Voxer push-to-talk messaging app for Windows Phone will no longer work after Sept. 26

The makers of the push-to-talk messaging app Voxer has announced that, due to a change in its infrastructure, the Windows Phone version of the app "will no longer function for most" users after Monday, September 26.

Voxer launched its app for Windows Phone 8 in 2013, and allowed users to save their voice messages in their timeline, along with the ability to send photos and text. Voxer Windows Phone users got the following email message this week (which incorrectly states the app launched in 2014):

When we launched the Voxer app in the Windows Store in 2014 we were amazed by the number of avid WP8 users that started using the platform. A lot has changed since 2014. Microsoft has moved to WP10 as it's core mobile offering. The number of users on WP8 has been steadily decreasing. As a result, Voxer can no longer support WP8 devices. We will be doing some infrastructure upgrades starting Monday, September 26, 2016. Unfortunately that means that the Voxer app will no longer function for most WP8 users. You may continue to access your Voxer account via our web product, available for Chrome and Firefox browsers. We are constantly updating and improving our iOS and Android apps as well. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and thank you for using Voxer.

Voxer has not indicated it has any plans to launch a Windows 10 Mobile version of its app.

Thanks to Jamison and Jason for the tip!

John Callaham
  • WP10? That shows they don't know what's the official name of the OS that came next.
  • This is how much they pay attention to Windows mobile
  • Or UWP either. As many have already pointed out, by effectively ignoring and killing Windows Mobile, Nadella depleted almost all interest in UWP as well. He was frightfully shortsighted.
  • He didn't ignore it... He even merged it with main Windows...
  • The thing is, they are changing the scope now. You can't win or whine that you have great hardware as lots of people will not come to the platform by their choice since you started later than the others.
  • With how often Microsoft rebrands its product lines, can we honestly fault anyone who's not in this Microsoft-news-bubble of ours with not knowing what Microsoft is calling what these days?
  • They will get their users back when if they release a W10M app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No they won't... WP8.1 still has the lionshare of the Windows market. & W10M is only available on a handful of phones...and is not being advertised in any meaningful way. As it stands right now, any mobile centric app developer has v.little reason to target W10M.
  • A handful? I've got huge hands... The OS and device requirements have moved on. It happens in the tech world. As for a 'handful' there are a few more than there were a few months back. How do you think the Apple and Android users feel / felt when they were left with no new OS. IPad 1 etc and the plethora of Android devices that were left hanging on the dreadful 4.4.2?? As I said, it happens. W10 is still fairly young. UWP is, admittedly, not overly pushed, along with Islandwood etc. W10 is a core up OS design, so maybe there are issues just dumping apps onto 10?
  • Agreed. I was a faithful WP user from when they first came out up until about a month ago. I was having so many battery and other issues with my 640 after upgrading to W10M that I almost switched to a 950, but then I wasn't sure if it was a problem with the upgrade or just W10M in general, so I didn't want to chance it and decided to pick up my first Android phone. I got an LG G3, and let me just say, it's been like a whole new world. From the way SMS messages are handled, to the way familiar apps are more developed and interactive, I was blown away. I still have love for WP and just figured once a Surface Phone comes out, I would just go back, but now I see the problem runs deeper than just good hardware. Even if WP gets back a lot of the apps they lost, after experiencing the way apps work on Android, I would be taking a step back in functionality if I go back to WP. I really hope Microsoft can get their act together and really bring out a superior phone and experience in all respects, but if they can't, I hope they make a WP skin for Android at some point.That would at least give me the best of both worlds.
  • I completely understand what you are saying. My wife and I have been WP faithfuls since the 920. She is begging me to switch platforms since her experience on the 950XL has been so bad and she is constantly reminded by peers how she doesn't have the apps she needs to effectively run her business. I want Microsoft to succeed, but things look worse for their mobile offerings now than they ever have. My wife will be switching soon and I will begrudgingly follow if there is not a Surface Phone on the horizon soon or it doesn't look to impress.
  • I felt bad about switching. My first "smartphone" experience was with a Samsung Focus back in the WP7 days, and before that, I had the HTC Fuze with Windows Mobile 6.1, so I've never known anything else, but after experiencing the way things should work after using Android, I just can't believe how different it is. There's still things I like better about WP (keyboard, live tiles, OS), but the overall experience just feels way more polished and connected than it does on WP. I was trying to hold out until the Surface Phone as well, but even great hardware won't fix the app problem. As a long time WP user, you always hear about the lack of apps and that the apps we had were inferior to the iOS and Android versions, but I never had a frame of reference to really complain. Now that I've seen it for myself, I get it now. If Microsoft can somehow make a device that brings something new to the table and can get developers using the various tools to make "quality" UWP apps, I jump back over in a heartbeat. Until then, I'll continue using this LG G3 as my daily driver.
