Vodafone shares financial results for Q4 2014, returning to quarterly growth

The company surpassed analyst expectations by posting total group revenue of £42.22 billion ($65.5 billion), up from £38.35 billion ($59.7 billion) in 2013. Before taxes and depreciation, the company raked in £11.92 billion ($18.5 billion), up from £11.08 billion ($18.3 billion) in 2013. Organic service revenue for Vodafone as a whole declined throughout 2014, but was countered by strong growth in Q4.

Vodafone attributes today's news to steady recovery in European markets, as well as continued growth in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Vodafone has also been heavily investing in network infrastructure, noting that 63 percent of mobile networking plans have been completed. As an outlook for the financial year of 2015, the company aims for between £11.5 to 12 billion ($18.6 billion).

It hasn't been a bad year for Vodafone, especially given the fact the company hasn't experienced organic growth in three years. Interested to learn more about today's earnings? Check out the published report.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Something to do with the site formerly being called WindowsPhone Central and the current site still covering phone news? I dunno. Just a guess.
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  • Waiting for that.
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