Help us decide the future of the WPCentral name – Part 2!

A few days ago, Windows Phone Central came to you, our dedicated audience, with the proposal of some new names for the site as we seek to expand our coverage heading into the Windows 10 era. At the time, we had three proposals, including Windows One, Windows United or 'something else'.

Let us check out the results and move to the next stage with a new survey!


The results are quite interesting. Fifty-three percent of you preferred Windows One, with only twenty-percent for Windows United. A full twenty-eight percent were happy with neither, wanting us to come up with something else.

Today, we are coming back with a few more choices to try to understand what you think we should do. Yes, it is poll time!

New choices

As we mentioned last time, the results of these audience surveys are non-binding. However, we do use the results to get a pulse on what you think works best. We also read your comments and suggestions, which is why we are offering a new choice, along with the winning Windows One name in today's poll.

For safe measure, we also include "Redefine 'P' in" in the poll that is, unfortunately, vague. The problem we have in redefining 'P' is coming up with something that does not sound atrocious e.g. Platform, Pro?

Why don't you call it…

Before the poll, just a quick heads up on why we are using some choices and not others. For one, Microsoft owns the Windows and Microsoft names, so in using them we are taking a risk from a legal standpoint. Along the same lines, we cannot just rename the site to something new if we also do not own the corresponding domain. Therefore, the reason for Win Central versus Windows Central is inquiries into us acquiring the latter have gone unanswered.


With all of that out of the way, it is now time for you to make your voice heard. Once again, we are keeping the results hidden to avoid influencing the results. IP and cookies block repeat voting and it the poll remains open for twenty-four hours starting now.

  • WinCentral (
  • Windows One (
  • Redefine 'P' in

Please take into consideration everything from how you say it, to typing the URL and its level of descriptiveness. Vote below to let us know which you think is the best and leave a comment on why you chose your answer. We genuinely want to know!

Take the poll above and if you are mobile, just hop over to to cast your ballot!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Please make this one a choice.  LOL!
  • Why not
  • Lol that would be great...
  • If I were you guys i'd replace the meaning of letter P, as you already worked hard to promote this domain name to be recognised as a central source of WP news worldwide and a domain name change will create some disconfort for all. WPCentral - Windows Pro Central / WinProCentral .
  • I agree with VSparxx. Maybe the P can stand for People...i.e. Windows People Central.
  • It should be Windows Poop Central. Where you get the straight poop on all things Windows.
  • I like the sound of this one.
  • Your don't like the smell?
  • Oh, I like that too! :P
  • Windows People's Central, cuz after all is for us The Windows People :)
  • Sounds communist
  • What exactly do you know what communism is? Do you have a general idea how communism looks like? i doubt that :) 
  • I originally voted for the change of the "P" for something else. In my opinion something like WNCentral (Windows News Central) would be a perfect match that no longer ties with products or categories but matches with the soul of the site. However the idea of keeping and rebranding the P for something else like "people" is interesting. Other options that come to mind are: WWCentral (Windows World Central) WZCentral (Windows Zone Central) WGCentral (Windows Grand Central) in alusion to the NY station WMCentral (Windows Main Central)
  • WMCentral sounds like a windows media center fan site
  • Windows Platform Central
  • Windows Publishing Central
  • WinPhanCentral
  • Why does the P have to mean anything.. the "brand" is "WPCentral"..   Not a great example, but British Telecom was always referred to colloqually as BT.. and they rebranded "BT"...   the company is called BT but it doesnt stand for anything. If WPCentral is a name that is recognised, why not just be WPCentral. ..I mean if someone actually asked, then you could say it is Windows Platform Central...  you keep your brand identity, and you can cover Windows products and Windows related topics in whole.
  • I think @Zarnywoop is making some good sense here to me.  if "P" has to mean something it could be platform if need be but I like Products better (not sure @Zarnywoop meant to suggest this but I saw it there... :-) ) So I would stay with WPCentral and change it to Windows Products Central and retain WPCentral. My 2¢ worth. (Disclosure: I am a Microsoft employee and WPCentral Fan)
  • This
  • WPCentral - with the "P" standing in for "PLATFORM" - "Windows Platform Central"!!! Just my two pence. That's just my opinion - but you keep all the assets and drama gone ;)
  • Keep WPCentral and change it to Windows Plus Central. I like the Windows Platform Central too.
  • Plus sounds awesome! Definitely best suggestion of the day
  • I too like Windows Plus Central.
    Windows One has the reference to the first Windows os but just relates to Windows. Where as the Windows Plus relates to more than Windows, i.e. Xbox, Phone, PC etc.
    WinCentral has the reference to Win but I am not convinced. Sounds like a lottery or gambling site.
    Yep, I'm voting for stay as WPCentral and change the P to Plus.
  • Ok, how about something controversial: let the P stand for..... PHONE! Even if Windows drops 'phone' from the brand name you will still be writing about phones with Windows. So, just keep the WPCentral name and everybody will be happy.
  • I concur
  • Yep I like Platform
  • Platform is IMHO the BEST redefinition of the P. I hope Windows Platform Central will be the final name. I'd hate to have to say anything else than WPCentral (I mention this site more than once everyday).
  • yes ! WPcentral with the P standing for platform.  i always say WPcentral.. would hate the mind set of lossing the WP..
  • I was going to suggest the same WPCentral but with the "P" for Pro
  • Or they can replace P of wpcentral with Potato
    Windows Potato Central
    No domain issue now
  • So, how are you holding up?  BECAUSE I'M A POTATO.
  • ++925 Just in case this shaft isn't actually bottomless, would you mind unstrapping one of those long fall boots and putting me into it? Just remember to land on one foot.
  • +1020 votes
  • :)
  • Not offending but this is not a great name, it sounds boring.
  • This is a nice option. But I still think you should keep the Central thing in it.
  • It's jsut all too common around here...   
  • Well, Daniel might name it Windows'Poll'Central;-)
    What about allaboutwindows dot com or wPrimeC. Or windowsComingSoon™ Central.
  • I've always been with WinCentral. Suggested before and now time to vote for it.
  • I dont understand why to use windows at Xbox OS called windows? i am sure they will be reporting on Xbox products/games/updates as well so basically they will be reporting MS as a whole Wincentral or Windowsone makes no sense... if these guys publish articles on Xbox ...people will still say..i thought this website is about windows  why do you publish Xbox articles on it... it should be along the lines of MS this or MS that... 
  • Xbox OS runs on Windows
  • MetroCentral
  • WindowsProCentral sounds good to me. Or probably WindowsCentral.
  • Windows family
  • Yes!
  • This is ridiculous. What's wrong the old name? Is it going to cause a planetary misalignment? Too much democracy and navel gazing in times where other things are far more serious. Who gives a * about the "p", everyone knows it's a tech site that covers other things than just Windows Phone.
  • Yes!!! Windows Planet Central
  • Exactly what I was thinking, Windows Phone Central is the best name we can get, or even maybe Windows Central. But any other shitty name is going to be a mistake like totally.
  • Stop with the One names please, everybody has already taken this One thing into their names, it's so overrated.
  • +W2 (that's a Huawei...)
  • Thank you.
  • Andre One Salviar -_-
  • Nokia central lol
  • Windows Porn Central. I kid, I kid.
  • Nice, definitely would get extra traffic
  • That actually sounds like Phone in Phillipino accent
  • What's wrong with the name you guys have now
  • How about MicrosoftCentral or MSCentral?
  • exactly this... i mentiones in my comment above... if they use windows in their name and they publish article on XBOX then people will complain... we thought this website was about windows and not xbox... ideally it should be MS related something... 
  • Windows Power Central
  • I thought of this too, but maybe too close to a much maligned site elsewhere.
  • Windows Plus Center, maybe
  • WinWorldcentral
  • WitchPlease...Central.
  • I said WinCentral on the first post. I stick with it :)
  • Nice, let's stick with the 'central'
  • Win10central XD lets be advance
  • "Ads Central" would be more appropiate.
  • So true...
  • I agree. While I like the name Windows One, I have this unsettling feeling that Microsoft may use that in the future for either an OS name or something else. This will cause issues in the future for both WPCentral and Microsoft if that turns out to be the case. WinCentral retains the brand recognition of "WPCentral" for the website while not, in my mind, infringe on potential future naming/branding issues of either organization.
  • Only WCentral is good. Because recently phone is removed from windows phone. WCentral represents all windows pcs & mobiles
  • As does WinCentral except people will know what it is when they see it. Plus it sounds better.. Just makes more sense.
  • Either WCentral or WinCentral could be abbreviated as WC, which is short for water closet aka toilet.
  • Well, a fair amount of reading goes on in there. 
  • :)) good one
  • I've done a more than my share of WPCentral reading in the WC.