  • Let her switch. It's hard, but I've "let" almost everyone I know switch. I don't think they will EVER return, we might, but once they see how life is on iOS or Android, there's just no reason to consider WM again as a regular consumer...especially with everything that Microsoft is bringing to iOS/Android themselves. I use a 950XL as my main device, but recently bought a mid-range Android phone and just can't believe how it has never​ crashed on me and apps always seem to work.
  • not only let her switch,  everyone should switch....and see what they are missing.   W10M phones are just feature phones at this point.
  • Blame me folks, I installed it but rarely used it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My wife and I used the app quite a bit at one point, but then the app started spamming me with fake notifications. I would click on the notification that indicated I had a message from one of my friends only to find out it was click bait from the app telling me that this friend hasn't heard from me for a while. I have no respect for a company that intentionally tricks its customers. After this happened another half dozen times, I uninstalled the app since there was no way to turn off the fake notifications.
  • Firefox and Chrome, of course no Microsoft browsers... All well thanks to our mistermind....
    Microsoft becoming irrilevant
    Ballmer has been kicked for less damages
  • Agreed, Nadella was promising, but is a disaster for Microsoft. They are becoming the Sears of IT.
  • Really? When was MS doing better?
  • 2014 just before nadella retrenching or damages to the windows ecosystem
  • Windows phone was doing slightly better then. But Microsoft as a company was doing worse.
  • Untrue. Don't let stock prices fool you. These are short term gains from good financials based on cost cutting via firing people and writing off losses..accounting trickery. The nerdy cloud stuff that Nadella loves, will become a commodity, meaning low margins, meaning lower profits, meaning reduced stock price
  • It already is basically. But what isn't a commodity is the services and software that run on the backend. The cloud server play is for enterprises who have different, unique needs and pay for it. Those wont be going away anytime soon.
  • Which services can they make unique that won't end up homogenizes between competitors to then be competed on by price alone? I just think they are going all in to the basket with low margin eggs.
  • Well, the good thing is, you don't need to write a new article every time an app leaves windows 10 mobile store. Just change the name and the release date, and the day the app is pulled from store.
  • People use this?
  • I have a friend who uses this religiously. Probably enough to make them switch back to Android. Posted from the Windows Central app for Commodore 64
  • My wife uses it heavily. I'm looking to my friends for a Droid to try out so she can continue to use Voxer. Shame...not sure why her group doesn't use a widely used messenger app
  • Support for this was dropped ages ago. Several months after WP8.1 was first released I contacted them about some bugs and their answer was always "we don't support 8.1." Since then the app has just gotten worse and worse. I virtually never use it anymore.
  • ***in monotone voice*** Oh. Another app pulled from the Windows Phone Store? What a shock. ***end monotone voice*** I'm SOOOO glad I bought my Windows Lumia 950 last December. It makes for a great paperweight.
  • ***in the same.monotone voice***
    DarthJay38 sounds like a tool.
  • Oooooo - insulting someone on the Internet. You're so original.  No, I've been a faithful Windows Phone user since almost the beginning. I've seen the platform go though a lot of ups and downs but the lack of support and, frankly, subpar OS that was pushed to us in W10 for Mobile (that really has yet to be solidified) are becoming too much to bare as a user. Now with all the apps bailing on the platfom it's becoming increasingly frustrating to use the platform. Yes, I can make calls. Yes, I can text. Yes, I can email (usually). But I could do all that from my old flip-phone, too. I got a Smartphone to do more, and when I can't reliably open an app or even get notifications properly always - it's disappointing to say the least. Combine that with app situation (have you opened the Store on WP lately? All the "top apps" are the same ones that have been there for YEARS) and it's becoming a lost cause.
  • Acting like a tool is only insulting if your not acting like one. In this case it was an observation.
  • Enlighten me, oh wise Internet sage, as to how exactly I was acting like a tool? I was simply expressing frustration with the platform.
  • Ahhh..the sarcastic "oh wise" one is trying to be insulting, you hypocrite. Hahaha
  • Okay - I'm done feeding the troll. Move along...
  • Yeah. Troll. Typical answer to anything when someone doesn't agree with you.
  • Insult. Typical answer from a troll when they have no substantive response. Move along...
  • Shhhhhh... You're boring us.
  • Pipe down Sparta. Take your pseudo intellect elsewhere.
  • Hey Mr Sparta, is there a limit on down votes? I need to get tooled up with some ;-)
  • WOW......JUST like I am called a troll for talking about TRUTHS with MS and WINDOWS, and all the fanboys don't agree with me hey?  
