Voxer announces business platform support for Windows Phone 8

Voxer is a popular cross-platform push to talk and messaging service available on Windows Phone. The company has now expanded its support for Windows Phone by adding its enterprise-grade and award-winning Voxer Business platform. Employees can now communicate securely on a private company network using the existing Voxer app for Windows Phone. This move is all down to Windows Phone's market share increasing in multiple regions.

It's super easy to get started with your Voxer Business credentials. Not only will you have access to the usual live and messaged audio, text, photos and location sharing, but also group chats and more. New features will be on the way for business, including full access to predefined teams (aka. group distribution lists), which have been organized through the manager for one touch communication with a specific department or internal division within a company.

"To accommodate the growing mobile workforce and the expansion of the Windows Phone device market, we wanted to be sure we continued to ensure support of the full umbrella of leading mobile OS providers," said Irv Remedios, Head of Product at Voxer. "By introducing support for Windows Phone 8 we are fulfilling our core mission to create a reliable, efficient communication platform for businesses around the globe."


Here's a list of features not included with the free service:

  • Extreme notifications for loud and repetitive alerts when you need them
  • Live Interrupt Mode for live streaming communication anywhere in and out of the app
  • Groups of up to 500 people
  • Headset Integration lets you hear live messages and respond with a button press
  • Company managed user accounts
  • Full administrative access and control over communications
  • Private network of users including all external users
  • Employee messages dynamically populate a map

Once a company has registered with Voxer Business, an administrator can set up the account and provide employees with Windows Phones access to team-based communication services. When not on their Windows Phone or are comfortable in front of a computer, said employees can also make use of the Voxer web interface. It's an effective solution for business and is just another piece added to the Windows Phone enterprise puzzle.

Download Voxer from the Windows Phone Store for free. Via: TruTower

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Well this is positive.
  • Lol..
  • On other platforms Voxer Business is a standalone app. I suppose they wanted to save time/resources by just updating the Voxer app already available on WP.
  • Isn't it way nicer to just have one app though?
  • I prefer 1 app instead of 2
  • Maybe for some, but some prefer 2 apps to separate business & personal use.
  • Never heard of Voxer before. What's their rep like?
  • I wish they had more frequent updates but the app is pretty solid. Recently I've been trying wechat but I still prefer the simplicity of voxer
  • The WP version of Voxer is full of bugs, locks up, and functions in a weird order.. It's also lacking many features of the iDroid versions.. There really is no excuse because our app has had tons of updates, but they never squash the bugs, and never add features.... I'm not super critical, so coming from me that says a lot..
  • Full of bugs? Which ones did you discover and can you repeat them?
  • It's been a while since I used it, but from what I can remember it has trouble connecting, and always has to be restarted.. Has trouble receiving messages, but will start back after a restart.. Goes into a blank screen not showing content, and I'm sure there was something else... As far as features go I can't remember much, but ours doesn't have the speedup rabbit, and there were a few more.. Trust me the app needs attention...
    .... It also has problems backing up to previous pages without closing the app, but that's just probably poor quality on the developers part.. Nevertheless, very annoying.
  • So you are not talking about this version, but an older release of this app. Let me ask, are you one still upset about Windows Vista too? I mean, not to sound flippant but why don't you assume the product is improved since the last one?
  • This is the current version of the Voxer app in the store.. What other is there❔...... I could care less about Vista, Kin, Zune, WP7.5❕...
    Let me ask you this question.. Are you one of those blind WP fans who can't stand to here anything negative about anything related to the platform❔.... And, if Voxer did make another version of their app available to the platform why would I assume that it is better than the problem filled one they barely support now???? Assume❔
    What's wrong with you, boy?❔