Vodafone Ireland publishes Lumia 920 support page

Vodafone Ireland has published the Lumia 920 support page on its website. This could only mean on thing - the carrier is expecting to stock the Windows Phone. Unfortunately no information is available on the storefront as to when we could expect to see the Lumia 920 being sold at Vodafone stores across Ireland.

Currently the support page has the following tutorials, though we expect to see more published in the future:

  • Insert SIM
  • Activate Microsoft account on phone
  • Charge the battery
  • Turn your phone on and off
  • Turn key lock on or off

Vodafone IE Lumia 920

The Windows Phone is proving to be a popular choice among many consumers who desire a premium experience when using a smartphone, so we could well see "SOLD OUT" appear in Ireland too. If you're after something other than a Lumia Windows Phone, Three Ireland are offering the HTC 8X.

Source: Vodafone; thanks, Anon, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hopefully we'll see the same from Vodafone UK before too long..........
  • I knew it was too much to hope for availability on my current carrier, eMobile. I left Vodafone because their plans were way too rigid & expensive for what you got.
    Also their European call centre was based in my home town of Dundalk & now there moving the whole operation to India - a huge kick in the balls for the locals. I don't want to particularly go with them because of this and their terrible contract plans. Plus eMobile have been really good to me so far.
    Really wanted a 920 though.....
  • Dat....yellow.....
  • Shocking Vodafone UK haven't jumped on the ball just yet. http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/2012/10/30/windowsphone8/ Sure you can go through Carphone Warehouse but thats not helpping me just now.
  • Brilliant new!! About time Ireland!
  • I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet, still no release date announced. Been waiting since the phone was announced :(