Wakie Windows Phone app lets users 'wake up' with a new person every day

The Wakie app, which just launched for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 today, give users a way to wake up each day with a new person. Before your minds go in a certain direction, the app has been designed so that it gives users a call on their phone with a real person each morning, with a different person on the call every day,

The app previously launched on Android and its creators claim that it has 1.5 million users worldwide who have already made 30 million calls. Here's how the Wakie app works directly from the dev team:

Set an alarm for 7:00am and you'll get a phone call from another Wakie member at 7:00am. The calls last just 60 seconds—you'll hear a warning at 50 seconds, and the call is automatically disconnected at 1 minute. No awkward goodbyes, no long conversations—calls are quick and casual. You can also choose to wake someone up yourself, too!

It's actually kind of a brilliant new way to meet people and is one of those ideas that you have to wonder why no one has though about this kind of app until now. Best of all, the app and its service are free.

What do you think of the idea behind the Wakie app? Thanks to Samuel for the tip

Download: Wakie - Store Link

QR: Wakie

John Callaham
  • Well, this is weird
  • Not in India,... ! I hate that limitation.
  • It's not weird in India? ;)
  • My first thought. Lol. Then I got he meant.
  • Ain't no limitation on weirdness in India, I say. :D
  • This is doing to alarm clocks what Uber is doing to taxi services.
  • Making alarm clock makers angry?
  • Lol!
  • Hahaha the person on the other side trying to wake me up, is gonna have a bad time xD
  • Knowing my luck it will be the ex wife
  • hahah, brilliant :D
  • Dwl. These posts are hilarious.
  • Lololol
  • I really want to try this but the conversation will be pretty awkward having just woke up Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • "I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"
    Edit: "yeah"
  • Wake up each day with a new person :p
  • Just what I was thinking! lol
  • So what now ? Cortana? 
  • Ya, why can't Cortana ring the phone and wake you? That would be awesome
  • Yeah, I agree. That would be great! Go for it
  • Just use your regular phone ring as your alarm sound - problem solved!
  • Because the phone would be calling itself, which would make it go straight to the answerphone because the number in a call already.
  • They could use Cortana to send a ping to a service to register alarm or ping directly from phone to service via wifi/ cellular, then the service itself would initiate the call.
  • You can already ring the phone remotely via the find my phone features at Windowsphone.com. Why can't Cortana do that and then present a message, she already knows your name.
  • There's actually a loop back number that will ring the phone. Anyone with any telecom experience will know what the number is. I don't.
  • I would actually like it if Cortana woke me up and spoke to me, telling me everything i need to do and why i have to get up right now. I'm a student so i never HAVE to get up at a certain time, so some times it happens that i just silent the alarm thinking "whatever i need to do can be postponed" because well, usually it can (learning for test, doing project, going to that dreaded early morning class) BUT if there's an actual voice waking me up that even responds to my voice "please leave me for 5 more minutes" cortana be like "no, you need to go do this that and the other" it would certainly give me alot more motivation to wake up than an iterating alarm sound. Hahaha just throwing some ideas around, MSFT, you listening ;) haha
  • That would be pretty cool.
  • That's really will be cool... Add that to the Cortana Feed back!
  • What you want is what mommy does ?
  • Well she was your best alarm to date, no? ;)
  • Wake up chief...
  • The optimism in this article shocks me. This sounds creepy as all hell. Imagine a twisted hybrid of Tinder and Vocaroo, but first thing in the morning, in your bed.
  • True. But it would definitely wake you up. Lol
  • Especially if your partner answered it and asked you why a male/female as calling you at such an unsociable hour...
  • Yeah, I'm with you. This sounds super creepy. Think I'll stick to having my husband or child wake me up.
  • Damn it...requires Facebook...oh well...
  • Booooooooooo!
  • I probably wouldn't have tried it in the first place, but the FB requirement seals the deal... Pass.
  • +920
  • Sound really stupid.
  • This app asks me to sign up through my Facebook account. What information of my profile will it have access to If I sign up through Facebook?
  • Whatever you have put out there Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yeah. I think Facebook is horrible, though. I'd like to see people move away from such a thing or find an alternative that isn't one sided in there enforcement of policies and rules.
  • Brilliant and weird concept.
  • Lol, Nice idea :-o
  • Creepy
  • This seems like the worst idea ever.
  • If I ever did this, I would start every call with, "Good morning, sexy."
  • Way ahead of you
  • creepy
  • Good idea in theory, just another way for guys to creep on girls in reality...
  • True story
  • And vice versa, crazy comes in many forms. I also don't think you can choose the caller, sounds random. But I don't own the app nor plan to so I haven't a clue.
  • Yeah weird stalkers aren't limited to guys only. Some of my fellow women are just...yeah. ::Shudder::
  • 7am is too much, wake me at 1pm~
  • User: In a gruff and sleepy voice “H-h-h…uh….hello….”
    Caller: “It’s time to wake up!” User: “Who is this????” Caller: “Who are you???” User: “You called ME!” Caller: “Soooo?” User: “So…I asked you first!” Caller “………” User: “Ummmmm...Ok…I am awake…..thanks….............................................I guess.”