  • ? You either shit/piss or have dirty sex with....well some may say get the point(no pun intended), lol
  • WinCentral sounds like a gambling or lottery site to me. Plus the WC still says toilet.....sorry, I'm English lol
  • Id be sorry to be English too
  • How about win10tral
  • dont ever go into advertising/marketing.
  • see his user name is 100rabh G... there is a name Saurabh in Indians ...and 100 is pronounced 'Sau' in what he did is he did '100rabh' read as Saurabh... he might have a point if he did Win100tral read as Win (Cent for 100) tral.. not that i like it ...just explaining
  • TrollCentral
  • Should have the word guacamole in it.
  • Windows Paradise Central. You could even change the logo to include more pineapple.
  • Let's be honest guys, this name sucks so much
  • It doesn't mean anything at all, and personally I think Microsoft is used to Fail from time to time, so the Win' fact is not right at all...
  • :]
  • Windows at the center of all devices, whether it's PC, tablet, phone or internet of things.
  • II like Windows Platform Central.
  • Nice!
  • That works for me. Or Windows Power Central.
  • You are a bad (power)user. ;-)
  • Or...God forbid...they could merge with a certain competitor site and become Windows Mobile Metro Power User Central.
  • I back my vote on thus. Redefine P please. Windows Platform, Power, Products, Pro, Pirates, Piranhas, Priests Central
  • Premiere, Premium, Polished, Platinum, Products/Prod, Publisher, Peak, Place, Pace, Phase, Phenomenon, Pick ... Time to get out the dictionary and go through all those P's
  • Products is good.
    Windows Products Central
    +520 from my side.
  • Phreaks lol
  • Nice lol
  • Dear god man, what sort of things would priests expect to find on an internet site called priests central......let your mind wander, no, this is so not a good idea
  • Windows Platform Central is by far the best.
    Remember, everything will get abbreviated, so WinCentral becomes WC which in the UK means WaterCloset (I.e. Toilet). Windows One will be WO or WOne, which just doesn't look right.
  • Looks better than XBone though...
  • Or even Windows Panacea Central
  • Hahahaha WC! Can't stop laughing lol!
  • Lol, I was born and have lived in the UK all my life... Not once have I called or heard someone call a toilet "WaterCloset" xD we just call it toilet lol
  • You've never seen WC on the toilet door. If you type WC(space) into windows phone you even get the toilet emoji symbol suggested.
  • Yes I see the toilet emoji when I type WC.
  • And then even. most west EU country's used the British word to!
  • My condolences for being stuck in the UK. We must get you out. Where is Odessa when you need them
  • Windows Pot Central ;)
  • And then maybe when they are under the influence it could be 'Windows Psyched Central'
  • That's only legal here in Colorado, Washington & Amsterdam.. I like it though!!! 8)
  • I suggested it be called Windows Platform Central in the early poll. I still stand by that.
  • Windows Poll Central ;-)
  • Awesome!
  • That's what she said
  • Thanks. I thought that made some sense since Microsoft is changing and Windows is changing. If Platform doesn't sound cool enough maybe call it "Party". Just a thought. :)  
  • I'm starting to like the idea of Windows Pulse Central
  • Awesome idea!  
  • i wrongly reported your comment trying to vote up... please disregard powers that be
  • Lol
  • This sounds good
  • Cool. I like that. The site with its finger on the pulse of Windows. Very good.
  • I like this..windowspulsecentral...
  • This is it! Daniel, this is it! This guy needs a medal.
  • Windows Platform Center
  • WPC = Windows Plethora Central
  • Me 2
  • Windows Prime Central?
  • Windows Peripherals Central. :)
  • Really liking WinCentral
  • ⬆ This
  • Why not put Windows instead of shorthand? I think Windows Central sounds better/more professional.
  • Read the article and you will know why.
  • Why not shorten it a littl further and go with The more letters and syllables we can remove the better.
  • Look this, Mark: :]
  • OneWindows!
  • Had the same thought.
  • Agree, agreed with this on the original post as well.  OneWindows or OneWindow
  • I like this one a lot. 
  • Tired of this 'one' concept, everybody is putting the One in their forums names, it has already been taken.
  • I like WinCentral, but would have originally just dropped the P for "Windows Central".
  • OneWindows! Like patrickprawira said!
  • Windows Penis Central... Someone had to be the dumbass to say it :P
  • Has a ring to it.
  • It does indeed have a ring to it but only with a certain form of piercing.
  • Albert?
  • Your pepe has a ring on it , a scum ring, ewww
  • Clearly you are not very inhibited! Lol
  • No, no one had to say it. Only a 12 year old would immediately associate the letter P with penis...
  • Because the internet completely ignored that Tesla was announcing their new vehicle with the Model name "D", and never made fun of it . You gotta have fun with it sometimes :P you dont' have to be a 12 year old to fool around.
  • Yes, indeed. A 13-year old would have come up with something way more grown-up, like Windows Pube Central...
  • And only a non-humoured person wouldn't notice a joke if it hit them in the face.... Not mentioning any names....
  • Why not Pussy?
  • I believe Daniel should put both up as options :P
  • Lol imagine the unboxing videos... Hi guys this Daniel Rubino from Windows Penis Central.. Today we're gonna unbox a package... If you know what I mean.... ;)
  • Have we just promoted Daniel Rubino to a Pornstar?
  • I think its enough for now...sarcasm
  • Daniel Rubino a porn star that's not interesting but seriously Daniel makes us feel GOOD here at WPCentral
  • THIS+999
  • Windows porn central?
  • Yeah. I'm all for pussy LOL
  • Windows phone united
  • I don't think you understand..
  • This gets my vote.
  • WindowsPenis Central. Make the logo a giant penis with a liquid shooting out of it, and underneath the liquid forms into a windows logo.
  • Use adobe on that
  • WinCentral!
  • WinCentral would be my pick. It's quick, to the point, and rolls off the tongue quite nicely
  • Rolls off the tongue, that's what she said
  • windows central
  • 10forthewincentral....or just wincentral ...windowscentral
  • If you choose Windows One, you might get into a legal battle but go for it.
  • Lol.
  • Windows One Central sounds perfect.
  • Hey its that one guy who rides around in his mom's minivan and put Windows 95 on a Galaxy Gear! Also who introduced me to Approching Nirvana! Waht up Guy!! :)
  • Im the guy who writes names in the death note...
  • Lol
  • Please do not remove "central"!! I vote for WinCentral though my own option would be windows central!
  • Same here!
  • Windows Platform is the best.
  • Windows One is what Sam likes.
  • Sam likes Windows One too!
  • You are trying to influence the vote :p
  • Windows One is lame because what happens when MS starts moving away from the whole "One" thing? You know its inevitable.
  • Exactly, noone is thinking for the future, 'Wincentral'? It means nothing at all, and the One thing is overrated.
  • Sam likes WinCentral!
  • One windows to rule them all
  • Wincentral is it
  • Windows united
  • MSCentral? And or for the website. Because the site is not only about windows
  • But MS is multiple sclerosis.
  • Ms sure moves so slow as if they do have ms
  • I suggested that in a comment at the first poll, too.. but I am quite sure that Daniel Robino & co considered that and found that it may cause those legal issues.. anyway, it was my favorite but now i would be fine with
  • I don't think anyone at Microsoft would see a legal issue for confusing their brand rights, as long as the site isn't called "Microsoft Operating system for Windows Devices HD-10".
    (A cookie for everyone who gets the reference. ;-) )
  • Windows one sounds cool but in my opinion is the closest name you can choose to upset Microsoft from a legal perspective. Gonna go vote now.
  • I still think WindowsCentral is the best move. Attorney up and check with Microsoft. And buy    It's the single best option for the single best source of all things Windows coverage. 
  • It states in the article that they tried reaching out to the owners of in order to purchase it, but they never got a response back.
  • If they haven't reponded then maybe we the community should try to reach out to the domain owners. @SmBizComputing appears to be the owner, though they only use for redirect. Hopefully if we can *politely* voice our interest from the community for their redirect domain they'll be willing to part with it. (Of course we don't want to flood them so they try to make an outrageous price for a sale of it.)
  • Yes, often just ask MS legal. You don't need to lawyer up for just asking legal. They know of this website
  • I'm sticking with 'Windows One' because this place feel like the all-in-one Microsoft website (and I love it!) so I think the name 'Windows One' makes a tonne of sense! :)
  • Redefine 'P' sounds simplest.  No DNS changes, no Link changes.  Just a reskin and done.  
  • An unsolicited and perhaps unwanted suggestion - EverythingWindows.
  • I like this! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Windows P Central... Windows Pee Central... ;)
  • Windows One sounds fine, it helps link with the Xbox and bring all this Microsoft stuff a step closer. Plus Windows One sounds like " windows won," decent pun.
  • Won for the win...
  • But what happens when the next Xbox comes out? Windows One seems too short sighted.
