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Watch Microsoft's recent Windows Mixed Reality presentation right here

Microsoft acquired the struggling Altspace VR platform, to inject a bit of social networking into proceedings. They also unveiled the Samsung HMD Odyssey headset, which is by far the most premium of the WMR headset range. They offered a glimpse at Halo Recruit, an all-new VR experience set in the Halo universe, and they also demonstrated the multi-tasking powers of Cliff House, WMR's virtual home space.

We were on the ground in San Francisco, bringing you some hands-on impressions with the new Samsung headset and Halo Recruit, but if you want to watch the presentation for yourself, it's now available on YouTube (via The Verge.)

HoloLens inventor and Technical Fellow Alex Kipman leads the presentation, with guests including 343i's Halo CVP Bonnie Ross and Windows Chief Terry Myerson. Microsoft is banking heavily on the idea that Mixed Reality represents the next big paradigm shift in computing, in a world where Microsoft utterly failed to capitalize on the shift to mobile.

It remains to be seen whether WMR will truly take off, but Microsoft seems to be all-in. One thing's for certain - it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

For more information from the October 3, 2017 announcements, hit the links below.

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  • That presentation sold me. I want it! But they didn't mention how much the controllers cost.
  • The price for the Samsung includes the controllers
  • I would like to say that's cool I want one... but most likely since they are working so hard on killing stuff and people's trust, this thing won't sell and they'll throw it away with the Band, Groove, W10M and so on...
  • It doesn't seem to be the case. If anything, what this will bring is a unified standard to VR headsets. All that Oculus vs Vive thing will be left behind. Not having external tracking is already a definite step forward for the industry that was the dealbreaker with both Vive and Oculus.
  • Why invest in it, this is Microsoft, they'll kill it off after they've run out of puff. They have a strong history of this and have just demonstrated this again with Groove. I'll steer clear for now.
  • Brain dead company. Why this isn't locked to the Xbox One X ? Where are the mixed reality games for Xbox One X ?
  • Even tethered, this coupled with the X would have been a compelling duo for games. Shouldn't be a problem since its all Windows 10 as is always claimed.
  • Not touching anything from MS right now with a 40 foot pole. Especially anything ground breaking and that has lots of potential. It will get canned within 3 years. Screw you MS. I've lost too much money on your products.
  •   Everyone in here saying they are not going to buy. That  it's not gonna do well. But people who still believe and saw the presentation, they are truly giving their maximum to bring VR/VMR to the consumers, and bringing in a true, innovating way. They are actually doing what Nadella wanted with Mobile. Not playing cat and mouse with Google or Apple. But creating a new trend, invest on consumers, look at those prices and the appeal of the hole presentation. Glad I will be buying one.
  • IT WILL BE CANCELED! Instead, Microsoft will partner with Oculus