • Forward, resend or delete messages
  • Quick contacts look-up

Eh, whatever your choice at least you'll have more of them in a couple of months.

WC Staff
  • Integrated threaded SMS is much better.
  • Integrated threaded SMS is much better.
    In theory, yes. In execution...not necessarily.
    The WM 6.1 version of threaded SMS is "ok" and is pretty basic and to that end, it does it's job. But it still very boxy and antiquated looking. For some users, this is a non-issue, but I would argue MS needs to do better in the UI department to be more competitive.
    Having been using Vito's solution since yesterday though, their version undoubtedly (imo) trumps MS in the UI department and it is extremely fast. If you are using a Touch device or have your PPC setup to be "touch friendly" with the slew of new apps out there, Vito's solution is pretty fantastic to use.
    My only gripe at this point: "touch" gets preference over 5 way dpad navigation. I'm not sure why they can't have both, but the touch route gets preference here.
  • Integrated threaded SMS is much better.
    If you're technically savvy enough to hack it onto your phone, that is. If not, this is a great option.
    Heck, I *am* savvy enough, but sometimes I just don't want to go through the hassle.
  • When i downloaded my notification sounds went away... can someone help me please...