  • Windows one
  • Winonecentral
    Winphonecentral ;)
  • Windroid one or windows one
  • Actually any name with central attached to it sounds good
  • #hadtosayit #juvenile #forthelols
  • kek
  • MicrosoftAllProductsCentral :D
  • Windows One sounds very good
  • Logical step is just wincentral or MS central
  • Windows one
  • WinCentral is a winner, for gods sake no more "One" branding....
  • sounds very good!!!
  • Windows United is perfect. It sounds better than Windows One, which is so common like Xbox One, HTC One.....
  • Ultimatewindows
  • Windows One sounds great, but people might confuse the site to an official Windows site or anything like that; which, then might lead to legal cases against Microsoft.
  • I really wanted it to be Windows Central, but I would go with WinCentral.
  • Windows Central
  • MSCentral
  • Windows One
  • I am also for Windows Central.
  • I choose wincentral
  • wincentral it is. Windows One sounds like a microsoft product and it may lead to legal issues as well as having to rename again. I think the wpc acroymn is still the best but wincentral makes more sense then redefining p. 
  • I think you should leave it with the name it already has.
  • Why not Windows Central or One Windows Central but that sound like an address.
  • ^Read his post and you'll know why. Someone else has "parked" the domain and they are having trouble acquiring it from them.
  • What about MSCentral? Something more than windows, since there is so much Xbox news.
  • WOcentral (windows one central)
  • Call it 10Central
  • 6central
  • A website by Rudy Huyn
  • WCentral
  • WC?
  • Win central
  • WinCentral
  • Windows Planet Central :)
  • WinCentral sounds great!!!
  • WindowsCentrl
  • WindowsCtrl
  • WindowsCtrlAltDel
  • Remove the Central....WindowsOne or WindowsCircle sounds good!!?! Android site of mobile nation has got Android Central included in it...while other site OS platform doesn't like iMore,Crackberry :) just think once
  • AllWindowsNews / CoolWindowsStuff / HotWindowsStuff
  • Window's priority central
  • What about "Windows Central"? That sounds better and suits better too.
  • That domain is taken
  • I say redefine P..WPC should remain windowsone sounds about okay now too...
  • Why not Windows One Central? "why not both?" \o/
  • Windows plasma club
  • WinCentral is definitely the best. I'd say go with that but keep pursuing the domain You should own both domains. The company that seems to own right now is just using it for a name grab / SEO and their company business name is completely unrelated. Long term, Windows Central would be sweet.
  • WindowOne
  • Agreed! Ditch the 'Ph' and go with Windows One! Sounds a lot better IMHO. Edited: This is supposed to be a reply to the first comment. Lol
  • As of right now this website is called 'windows phone central' because the current OS of Microsoft's phone is called Windows Phone. So why not call it ' windows 10 central' in the future because it makes more sense and keeping with the theme, at least to me.
  • Someone had said that this might be the last Windows version (10). Why not make the name more Microsoft centric which will encompass everything Microsoft (which you already do) instead of Windows centric?
  • i'd say "WindowsCentral" ;)
  • agreed. MScentral sounds good.
  • Win All Day
  • WinCentral is the best, but if you want to "redefine" the "P", then make it Windows Platform Central
  • I voted for WinCentral, it's short, familiar and more suited for a site and its community. Windows One sounds more as a product name, not a website.
  • Windows Prime Central !!!
  • Win Central is the ideal name .. MS dropping phone and so should this lol
  • I voted WinCentral, only in the hopes that you, your lawyers, or the community gets to sell their domain. The clear name should be, there really is no better name/brand. So anything else is just giving up on the better brand. I wouldn't want to push too much interesting on the domain holders in fear that they try to sell the domain for a ridiculous price (given a sudden high demand), but the owner isn't even using it as their main domain just as a redirect... so I serious question how much traffic they get on it. I would say get a poll where "push for" is an option, and in the mean time we can try to see if the domain holders can respond to the community outreaching to them. Let's all help get!! [P.S. the Twitter account for the domain is @SmBizComputing]
    [P.P.S. Remember to be polite!]
  • OneWindows Central
  • Win-dose!
  • Win-doh!s
  • Win-doze... ;-)
  • WPCentral, P for Place It's the Place to be, to get everything Windows.
  • Place and central basically have the same meaning then.
  • Windows central or this name itself....
  • Windows 10 Central.
  • WinCentral. yea That sound perfect.
  • Windowscentral is Perfect
  • Windows Central sounds better I think, aligns with Android Central :) and doesn't remind me of any Win<insert_application_name> I have used previously.
  • E.W : Extreme Windows
  • Although I like
    Are you sure Microsoft would be. Okay with this.
  • Maybe WinXCentral :D
  • WinCentral !
  • P for Power, Windows Power Central.
  • Windows Pro sounds interesting
  • Keep pushing to get the url!  Until then, stay as
  • Wincentral sounds great better than my idea of Winbeyond
  • Windows Pnews central
  • Bless you lol
  • Windows Central
  • Windows P. Central. Like Homer J. Simpson, where J stands for Jay, P can stand for... Pee.
  • And you could still call yourself Windows Central. Perhaps in time you can lock up the domain too. It has the ability to expand.
  • Windows central was my choice from the beginning and I will stick to it ;) , @Daniel_Rubino I just want to say don't change the name untill an official announcement Of Windows 10 for phones , maybe Microsoft Changes its mind because its a big problem, the united named really is good but when there is PCs and phones with a windows 10 OS with a very big difference between them really is annoying , if i say Windows any one hearing me won't understand if I meant the Windows on PCs or Windows for phones , really its annoying! Unless they come up with something so we can know if it was windows for phones or for PCs
  • Good point.  Microsoft has certainly been one to change directions recently.  I love the pace at wich they are trying to reinvent themselves, but it does come at a cost....
  • The cost will. Lead to a loss maybe , giving them separate names would be better in future , windows is very much known in this planet if u mix those two , sadly it will make a collision
  • You do realise that this site covers Skype and Xbox news too?
  • I'm taking about windows btw
  • WPcentral, Redefine 'P' for phaster
  • I really like Windows one but the central is quite central to my decision so wincentral it is
  • Windows central one.
  • Think sticking to wpcentral is a better option, easier to remember WPCentral- Windows Pool Central, though pool & central seem to overlap
  • WindowsProCentral is my choice. Being a site and community that covers everything Microsoft, the "Pro" gives off a vibe that shows that your not just sticking to one subject, but to a broader range. And the names "WPC" and "WPCentral" will not confuse anyone and make them think you are a different site
  • Windows One
  • Or just keep the P and tell people it's a silent P.
  • Or they can say it's a smiley :P
  • Windows Product Center
  • MSC. MICROSOFT Windows central
  • I honestly wouldn't go with either name. Anything Win... doesn't reflect the connection to Xbox even though it's covered a lot. I'd probably vote for something like Redmond Central.
  • Windows into the future
  • Windows Product Central Windows Person (People) Central Windows Pros Central Windows Patriots Central Windows Platform Central Windows Preference Central Windows Place Central Windows Power Central Etc.
  • All rubbish :)
  • Bit harsh lol
  • I think WPCentral is more suitable than any other name!! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • i read "wincentral" and instantly fell in love with it, sounds cool, precise, and right on point, however it is not very descriptive, which can be both a good or a bad thing
  • I think there is a benefit to having something that DOESN'T start with "WIN", because there are many Microsoft pages and Microsoft-following blogs/newsites that have those starting letters. I like the fact that in my browser I can just type "wp" and the only history/favorite suggestion that pops up is If I type "wi", I get several items to pick from (, winsupersite, windowsphone uservoice site, etc.) I *don't* recommend calling it WCentral, though. The Brits might snicker too much at that. :)    
  • Oh the Brits. So much privilege.
    Their are other people to snicker at that too...
  • I would suggest we use one of these two, if not both combined through the site: :) "Windows Shout" or "Shouting Windows" - which is what we are all doing here! Clamouring for enhancements and improvements on these platforms; Screaming" this is what we want", "what we need", "what should be", etc... and/or "Shattered Windows" - which what happens when we get half baked alternatives or below par threatments in apps and features such as the most recent release of Flipboard app!!! (and all the etermal Betas that exist in WP8.1..  
  • The Windows community
  • Windows Central is cool..
  • "P" as "Products" :-)
  • WinMore Central
    I know this one is not original
    #stolenFromApple MSFT fav work :P
  • Windows Panacea Central
  • Guys! Once again. Make it Windows Central. Why are you guys just not listening to the users?
  • Read the article, you clearly aren't listening to them.
  • If only you read the part 1. And the comments in it.
  • I still don't like any of the choices but gun to my head, I'll go with Windows One. WinCentral sounds like a feature that never made it to Windows Vista and Windows Mobile. I know it's not possible but I still like "Start" over all of them.
  • What if you guys changed it to Windowscentral as 1 word? WinCentral has been the best option I've seen so far. Something with a P would be good too, but not feeling any of the suggested ones yet.