  • How exactly and how much frustrates you when app that you did not used was pulled?
  • Lol! Gladiator ready, Tool Ready....
  • Oh...hold on. Let me get my popcorn. This is gonna be good. If I throw a couple of steel chairs in the ring, please use them!!
  • Um...your comment started with an insult to anyone who has a 950. The flip phone hyperbole doesn't fit either. I do appreciable more on my Lumia. Im using the WC app right now. Im about to get in my car and use the GPS and listen to a podcast. I checked my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ESPN when I first woke up. I love my 950, thanks. Original? You think coming to story about an app leaving and doing the whole "sky is falling", "dead OS" is new? Are we supposed to be thankful for this fresh insight?
  • I'm sorry - but I beg to differ. Seeing yet ANOTHER story about ANOTHER app that is leaving the platform, whether it was buggy or not, totally DOES set me off as a WP user. My guess is that the app was buggy because Voxer was focusing on their development for other platforms. They had no incentive from Microsoft and certainly no reason to try and make it a priority. No, I don't think the "sky is falling" or the OS is dead. I think Microsoft is lightyears ahead with their "One OS across platforms" strategy and it will benefit them in the long-run. But it doesn't make things easy or happy in the here and now for the general consumer.   And the flip-phone hyperbole abosultely does fit for me. I have done hard-resets, soft-resets, system wipes, restoring from backup, not restoring from backup -- you name it -- on this phone and I always still get the same annoying behaviors. Lack of email or text notifications, buggy GPS when trying to use run-tracking apps, alarms that sporadically work, crashing apps. We are a year into this OS and it should work better by now.
  • I get all that on my Nexus 6P android... That's WHY my Lumia 950XL remains as my daily driver. Love it.
  • I can certainly understand your frustration... Just glad I have a solid experience.
  • @Darthjay38, but we're getting a comparable number or more stories about UWP apps coming to Windows 10 including Mobile support. Lose some, gain others. I agree that Windows 10 has not been as smooth on either phone or PC as probably all of us would have liked, but consider why and what Microsoft has accomplished -- they built a single OS that runs on phones, Xbox, Hololens, and high end PC's. That's amazing. The fact that they're still working through some growing pains getting everything work to straddle such a huge swath of platforms is understandable. I know it's easier to point to the faults and complain (I do it sometimes myself), but if you look at the big picture, Microsoft and Windows Mobile are very well positioned. That doesn't guarantee they'll execute well enough to succeed (execution on a project of this scope is incredibly challenging), but given the market situation, I think they're playing this pretty well.
  • You're right, I know. Sometimes I just need to vent.
  • Your situation seems pitiful, but even my 640XL which didn't even receive any W10M specific firmware works upto expectation almost always delivering notifications from a multitude of apps without issues. A defective device in your hands?
  • They still didn't fixed app foto problems with pinch to zoom in 4 years
  • Uh... Those arent bugs that are in release build.
  • Everything you just said is pretty much what drove me to pick up an Android phone last month after only being a WP user since the beginning. I couldn't take my phone not doing basic things anymore. After using Android for a month, I'm amazed at how things just work the way they're supposed to and how apps feel more functional. It's sad that I should have to feel "amazed" by a phone and OS doing what it's supposed to do. I'd like to go back to WP one day, but now I see they've got a lot of work to do before they're up to parity with other OS's out there.
  • Same here. I pretty much follow the same regime, check things, listen to things, email things, text things, call things, set reminders, check twitter, check for online bookings, check the news and, of course, using the WC app.
    All using my 950xl, which apparently does not have sufficient apps available, and should be a nice paper weight. The sky is NOT falling in. Agreed. The OS is not dead. Again, I'm with you. If people cannot function or operate in their day to day lives because an app is missing, is a very sad day indeed. If these apps are required, just to satisfy your existence on this Earth, then you are on the wrong platform. Lemmings tend to gather together, though not as Disney portrayed, jumping off of cliffs, with the other two. So, if you wish to be yet another fashionista, with an OS that is quite dated and needs more power than Cern to operate 'nicely', then we will wish you well. Then again you could join the other fruit based one where the T&C's for downloading from the store are 17 pages long, then, again, we wish you well. Oh, psst reports are circulating that Apple have a massive loss on the books, and Samsung have a £7billion black hole to fill. I'm sure one of them could use your money.
  • Um...your comment started with an insult to anyone who has a 950. The flip phone hyperbole doesn't fit either. I do appreciable more on my Lumia. Im using the WC app right now. Im about to get in my car and use the GPS and listen to a podcast. I checked my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ESPN when I first woke up. I love my 950, thanks. Original? You think coming to story about an app leaving and doing the whole "sky is falling", "dead OS" is new? Are we supposed to be thankful for this fresh insight?