  • +620
  • I LOLed so hard.:D
  • Might have to try this out
  • the only person allowed to creepily wake me up is my wife.... and it better be with a happy ending ;)
  • Emm.
  • TMI, hon. :P
  • The one where she leaves you?
  • I ❤ happy endings.
  • Interesting concept to say the least. Also a potential to cross over into a dating service like speed calling or something. Lol
  • Not supported in INDIA yet
  • But we can make calls
  • Would you want it to be? I'm not sure I like it here. But it is, what it is.
  • I always look for someone to say this. I have not yet been disappointed.
  • Doesn't work in India. May be because we wake up people like "उठ जा हरामी, सुबह के दस बज रहे हैं, काम कर ले कुछ"
  • I couldn't even laugh, I cried.
  • Haha :D awesome reply!
  • Sounds like my personal idea of hell but each to their own
  • No title/headline will ever draw people faster to an article than this one. Lol.
  • Great idea, but 7am? Waaay too early x.x
  • Way too late for me. Radio morning show you have to be at work by 5.
  • So basically it is nsa alarm clock
  • A recording would be less questionable.
  • so whats the statistics for complaints
  • None, because people who would complain either wouldn't install it or would just uninstall it...
  • An app designed to fish for data, under the guise of a goofy service. No thanks.
  • It already exists in the form of Facebook, doesn't it?
  • What data other than what time you wake up are they getting? What advertising opportunity exists with that data.
  • What about inner circle and quiet hours? :p  
  • Day 1...
    Caller: "good morning. It's time to wake up"
    You: "Goddammit it's 6 o'clock in the morning"
    Day 2...
    Caller: ...(ringing)...(ringing)...(well, at least trying to ring)...."the Vodafone costumer you have called its not available. Please try again later"...(call dropped)...
  • It calls other people registered to the app, not random numbers
  • I would just say wakey wakey hands off snakey every time!
  • Tipped an hour ago.. Tadaa!! Ders an article! Great job guys! Thanks for acknowledging btw.
  • Any valuations so far? Those tech companies are on a buying spree.
  • Creepers
  • I'll call people. Breathing heavy... moaning...
  • Good app for those living in the center of the free World. Here in Europe, Romania its not available
  • Rofl
  • My dreams are enough to wake me up thanks
  • I'd have nightmares all night that I'd get a Wakie from my Marine Corps Drill Instructors and end up having a heart attack.
  • LOL that's an epic unexpected presumption.
  • Cool..........?
  • That's creepy...creepy.
  • Creepy, yet another example of an app that not needed. Why do I want strangers calling me to wake me up?
  • Who knows if anyone's 1st ever crush calls him/her one morning via this app? Luck is always astonishing. So give it a try... Come on !
  • 1/10000 chance
  • This is far to creepy for my shit.
  • Nobody wants to see my ugly face first thing in the morning, especially the way it looks first thing in the morning.
  • Perf app. that was what I was thinking at first :P
  • This is so great. Such a bizarre and wonderful idea.
  • Creepy as hell...
  • I would have loved to have heard the pitch for this in a Starbucks
  • Kinda creepy, if you ask me.
  • Prefect for a h---- hangover wake up call
  • What if it was Morgan freeman on the other end?? Lol
  • Or a ex Marines drill Sergeant.... Oh yeah Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I think this is an amazing idea. There is no better way to wake up than conversation. And it really just opens people up. Its a shame that so many people live in their shells where random human interaction is considered creepy.
  • Somebody that you don't know calling you is creepy. If you don't find it creepy, I'd suggest putting your phone number in a public place for people to call you. I wouldn't call 60 seconds a conversation, especially when one person is barely awake.
  • I do have my phone number available on most of my online profiles. I'm just saying its a shame that people view it as inherently creepy.
  • Check out the example call in the app and tell me that's not creepy. I can see a kid using the app and getting a call from a prankster pretending to be the kids dead relative. That would be extra creepy.
  • I don't doubt there's creepy scenarios, but I think the idea is pretty neat if not used to imitate dead people.
  • Well... Weird..
  • Creepy >.
  • Ha. Pretty good. Theres actually such app(a website,to be precise) in Russia. It's called Budist. Will check this out though whether it works here in Ukraine and Turkey
  • Caller: "Time to wake up." You; "Ok. Hey wait! You're voice sounds familiar. Who is this?" Caller: "So you've prepared a bag of illegal things for your trip today I see."  You: "What trip? Hey who is this?" Caller: "Oh, hello. I'm Chris Hansen" You: Click! lol.
  • :)
  • Who knows,if there a voice like naughty... Hmmm.... All wake up at that time only..
  • What a shit app?wasted 17mb on it&see what a story only after saying invitations only...
  • I think it's a great idea.
  • Can someone invite me? My mornings are boring, and my alarms are old.
  • Not Available in India...when will it be available??
  • I wonder if there's anyone to call when I get up at 4:45 AM 
  • As far as Wakie works worldwide, sure, someone will call you because it's evening in his region.
  • I'd try it if I didn't have to sign up using Faceook.
  • I was so excited after seeing the headline of the article but then..m
  • I use this app every week day, today's wake up call came from Denmark.  Always someone new and no jarring alarm going off just the ring of my phone.