  • Windows Update would be perfect, but that domain is definitely not available :(
  • Voted for WinCentral, but if the P is something cool, that would be nice too.
  • I like WinCentral but voted for WindowsOne... just in case Microsoft ever wants it, they will have to pay you guys through the nose to get it (or sue you to high heaven). Either way, it's a cool name too.
  • I feel as since the name is changing away from " windows phone" central we will begin to see less about windows phone and more about just windows in general . That way if WP tanks ...there good because the site is now not just about windows phones but all Microsoft products......i guess I don't care to much about windows as I am about windows phone
  • If there's gonna be more windows and computer news then why not just go for WINDOWS CENTRAL..?
  • Read the article, that's why.
  • The Almighty Powerful Super Mega Giga Ultimate Destroyer Windows Community's Eternal and Invincible Site
  • Medication time...
  • F
  • Dan, just keep it simple: Windows Central. (from a fellow Long Islander)
  • Thanks, but as noted in the article (1) We do not own the domain and (2) Using 'Windows' in our title opens us up to legal challenges from Microsoft for their TM.
  • Doesn't "Windows One" have this same (2) problem?
  • Phans. That's it!!!
  • Windows One!!!!!
  • WinCentral. I absolutely HATE "Windows One."
  • Me too.
  • WinCentral is the obvious best choice.
  • WinCentral, more brand awareness and less based on what could easily be a naming phase in MS's latest products. Plus if you're taking a risk with Windows, you're taking an even bigger risk with One.
  • Win central feels better
  • Go for windows platform central.
  • Windows Central... As it takes care of every Windows related news !!
  • I go with windows one
  • Or windows pad central? :)
  • The best: Windows Central
    Windows Planet Central
    Windows Press Central
    Windows & Phone Central
    WinPress Central
    Windows News Central
    Windows Broadcast Central
  • I'm all for redefining the 'P' in WPCentral. Windows Professional Central Windows Pro Central Windows Pachyderms Central Windows Pole Dancing Central I will switch my vote to Windows United if, and only if, Mr Rubino guarantees a 'dress like a soccer hooligan' day for the entire staff.
  • WinCentral for the win!
  • Windows Central
  • How can you use "Windows One" and not "Windows Central"?
  • Maybe it's taken? is a very good URL
  • "How can you use "Windows One" and not "Windows Central"?"
    I mean, I address this very question within the article.
  • ...But.his question is right.... In the article is not mentioned what is the difference between Windows One and Windows Central. It's written why you cannot use "Windows" and it's clear, but "windows" is in "windows One", either.
    So the question, actually, is : why the "windows" word is ok on "Windows One" and it's not for "Windows Central"?.. Isn't it the same problem?
  • East or west WINDOWS CENTRAL is the best....I vote for windows central......
  • Wincentral sounds good to me
  • How about "WinArena" or "Windows Arena"
  • Windows Porcupine Central
  • Windows Pwn Central
  • Lol
  • Windows central
  • Just get rid of the P , wincentral is cool
  • Windows Phan Central
  • :) I like WinCentral the most, no question.
  • Considering other things changes around Gates... Gates Central is my option... ;-)
  • Windows Pane Central
  • P = Palace
  • WindowsWorld Central
  • Win central only
  • I would prefer windows central but i am ok with wincentral
  • Windows doesn't cover Xbox...
  • Come Windows 10, it will. Read the notes from the announcement event. It will cover everything.
  • 100%
  • Windows juxtaposed. Com
  • Windows And Nokia Central... And we could all call ourselves WANCers... Ok maybe not... Lol! I jest... is still my preference subject to legal implications...
  • Wincentral sounds neat IMO and how about 'products' for the 'p'?
  • Thsi will be a giant change, so...   WPCentral 10
  • I don't care what you name it but for heaven's sake, Speed up the bloody site!!!!
  • And ya I had allready suggested this name( windows central) way before anyone had even thought abt it.
  • I thought about it 32 years ago.
  • I like Windows Central, not WinCentral (which was a web-site of its own last week, WPC must have purchased it?).  Then maybe Windows Nation, being this site is part of the Mobile Nation. I voted for redefine the P in this poll, since neither of the above are options.  We will have to have another poll to vote for what the P should mean!  Platform is somewhat boring, but does define what the focus is of this site.  Being that the URL is WPCentral, what the P means doesn't really matter that much.  But is does need to be changed.
  • Call it "Windows One Central Ultimate 2015 Edition SP1 Update 2"
  • don't give heavy attention on voting percentage.... i think simply "Windows Central" would be great.
  • I like the addition of the WinCentral choice. I originally voted for Windows One, but I don't think it defines what the site does as much. Only what the content is related to. So, therefore, I think WinCentral works. And it means not needing to change toooo much of what already exists in the naming, just remove the P.
  • Windows centre is good
  • Windows One coz the upcoming Windows 10 has.... one platform, One UI and One Store... Windows One is our new WPCentral
  • WinCentral would make the most sense. On a side note can we get Jay to add the poll functionality directly into the app? I know he has nothing better to do with his time... :-P
  • Lol
    +620 Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • Let's think about redefining P
    Umm Windows Problematic central
    Windows Process central
    Windows package central
    Windows port central
    Now seriously Windows one is the best. I don't think Microsoft will sue of the the best Windows representatives. Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • --> WPCentral (Windows Prime Central)
  • WPCentral - with the "P" standing in for "PLATFORM" - "Windows Platform Central"!!! Just my two pence.
  • Windows Pacific, not Central.
  • Just Call it WPCentral. No additional explanation for the "P". Like the i in iPhone
  • Windows Pisses-Me-Off Central
  • Windows Public Central WPCentral
  • Windows One! Microsoft didn't snap it up, so you totally should!
  • Bingo !
  • I think it'd be beat to stuck to the central. I voted for WindowsOne in the first poll but. I've voted for WinCentral in this one
  • Windows Platform Central would be my choice. Although in the first survey I went for Windows One...
  • Windows Pals Central? "P" redefined LOL!
  • How about coming soon central.
  • I thougt WC windows central. but that just sounds weird. I choose for Microsoft Central (MC) Phione and PC's are not the only central also Xbox for the g4me
  • The only thing that i can think of that would work in my view for WPCentral is Windows Press Central. I am also warming up to WindowsOne but still prefer Windows Central.
  • Paracentral
  • would be my best choice so I'll vote for
  • Windows One!! Please go with it! :)
  • WinToesCentral
  • They have to do something seeing how we have nothing exciting in the way of devices unless  one likes low end stuff.
  • If it's "non-binding" then I don't care. Name it PotatoCentral.
  • We're not doing this randomly and for kicks. If we see a clear consensus for a choice for a name, obviously we are going to heavily lean on that going forward.
  • Windows Central.
  • Windows central, windows platform central, wincentral, something with central at least!
  • I thougt WC windows central. but that just sounds weird. I choose for Microsoft Central (MC) Phone PC's and Xbox for the G4me
  • Yeah WINDOWS ONE....I love ❤ it.
  • Windows+ Central. Since you also report on other Microsoft news and not just Windows stuff. So, essentially redefining the P for "Plus."
  • Oh and as far as the other contenders, I honestly feel like Windows One is not original at all (borderline plagiarism) and would be surprised if Microsoft doesn't do something about it. From WinCentral I would expect to be winning lots of stuff.
  • C'mon Dan. Windows Plus Central? Same domain.
  • Yeah. Problem solved. #P4Plus
  • Windows Pals Central? "P" redefined LOL!
  • Windows people
    Windows powered
    Windows perfect
  • How about WinCentric?  
  • Windows People Central, Windows Planet Central, Windows Pure Central, Windows Perfect Central, Windows Priceless Central, .. But yeah Windows Pure Central sounds pure :) or Windows Planet :)
  • Yeah, I had thought of Windows Pure Central too. Sounds great to me :) Still, WinCentral isn't bad at all, probably more logical for most occasional readers.
  • Windows People Central, Windows Planet Central, Windows Pure Central, Windows Perfect Central, Windows Priceless Central, .. But yeah Windows Pure Central sounds pure :) or Windows Planet :)
  • MCentral, I stand my ground. Well, WinCentral seems nice, or 1WinCentral... Windows Prime Central.
  • i think WinCentral similiar to WinPoin in Indonesia, that's not cool. WindowsOne for me and my all family, my uncle too
  • What about Windows 1 Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • wewin
  • Windows Post Central [like in "Washington Post"].
  • WindowsCentral
  • WinPoint
  • Comment of the year lol
  • OneCentral
  • Hey Daniel, I'm a keen follower of WPCentral. Its sort of my morning byte just like my newspaper, though I admit I've never ever commented on any post, anytime earlier even though  I've been visiting this site for years but this time I gotta take time for this. As far as renaming is concerned, I guess  OR  (  would be just the BEST in harmony with  &  and also it implies something covering ALL THAT MATTERS FROM MICROSOFT.   Greetings from Republic of India! Jai Hind!