  • Why would you buy this phone knowing the platform had an app problem?
  • Well this comment is rather ironic.
  • Oddly enough, i feel i am in the same boat.........Love my 950........the lack of apps is damning.  I will sorely miss the W10M UI, its the best in the business, but its looking more and more likely that I will move back to Android (after my 3-4 year foray into Windows Phone).  The question is.........do i wait to see what the Surface Phone is, or just go and snap up a discounted Note 7 (due to Samsungs ineptness).
  • Seriously? After all the explosions?
  • Ill obviously wait until they sort that all out - not in a huge hurry.
  • Actually the app was full of bugs
  • Hhhhhh
  • these guys were quite popular way before whatsapp and other similar apps. this app was popular on other mobile platform at the time but they took forever to bring it to wp7.5. By the time they got their act together, it was a bit late for them.
  • What's voxer?
  • Exactly.
  • Wtf man. i use this alot everyday. Thanks alot jackasses
  • This sucks. Im a huge Windows Mobile fan and things sucked before but at least we had a few things here and there and Microsoft was drumming up some hype but even Microsoft has dropped off lately. The news from them isnt there for Mobile like it used to be. I wish it would get better
  • Personally, I don't think this is a big deal as its related to wp8. WP 8.1 is dying (if not dead) platform, so I don't think this affects much going forward. Unfortunately for me, who is stuck on 8.1 and can't upgrade
  • When I contacted the dev about the app working poorly on W10 mobile, their reply was "we don't support W10 mobile." That's all I needed to know, and I stopped using their dogshit app then. Good riddance.
  • While I have never heard of or used this app, the constant stream of apps being abandoned or discontinued is troubling.  The 950 is my 3rd Windows phone and will be my last unless things start turning around.  UWP has been a thing for a while now, but there is basically zero mobile share so why should anyone bother publishing for mobile.  This is especially true for apps that are completely or almost completely mobile. This saddens me because I don't trust Google/Android and I strongly dislike iOS' UI.
  • @Eric Rankin, you wrote, "UWP has been a thing for a while now, but there is basically zero mobile share so why should anyone bother publishing for mobile." UWP is the WHY. If you can make your app work better on Windows for PC (UWP apps look the best, fully support touch, and are the easiest to distribute via the store), and for virtually no additional effort also put it on phone (and in some cases Xbox and Hololens), then why not do that? This is why we're getting about as many stories about new Windows 10 Mobile apps via UWP as we are about old 8.1 apps leaving. As the number of users of the Store grows, and more app developers shift from writing Win32 apps to UWP apps, that will further push more apps to mobile.  
  • UWP only gives you access to Windows 10 PCs and the tiny mobile user base. The majority Windows 7 and 8 users will not have access. It doesn't make sense to create an app right now, especially since PC users have not historically used the app store. Win32 or the web makes much more sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One could argue that the users has not used store apps on PC because there have been no reason. Most of the Win8 apps was pure garbage. But now you get apps that works across PC, phone and Xbox. The design is better (not the horisontal scroll thing they had before), and they get more and more features. I'm certain the store engagement will pick up over the months/year.
  • I feel the same, bought the 950 XL few months ago, and I have to admit I regret buying it, even though it's a beautiful device. Problem is, it's basically a dead phone, no apps, no excitement...
  • Voxer? What's that? I've got all the messaging apps I need on WM10: Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber.... Enough for me. 
  • Another one bites the dust...
  • Ok never heard of it until now
  • I thought Voxa was part of General Motors??
  • Does anyone even use this? :D I've never heard about it before :D
  • Microsoft should go the route if having a Gaming system slash phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That would be interesting... Like a Nintendo 3ds but has the apps and phone stuff too. But has micro sd games or something? That would be interesting. Not sure it would increase in numbers but if it had good games and physical buttons I would look at getting it.
  • I thought that what WP was supposed to be! Then they abandonded Xbox in WP8 and made it useless. I rememeber the ads with the guy's avatar replacing him.
  • I want to repeat myself; No One (Customers & Developers) will wait for the next flagship from Microsoft (The Surface Phone) till the end of 2017.
  • I know, most of you dislikes my comments, but truth is truth. So again, you can x me.
  • Voxer lost steam years ago. It was popular for a while then disappeared. Other social media apps/platforms quickly overshadowed them.
  • :)))
  • I love this app. What's funny is im still using it. How is that? Lol. Im on unlocked 1520 on Redstone 2 latest os?? Lol
  • Unfortunately the app is no longer available in the store. Even if you use a direct link to get to the store entry it states Voxer is currently not available
  • I've had it on my phone since windows phone 7 lol and it still works. I used it today
  • Is there any other apps that use walkie talkie feature?