Vodafone is/isn't ditching the HD2

There's a little bit of confusion regarding whether Vodafone is letting the HTC HD2 die on the vine as it prepares to launch the iPhone 3GS.

A report from Electric Pig (and picked up by Engadget) says that Vodafone wouldn't be restocking stores in order to deal with a current backlog of orders. And that's just the case. Not that Vodafone is "ditching" the HD2. Not that the iPhone 3GS has anything to do with anything. Subsequent forum posts from Vodafone spell it out:

We just wanted to update you all on the current situation with the HD2:We haven't recalled or stopped selling it, at the moment we have simply ran out of stock. When our next batch of stock arrives, this will be used to fulfil our outstanding back orders but we won’t be taking any additional orders via Telesales.

Now everybody simmer down. You Vodafone customers should consider yourselves lucky to be on the same continent where the HD2 is selling! :-/

Phil Nickinson

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  • You missed the most important part of the quote: "...but we won
  • ??? It's right there.
  • My point was not that the quote wasn't there, it was that in your comments (and mainly your title), you obviously missed that quote. If you took that part of the quote into account, there is zero confusion.
  • I have to agree with Bob. Vodaphone may be supporting their customers be agreeing to fill backorders, but with GigaOM and others reporting a 30% contraction in WM phones sales for the year, the writing may be on the wall for WM. Carriers simple can't ignore sales figures like that.
  • ...just another Engadget attempt to turn a positive Windows Mobile story (carrier cant keep up with demand) into a pro iPhone story.....sad really.
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