  • Keep it to WPCentral in case Microsoft changes their mind again, lol.
  • As far as redfining 'P'...People?  Meh...don't know. WinCentral is probably the best.  Short, easy to type.  Some others for fun: WinClan.  WinWaterCooler. WinForHim.  DownWin(d)? BreakingWin.  lol sorry.
  • Windows Pineapple Central
  • How about "One Windows" (
  • If it ant broke why fix it ???? Just keep wpcentral
  • Read the article.
  • May be "" I.e Stay with Windows.
  • Windows 'P'lanet Central
  • Windows People Central
  • Windows Arc or WinArc
  • Wincentral is the best! :D
  • WinCentral sounds nice
  • Something talking to us and visible to understand. Windows Phone News
  • Using the "P" for something else would make the most sense. Pro would be a good fit for the Windows ecosystem.  
      Maybe something to give the Mobile Nations sites a general theme again? 
      iMore, WinMore DroidMore and CrackMore? hahah 
      I like Connectedly, and I don't think we could ever really change Crackberry. And I know we kind of pretend webOS Nation doesn't exsist anymore (which makes me sad). But are we against the Nation moniker these days? Android Central could easily become Android Nation (yeah, you're probably gonna have to buy this one from somebody). I'd really like to see webOS Nation become OpenSource Nation and keep covering webOS, Sailfish/MeeGo/Tizen, and all the other things that keeps geeks tinkering. As for iMore becoming iNation would seem logical, but a quick search shows that name is taken. But with the recent Apple Watch and Apple Pay there is a chance Apple is cutting back on it's iBranding. So maybe just Apple Nation? Which leaves us right back here with WP Central. Window Nation is a siding company. So Windows Nation is kind of cutting it close.  
      So say the Nation brand is killed. And we go with Central for everything. This of course would bump us into other existing sites. But I like the idea of merging and growing the Mobile Nation communities in new ways. The more the merrier. But the OCD in me would like the a naming theme to go with the new layout.  
      Okay, I think my rant is over. :) 
  • You deserve a cookie for this novel writing
  • Windows platform central(WPCentral) is good.
  • Good idea
  • Why not WCentral ? Or WOCentral (Windows One Cent...)
  • since they can't use for the time being, and since the word 'Central' is an integral part of this site (as it's of Android Central), then I guess the only logical choice would be to call it Windows Central and make the URL The current owners of don't have an actual site called Windows Central, so I guess it can be used.
  • Windows Pro Central looks good and no need to change anything like URL etc with this name, just a simple rename.
  • WPC- Windows pussy central.. LOL
  • No pu$$y sussy
  • Windows Potato Central
  • I think WinCentral is the best choise!
  • Windows Postponed Central.
  • It really sucks when a website grows but the domain name restricts its scope. Wish you best of luck!
  • WinCentral sounds a win-win name.
  • I see what you did there.
  • Pro
  • WPCentral=windows platform need to change.
  • WinCentral
  • to rule them all.
    Its for sale!
  • Planet windows or windows People
  • Windows Central!!!
  • WinCentral.  Sounds right and follows what Microsoft is doing...dropping the phone!
  • I suggest its name should be WINDOWS UNIVERSE
  • just call it Wcentral = windows central
  • Keep doing givaways, and call it Winonecentral.
  • WinCentral sounds good to me. I did like that Windows United option, but agree it is a bit long to say (and type). Windows One sounds too much like an actual OS's name, and might have a harder time getting that past MS.
  • Refine "P" to "Products".
    Windows Products Central.
  • You should also just change it to a porn site. That's where the real money is.
  • One Windows Central
  • Windows Prefferred Central?
  • If you would like to get the "pulse" of your audience, try Windows Pulse. Slogan: Your Lifeblood for Windows News. Hey, it works for me.
  • How about
    I just don't want central :)
  • Excellent name ;)
  • Windows central 10
  • OneMSWindows
  • Whatever be the name, plz don't change your logo.
  • Some Name Suggestions -
  • Why not just call the website windows central
  • See the section called 'Why don't you call it…' and you will have your answer.
  • Microsoft Central since most articles are related to microsoft product.
  • Windows Platform Central sounds awful. This place is an awesome resource for Microsoft/Windows news and has enough recognition and followers now that they don't need to be that descriptive with the title.
  • I guess the people who have parked the domain are waiting for Microsoft to come along and buy them for alot of digits.
    I can make a case for either for both of these however to me personally (& also if you look from an average joes perspective) - win central and windows one are not appealing as the former sounds like windows fan boy site and the other is basically saying the site is purely windows centric when it clearly is not the case.
    Having said that I'm all out of ideas, as MS Central sounds like a site for multiple sclerosis - and there is a website already called for (from their about page) "tech news, tips, reviews & best how to galleries on the internet".
    Usually I use a combination of different languages for project names, which wouldn't be appropriate here lol.
    The problem is that the choices are confined to a certain brand / product which is trying to be present on all platforms, otherwise it would be pretty easy.
    From the three options, my vote is on redefining the "p" in wpcentral. If it wasn't there I guess my mere contribution would be "Microsoft Nexus", keeping in line with all the Microsoft related articles.
  • MSCentral
  • Windows Premium Central
  • Voting for, though I like the idea of too. The issue with Windows One is that it is such a passing thing that will be irrelivant in a year or two, which would mean yet another name change down the road and I am sure that everyone working at WPCentral appreciates the difficulty in name and branding changes.  Just stick with something solid that will last a good long time.
  • Redefine 'P' as Posse.  Windows Posse Central
  • I would suggest we use one of these two, if not both combined through the site: :) "Windows Shout" or "Shouting Windows" - which is what we are all doing here! Clamouring for enhancements and improvements on these platforms; Screaming" this is what we want", "what we need", "what should be", etc... and/or "Shattered Windows" - which what happens when we get half baked alternatives or below par threatments in apps and features such as the most recent release of Flipboard app!!! (and all the etermal Betas that exist in WP8.1..
  • I think WinCentral should be apt as unification is under the Windows banner :)
  • Windows Platform Central suggests you cover ALL things Windows.  There are so many categories that it might be misleading, unless you intend to litterally cover anything with Windows branding, enterprise included. Central seems.. well central to your brand already so that is a natural fit with a name change. WinCentral helps eliminate any naming issue Microsoft may have in the future by simply not having Windows in the name. Just chiming in.
  • If you want to get the "pulse" of your readers then try "Windows Pulse". Slogan: "Your Lifeblood of Windows News"
  • Dying now ,give me that blood
  • Windows central. I love the current naming btw :(
  • tried to imagine Daniel saying all the three possibilities in future videos.
    "Hi, this is Daniel Rubino from WPCentral !" sounds the best to me.
    so ya, my vote is for renaming the P.
    Windows Plus Central, maybe? :)
  • WindowsProductsCentral
  • WinLoveCentral
  • Using the "P" for something else would make the most sense. Pro would be a good fit for the Windows ecosystem.  Maybe something to give the Mobile Nations sites a general theme again?
    iMore, WinMore DroidMore and CrackMore? hahah
    I like Connectedly, and I don't think we could ever really change Crackberry. And I know we kind of pretend webOS Nation doesn't exsist anymore (which makes me sad). But are we against the Nation moniker these days? Android Central could easily become Android Nation (yeah, you're probably gonna have to buy this one from somebody). I'd really like to see webOS Nation become OpenSource Nation and keep covering webOS, Sailfish/MeeGo/Tizen, and all the other things that keeps geeks tinkering. As for iMore becoming iNation would seem logical, but a quick search shows that name is taken. But with the recent Apple Watch and Apple Pay there is a chance Apple is cutting back on it's iBranding. So maybe just Apple Nation? Which leaves us right back here with WP Central. Window Nation is a siding company. So Windows Nation is kind of cutting it close. This site is kind of all things Microsoft, so maybe Microsoft Nation?
    So say the Nation brand is killed. And we go with Central for everything. This of course would bump us into other existing sites. But I like the idea of merging and growing the Mobile Nation communities in new ways. The more the merrier. But the OCD in me would like the a naming theme to go with the new layout. 
    Okay, I think my rant is over. :)
  • Unix, because all the windows user is unique
  • ( a site of windows phone, platfom, portal, PC )
  • Why not "MSN Central"? It seems like everything else Microsoft is going that way.
  • Its simple. WINDOWS CENTRAL.
  • I'm with @Poirots Progeny in naming it Windows Platform Central. Maybe a little logo refresh but saves a ton of time and effort and I don't have to change any of my former bookmarks or links.
  • WinCentral all the way
  • Windows One sounds more like a Microsoft product/project. Something similar to Android ONE. My suggestion would be "Windows Nation". The word CENTRAL is already used for Android.
  • My vote is for Windows Paradise Central.  
