Vote Windows Phone in EA Battlefield Poll

EA is running a small poll on the Battlefield Blog asking what mobile OS we use when browsing the web. The choices available are iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Surprisingly for skeptics, Windows Phone is at 28.9%, while Android and iOS are at 34.9% and 36.3% respectively - not much in it. The total number of votes at the time of writing this article is 44,375.

Show the platform some love by heading over to the blog and voting Windows Phone (the poll is in the sidebar on the left-hand side). It's nothing major, but as Tesco keeps reminding us here in the UK: every little helps.

Source: Battlefield Blog, thanks VoodooKing for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Voted + 1 :)i hope this is gona lead them to making a BF game/app for WP7(.5)
  • Done.
  • Make that 29.3% :-)
  • Um, is it just me or do people vote for their Windows laptops?Mobile device could be anything. Of course Apple/Android indicate that it's about smartphones but I think most Windows voters did so because of their PC. ;)
  • But to any iPhone and Android user, they may look at it thinking "holy cow! WP is actually more popular than I thought!" :P
  • 30.2% now...impressive for WP. ;-)
  • Did if from my DVP, site was blocked at work.
  • last i did:Apple (35.6%)Android (34.2%)Windows (30.3%)Total Votes: 45303
  • 30.4 now!
  • Voted! WP is holding it's own! :) Something that is only going to strengthen once Mango is released.
  • 30.6
  • How can I vote on the blog.
  • open the link ,, half way down the page on the left side
  • please update, windows device is now at 31.2%, android at 33.7%, iphone at 35.1% as of 45919 votes.
  • Actually Jc_Agga, currently 2:47 pm Arizona time. Windows device is the only one that increased- now standing at a healthy 31.8% while both droid and iPhone decreased ever so slightly. 46,428 votes.
  • Passed Android! Yea.47,000 VotesApple Device: 34.3%Android Device: 33%Windows Device: 32.6%
  • I am suprised it is so close! It seems like everyone i know has an iphone or an android phone. Here were the results after i voted Windows Phone:Apple Device (34.3%)Android Device (33%)Windows Device (32.6%)47010 votes
  • Annnnnd WP moves past Android.Apple 33.9%Android 32.9%Windows 33.2%48,159 votes