Vito Updates SMS-Chat and ZoomBoard

Vito Techonology announced today the release of updated versions of SMS-Chat (v1.21) and ZoomBoard (v2.04). Both applications have been improved with minor bug fixes. SMS-Chat now has threaded view for all three skins that was previously only available for the "bright" skin. Zoomboard now includes the "bright" skin to coordinate appearances with Vito's Communications Suite.

SMS-Chat is a threaded text messaging application that allows you to organize SMS correspondences into threaded conversations. We found it to be a feature-rich application that is definitely worth a trial run.

ZoomBoard is an on-screen keyboard that provides accurate finger typing. Every time you press a letter on the keyboard, a zoomed image of the key is displayed to confirm what you are entering. The letter is typed only when you release the key giving you the ability to slide from key to key.

In recognition of these updated versions, Vito is bundling SMS-Chat and ZoomBoard together for a discounted price.

Phil Nickinson

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