  • MetroCentral... Hahaha...
  • WinCentral sounds good :)
  • Windows Placenta Central - The Rebirth of Microsoft
  • Windows pwn central. Duh.
  • Windows one
  • How about Window(s) pane central
  • Windows platform centre will be better in my opinion. Yes its centre not central.
  • Windows central is good one
  • Make "P" stand for "Plus". No brainer; this site has always been about WP & Microsoft, PLUS other topics.
  • WPCentral (P=Platform) or WinCentral I think of the suggestions listed Both of these are good idea's.  
  • Windows Pulse Central
  • Why dont u use Windows central?
  • I like but I only approve the name if we get a podcast after this naming period is over.
  • Windows Protocol Centralized
  • You can always make the "P" stands for "Phan".
    Unless Really Useful Group has that registered in which case you can expect a lawsuit from Andrew Lloyd Webber. I don't like WinCentral because it makes it sound like an online gaming site.
    Windows One is ephemeral. Not to mention that I think it inadequate for the same reasons Microsoft didn't went with it: Windows 1 is over 20 years old. Better to redefine the P. But I'll leave the word to those whose English is their native tongue.
  • "Windows+" would be nice Yay
  • WinAll
  • WinCentral is by far the best option.  Retains a strong connection to your previous branding Future-proof Association with Windows - regardless of version or form factor
  • ..double post sorry..
  • Why not keep it simple? "Microsoft Central"?
  • I apologize if someone already mentioned this but - how about the "P" stand for "Premier"?
  • WinAll
  • Windows Mobile Central
  • Windows one central? WOCentral? Jaja
  • I like WinCentral, but if replacing the "P", how about Windows Pro Central?
  • WinCentral seems good. My first option a week ago was "Windows Central" but I didn't think about the legal issues. So, Win Central fits because you cover all the windows devices.
  • WinAll
  • How about wincent?
  • Leave it as WPCENTRAL.COM as its a website for Phone Based Devices so WINDOWS 10 Phone Version. ( As windows 10 adapts itself to screen size - Desktop / Touch / Convertable / Phone) So you should be focused on Phone Edition
  • Windows... Portable(s), Posse, Product(s), Public, Populace, Press, Population, Publications, Peer(s), Passion ...Central
  • WinAll or AllWin
  • -
  • Windows Central seems a no brainer for me
  • Keep WPCentral and have the P stand for people.
  • Microsoft Paramount or Windows Paramount
  • Wintral ( windows +central )or MS Hub or windows basket
  • You could make it WCentral and just leave out the P. This avoids using the actual word "windows".
  • Redifine the "P" as Playa!  Windows Playa Central!  Holla Back! Nah on the real I thought what about One Windows?  Sounds better than Windows One IMO. Lastly WinCentral reminds me of WinCE.  Just a thought.
  • Wintral
  • MS hub
  • Should be Microsoft One...
  • Doesn't Google own the Android name, though? Why is Android Central a thing then? Anywho, I agree with WinCentral
  • WCentral
  • WinCentral sounds terrible. Keep it Windows One or Windows Plus Central, hence redefining P in WPCentral. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Since the content on WPCentral is about all things Microsoft now (with lots of Xbox stories) going with WindowsOne or WinCentral doesn't make much sense.  The suggestion by succulent of Windows Plus Central makes more sense (it's Windows plus other Microsoft news) not that it matters too much, just keep the wpcentral domain so my muscle memory still works
  • Windows Panopticon because a Panopticon is at the center of a prison. Duh!
  • Keep inquiring. Windows Central is best among those limited options. My second choice would be to redefine the "P", i.e. "Products". Windows Central first, Windows Products Central second.
  • Keep WINDOWS PHONE CENTRAL because is the best name ever...
  • I'm still for WinDomain or Windows Domain...
  • Just let the P be silent, like in Pneumatic. Windows Pcentral.
  • Keep the WINDOWS PHONE CENTRAL because this name is the best ever...
  • What about Windows Legacy.
  • Call it, Flipboard, oh wait?
  • Windows Platform Central
  • No thoughts on a little wordplay with the Windows moniker?   Digital Threshold Threshold PortalDevices...etc..
  • Just "WINDOWS" should be good
  • TWCentral (The Windows Central)
  • Windows one.
  • Simple change it to "Windows Central" it may reflect the windows one project by microsoft. It may sounds familiar and not very different. it look's fit for windows one by microsoft. 
  • WindowsOne sounds like a site promoting a (non existent) product and
    WPCentral now feels obsolete because Windows Phone is dead, so considering all the options I think I would vote for because at least it sounds like a site which caters to the single Windows philosophy of Microsoft :).
  • I'm going with and repurposing the 'P' as Platform.  Windows Platform Central!  Keeps your branding in tact.. no need to buy another domain name. The use of the word Platform is a natural.... WindowsOne could be a trap if Microsoft ends up heading down a different path just a few years later.... Use of the word Platform won't 'expire'.
  • Windows One
  • Windowsacademy
  • Sounds kind of 80s, but the P could be power. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Windowsone os awesome. That's it!
  • WinCentral is my vote.
    WPCentral (Since MSFT is ditching the Windows Phone name shouldn't use WP)
    WindowsOne (MSFT might have a copyright issue with this one)
  • windows planet
  • I think redefining the 'P' would be much easier than a full on rebranding. The site is already burned into our brains as "" and I can't remember the last time I actually referred to it as "Windows Phone Central". I'm not sure how many times the phrase "We at WPCentral..." or some form of that has been used by the writers of this site, so that would make it easier moving forward for referring to the site itself. Windows Plus Central works really well, I think. Think about the amount of syllables used for Windows Phone Central. 2 for Windows, 1 for Phone, 2 for Central. Now think about Plus. Still one syllable, which would make saying it the same amount of effort than using something else like Platform. As for the word 'Plus', I think that pretty much explains itself as to why it should be used considering the direction the site has officially taken in moving away from just phone coverage.
  • WinCentre
  • Next year, you'll need to change it to BingCentral, then a few months later to MSNCentral...
  • How about One Windows Central and MS can rebrand Windows to One Windows. Imagine the tag line for this going a little Tokkenish - "One Windows for all devices"  LOLOLOL
  • Windows Platform Central. You guys save on letterheads, logo images, business cards, etc.
  • Windows Central
  • Why not something with ms or microsoft? I feel like especially since you are trying to ramp up the xbox coverge in particular (as well as other microsoft products like surface, office, skype) you should use something that encompasses the whole company and not just the operating system. is my vote. Or Otherwise
  • Just checked and and are both available... Just saying.
  • More than the name of like to see options for the logo. I love the site but honestly the logo is ugly. Windows Plus Central sounds good to me too ;)
  • I think will be better.....
  • Why not use as is whats wrong with wpcentral?
  • I love that site!!
  • What does Lumia cyan firmware Brings to wp 8.1? Sorry for asking. In this article :/
  • United Windows !
  • Redefine 'P',, where 'P' stands for Plus,
    Less hassle, more appropriate n meaningful!
  • Take a walk in the park and get a life outside your mobile/laptop/pc "life"
  • Why not redefine the w and the p. Watusi Polka Central!!! 8P
  • I voted for WinCentral, but I'd actually want it called Windows Central. That's the natural progression of the name, not sure why it wasn't considered. I think Windows One is dumb and overplaying a silly monkier that wasn't a great choice for the console anyway. The redefinition, I'm not sure on. "Platform(s)," is the easy option, I guess. You could also consider something like "Premiere," but like was said, the finding of a new 'P' word is kind of tough to do without having it sound forced.
  • i like Win Unity Central
  • Windows one central... Then all stuff under Windows will come
  • If P is going to be kept I like Windows Platform Central
  • Out of the options i'd go for Central, (one just gets used for too much these days) Platform also sounds nice and it would be less hassle changing the domain. If it's not too late, i'd suggest Windows Synchronised - for several reasons: The site syncs the readers to become up to date with news etc. (techy play on words) Main target of Win 10 is to make platform universal across devices - i.e. synchronized Almost all device users at some point have an issue with synchronisation (music, photos, vids etc) and will google it. This site will be one of the top choices and BINGO! (especially true for new users from iOS and Android)   Another idea for redefining 'P' could be Pangea. (From when the Earths continents were one unified mass) - it fits in with windows becoming universal and is memorable/catchy.
    That is what the site does in after all, - Draws in Windows users from across the globe (i'm not this cheesy in real life)  
  • WPCenter - Windows Play Center.
  • I voted for WinCentral in the poll, as I had previously voted for Windows Central. I would hope you can still call the site Windows Central though and just have the URL as WinCentral doesn't sound very professional which is why I would hope the site can still be officially known as 'Windows Central.' I would say continue to make attempts to get the windowscentral URL as the current owner doesn't appear to have a use for it. Who knows why they have it though. I definitely want to see 'Central' stay in the name though, no matter the end result.
  • I'm still up for Windows One, but the WinProCentral sounds pretty damn good to me!!! 
  • Out of the options i'd go for Central, (one just gets used for too much these days) Platform also sounds nice and it would be less hassle changing the domain. If it's not too late, i'd suggest Windows Synchronised - for several reasons: The site syncs the readers to become up to date with news etc. (techy play on words) Main target of Win 10 is to make platform universal across devices - i.e. synchronized Almost all device users at some point have an issue with synchronisation (music, photos, vids etc) and will google it. This site will be one of the top choices and BINGO! (especially true for new users from iOS and Android)   Another idea for redefining 'P' could be Pangea. (From when the Earths continents were one unified mass) - it fits in with windows becoming universal and is memorable/catchy.
    That is what the site does in after all, - Draws in Windows users from across the globe (i'm not this cheesy in real life)  
  • or seems like a good combo of all of these suggestions (I'm so about compromise :-))
  • Windows One Windows Platform Central will not help attract mainstream consumers to information and news about Microsoft and their products. Imagine if Microsoft named their next gen console the Xbox Platform One?
  • Your web PAGE can be called Windows Page Central. 
  • To avoid copyright problems with microsoft may be better to redefine the "P" in Maybe 'Prime', 'Prodigy' or 'Post' ...
  • How about "Windows"
  • Keep it nostalgic and name the site "WMExperts" ;)
  • Out of the options i'd go for Central, (one just gets used for too much these days) Platform also sounds nice and it would be less hassle changing the domain.   If it's not too late, i'd suggest Windows Synchronised - for several reasons: The site syncs the readers to become up to date with news etc. (techy play on words) Main target of Win 10 is to make platform universal across devices - i.e. synchronized Almost all device users at some point have an issue with synchronisation (music, photos, vids etc) and will google it. This site will be one of the top choices and BINGO! (especially true for new users from iOS and Android)     Another idea for redefining 'P' could be Pangea. (From when the Earths continents were one unified mass) - it fits in with windows becoming universal and is memorable/catchy.
    That is what the site does in after all, - Draws in Windows users from across the globe (i'm not this cheesy in real life)  
  • WindowsOne I like so I picked it again
  • Why not
  • ;)  
  • WinCentral is nice. Gotta nice ring to it, but you have to get Charlie Sheen to be the Mascot. #Winning
    And for the 'P' ,
    Windows P. Central ... Sounds Formal (think Homer J. Simpson), You get to keep & if anyone askes what the 'P' stands for: You can say 'Powered' ... That way you can include Xbox, Internet Of The Things & The Car System when the time comes.
  • Window Platform Central. You're already invested in the URL, and it would require the least administrative changes. It would go smoother with pre-existing userbase, and add less confusion for word of mouth. I don't think you need to reinvent the wheel on this one, when some asset changes will do.
  • = Windows PC Entral
  • Windows (formerly known as Windows Phone but isn't Phone anymore, so just) P Central. So just keep it.
  • What about Wndows Power(ed) Central ?
  • Windows Central
  • P for "People"
  • WindowsElite sound goods...
  • i'd go with windowsone but i'd like to see a name with no "windows" in it like present name yet ur logo gives a clue of what we're dealing with.say like (The10,10central,10one,10WC).com..
  • Windows Problems Central, since that's what mostly everyone comes here to discuss.
    But actually, Windows Products or Platform Central would be appropriate.
  • WindowsElite where elite can be considered as a group of people who likes windows OS
  • I guess y'all can't use Windows World?
  • Keep it simple - "Open Windows"
  • Windows phoenix ... Because window's needs a rebirthing.
  • Windowspost
  • Windows Party Central
  • Windows .M. just use the .M. most places, the .M. Also looks like a logo.
  • .Mi. Windows........ A.K.A my window's !
  • Windows Central
  • Win Central or redefine the P to platform like others.
  • Windows World United
  • Microsoft Windows Cenral (MWC)
  • Microsoft Central since u cover whole ms ecosystem
  • WinCentral for sure, though I still like OneWindows, the winning one from last time but flipped.
  • I voted to redefine "P." Here are a couple of suggestions, no charge. Passion, Perfect, Personal, Prefer, Pizazz, and my first choice.....PURE!
  • WPossibilitiesCentral WPublicCentral WPortalCentral
  • Win Paradise central is good idea i guess
  • YAY ! WinCentral :D
  • Really, WinCentral us the way to go. It keeps a familiar name and sounds nice.
  • Hows about windows phone center and if that's to lame for you guys how about killer phone windows :-)
  • Oooh... I like WinCentral. It completely avoids the trademarked name issue, and although "Win" is obviously short for Windows, on its own it's a very positive word. Redefining the "P" to "Platform" is also a really good idea, since like some have said, "WPCentral" is a well-known name, and with Windows becoming a universal platform from phone to PC to Xbox, it makes a lot of sense to cover it as a single platform.
  • WinCentral is nice. Also MSCentral maybe? Or is that one already taken?
  • oops- reposting my comment from about three hours ago (7:30 Hawaiian time) 'cause I got careless and clicked the wrong reply button. Sorry.... An unsolicited and perhaps unwanted suggestion - EverythingWindows.
  • It should be Microsoft Central, MSCentral, but both websites are taken...
  • Wincentral
  • Wincentral all the way. Because when you're with Microsoft, you're #winning.
  • The One one does not float my boat. People as the p word is ok.
  • Windows Pro Central
  • WPcentral... Windows Planet Central... LOL 
  • How about
  • It seems pretty clear that it needs to be
  • I really don't see the need for a name change. Plus, how long will you guys stick with it if you start changing things like this? There is no reason to drop "phone". MS does mysterious things, why make yourselves slaves T their moves?
    The next MS name change will mean another name change for the app. I just don't see name changing ending here.
    We're all still focused on MS phones here at this site or with the app. The current name still makes perfect sense.
    I know you're pretty keen on the idea now but please reconsider changing the name.
  • You're already have a name (Windows Phone Central) that doesn't match the URL ( So I suggest... Windows Central (or if/when you can grab that)
  • Or iWin or iMost to piss off the iFans ;)
  • my vote for scottish independence didnt succeed so fingers crossed for this! ;)
  • I think I like windows plus central.
  • I prefer wcentral but wcentral would be good too Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Windowsers?
  • Just call it "Windows News Central" and be done. It's the logical choice.
  • is available. since you have android "central" and i "more" , lets start fresh with "nation". And since you cover more than just windows , have MS instead.
  • Why don't you have a common domain for all your various sites, like android, iphone, etc... and then you can make the prefix whatever you want.
    for example: "central" (probably cant get this domain, but as an example) then you can add/remove/redirect new areas as you want, without registering new domains. EDIT
    just did a quick search and is available.
  • I like Windows One. But I think it should Be called " Windows Mobile One".
  • WinCentral could be a casino site just as much as a Windows site. Windows One appears to refer to a buzzword at Microsoft that I suspect will disappear before long. Can you buy Windows Nation ( )? It says it's for sale...
  • OneWinCentral... I'll choose that lol
  • Windows United
  • I like WinCentral but prefer windows unlimited
  • Windows Central is fine, really.  Windows One sounds like an OS and WinCentral sounds like a gambling site.  It's a name that people can continue to identify with.  Just drop the 'phone' part  because it's already obvious you cover more than just the mobile OS.
  • I like Windows Phone Central, or Windows Central. In the extreme case this changes, United Windows.
  • For me neither of those sounds good. What do you guys think of One Windows instead of Windows One?
  • Windows One Central, now all windows news under one roof Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Call it what you are, all things Windows. ATWcentral.
  • Why the abbreviation in WinCentral? Why not juse use WindowsCentral? I don't think saving four characters is a big win. Does anybody even type-in URLs anymore.
  • I voted for Windows One the first go around. This time I went with WinCentral. Sort of sounds more like what this site stands for and truly means.
  • MS Central, Microsoft Central
  • Removing double-post.
  • Or just Windows Central
  • WinCentral !
  • Windows Everyone Central :D
  • I like the name you have now but I can understand how you don't want people to think the site is just about windows phones. Windows One just doesn't do anything for me. How about Windows Phone Plus or Windows Phone Plus More. 
  • windows portal
  • I like WinCentral
  • Voted for WinCentral :)
  • Hey what about Windows Planet. Com
  • Windows central or windows planet
  • Better yet Planet Windows
  • P? Windows Platform Central sounds good :) but If there are other options , I am more interested in or ;) i like it
  • Why not just Windows Central? It represents the whole range of products and it's coherent with the new Microsoft vision.
  • Err Windows Products Central !   WPCentral for short !  
  • Windows's Prayers Central... Cause I pray everyday for the ppl who are still on their laggy, low-end Android phones /s
  • I like the Windows Platform Central, i dont know if any new suggestions will be accepted but i thought the name Windows-Square could also do the job
  • I'll go with Windows News Network
  • Windows Central for the name and domain name is not that important. It can be wincentral like it is wpcentral now.
  • Windows Pandemonium Central. Really easy on the eye!
  • Windows One! But please please please! Please provide voting within the app! Update please!? Or is this another kinda limitation of the platform? (I don't think so) I couldn't even vote from IE, some glitches. Please update please! Shame that even Android's WPC app has voting! Very sad!!
  • P for planet!
  • Windows Prayers Central... Cause I pray everyday for ppl who are still on their low-end, laggy Android phones ./s
  • Make it Windows Phreak central! That would ne cool!
  • Windows People Central. Windows Pride Central. Windows Premier Central
  • Hey, Windows Pride Central is actually good... Kind of :P
  • Windows Platform Central
  • As I suggested in the first round: Windows Products Central.
  • WinCentral sounds like a gambling site, and Windows One is tedious and something Microsoft might want in the future. Personally, I feel that if you want change, don't be afraid to leave home. So, either just leave it alone, or run with it. Maybe things like Tile Talk (alliteration sells well), WinTech Review or Central, The Pane, Pane Truth, etc. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I think I like the Redefine P idea the best.
  • Daniel, just ask cortana to flip a coin or roll the dice!
  • I would suggest Windows X (10, bit it would stay after Windows 10) Central ( Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • My vote is windowscentral
  • Android Central? Hahaha Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I like the name now... Disappointed.
  • WDCent (Windows Device Central) :D
  • Let it be Windows Central
  • WP central name is best.....
  • I Like Windows One , or Windows Plus .
  • Wp central is osm
  • Windows Pride Central...because we have the best pride as proud member of this site and proud user of windows.
  • Not Windows Planet, But PlanetWindows.Com .
  • it's long but it makes sense. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I do like WindowsCentral, but what about MicrosoftCentral or the MSC?
  • What about WindowsXCentral, or WXCentral, where X stands for roman number 10?
  •, which is what Microsoft should have called it!
  • Call it meaning the world of the Windows OS for both the desktop and the tablet but of course also the world of the Windows Phone OS. Or or Using WindowsWorld should not cause any issue with the trademarked Windows.
  • Windows More Central and Windows Core Central
  • I like Platform.
  • Windows Pulse doesn't sound so bad
  • Windows pulse
  • Windows One.
  • Windows one ftw!!!....again!!!
  • A strong brand name represents you and the product, imho with the changing product for the extended future its time for a change here too. WinCentral got my vote.
  • Windows Play Central... Although Windows Plus sounds great.
  • Windows Platform Central sounds great!!!!!!!!
  • I like windows platform central
  • Is 'All Things Microsoft' taken?
  • Windows Central
  • Way to many comments, so sorry if I'm missing something, but why can't y'all use
  • Can't seem to actually vote on my windows phone. But chalk me down for Windows One it makes sense to me.
  • I visit WPCentral for Windows & Windows Phone news, but Windows Phone first. In my opinion, just because MS changed its OS strategy, you don't have to change your name. I like WPCentral. And it will not matter if WPCentral doesn't fit with Microsoft's OS name. In fact, I believe you guys will have a good story to tell about how you got named WPCentral in future, where MS may have named their OS Potato!
  • I think WinCentral is a great name, although I prefer leave its name as is, WPCentral is such a good name, IMO
  • Windows Century
  • What about just ''?
  • Is it no longer a mobile nations site? Will the focus not still be mostly phones? I cast my vote for wpcentral, no name change required... Windows phone central. All the other mobile nations sites are mainly about phones are they not? If not then win central I guess.
  • P for pac ; ;
  • Daniel , "Windows One" sounds professional .
  • Peoples, Pinnacle, Periodic, Platform, Passport. That's all I got. Not all them roll of the tongue when you add "Central" behind them.
  • OneWindows
  • Why cant it be ITS A WINDOWS LIFE.COM and have someone sexy like me in the commericials saying at the end, ITS A WINDOWS LIFE, DONT YOU WANNA LIVE!!?
  • if it aint broke dont fix it !,wpcentral has already have good reputation and easy to type as URL.its better to redefine P in my opinion like some above suggested WindowsPlatformCentral.
  • Win Central sounds good.
  • Windows central
  • I am pulling for wincentral  since day 1, I think that it's sounds even better than wpcentral, lol 
  • Why not
  • Windows world
  • WinPerspective  Central WindowsPathway Central WinPipeline Central WinPoint Central WPrecision Central WIndowsPrecinct Central WinPress Central WindowsPremier Central WindowsPrime Central WinPulse Central   These are just a few possiblilities. Some worse than others LOL WindowsPrime could be construed to be the same as Windows One, I suppose. Worth playing with! And just think. You have just remodeled your site. No need to change a thing! No new logos, sweeps for your videos, domain names or email. Everythying still WP.   Consider all those people who think the rebranding of Microsoft products, including Nokia is madness. This is the premier Windows Phone/Xbox/Windows/Surface site out there. Bar none. I have some other favorites (enconnect) but this is the one pinned to my desktop, pinned to my Start Screen, in my notifications. I don't miss a post. Ever.  
  • Windows One = Windows 1 = Redefine 'P' in WPCentral to something else =  
  • WinCentral is quiet good. :D
  • Is more like a blog, cause blog website allow to make comments like we do now. Put a blog name on it somehow.
  • Windows platforms central
  • Being a part of the Mobile Nations family, I think One Windows will be more apt. does sound cool.
  • Haha! I will mock your narrow-minded radio button poll! --> Vote "" please :)
  • i would love to see Windows Platform Central to be the final name.
  • Microsoft Central
  • How about WTCentral for Windows Tech Central? Windows One sounds good now but as many people have already said, what happends when MS moves away from the "one" name. Also the "T" could be used as a nod to "Threshold" as the MS code name that brought all the OS's together and bring WPC into "one" site.
  • Redefine P. P for Page WindowsPageCentral
  • windows one seems to addressing a family. It should be windows one
  • WP(Windows Plus)
  • Windows Party Central
  • Join the party. That could refer to both the group or the fun activity.
  • Windows wild
  • is good and also, is fab. Think over it.
  • MSCentral
  • Windows One
  • United Windows of Microsoft dot Com
  • jeezzz, i would prefer "UnitedWindowsOfMicrosoftDotCom" but its not on the list.
  • is much better. No need to redefine P.
  • sounds great as well
  • I vote for WinCentral although WindowsCentral is better IMO
  • Continuum central Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Windows Inside
  • Windows Inside
  • Seriosly: the same URL, no money to spent, when P should be platform or something else.
    Funny: call it Nine using the number of the ghost Windows version. From 8.1 to 10 (why they don't call it Windows X? Because there's MacOsX? But: there's XBox too)
  • well I think OneWindowsCentral OWCentral/ OneWC
  • Windows Central Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • One Windows, after all, they named their web feature One Drive.
  • How about #windows or @windows?
  • I vote for redefine "P".Platform is very nice but i would like to suggest some words."PACIFIC" or "PRESS" or "PROJECT"
  • Redefine P
  • MsCentral would be great, I think. Because your news is all about Microsoft, not just Windows, also Xbox, and some of company news. But is already taken.
  • Why not just call it Windows Central
  • Windows one
  • Refine the "P" Pro, portable, platform, WinPeople WinPhan WinPost. Great idea as doesn't need the whole re-branding
  • Windows Products Central?
  • Windows Centre
  • WinCentral ftw! WAY better than others
  • I totally agree with some people who have posted: Why change from WPCentral at all - that's the brand name after all. Once upon a time, we had some sweets called Opal Fruits. Everyone loved Opal Fruits. Then they changed their name to Starburst. What the hell is wrong with people? Who actually cares what the W and P stand for? Did Prince care what the squiggle thing stood for when he changed his name? No, of course he didn't (although to be fair he was probably not in the best frame of mind at that time to even consider that). Windows Phone Central, Windows Platform Central, WPCentral. All the way.
  • How about: Windows Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Central! Catchy!
  • "Winhub" "MShub"
  • Livecentral or microphone central (Microsoft phones central)
  • Livecentral would be nice
  • I still say go with because the the site covers everything Microsoft. And really "wp" is probably as likely to be a trademark issue as "ms".
  • Windows Plus Central
  • I like Central part in the current name so my vote goes to WinCentral
  •   Just throwing this back out there again. looks and sounds pretty good to me.
  •  sounds and looks good to me
  • WPCentral - Windows Pro Central
  • Windows Party Central
  • Someone deleted my suggestion for Windows Plus Central (or Windows+ Central) for redefining the P. Did I break some rule?
  • Lumia Centrel..
  • If you like then It should be "My Windows",... othervise "Windows One" is also a good name !!
  • The Wp Legends!
  • Late to the party but how about that? Windows Party Central?
  • Try "MicrosoftCentral" as you guys post articles about all the products by Microsoft.