Water Rings, bringing a classic kid's game to Windows Phone 8

Water Rings is a Windows Phone 8 game that is modeled after the childhood water game, just without the need to fill things up with water.  Just like the child's game, the goal with Water Rings is to float a series of rings through water and land them on pegs.

Water Rings adds spiffy graphics and sound effects to an entertaining casual game for your Windows Phone.  Water Rings may not appeal to everyone but it's not a bad game to pass short bits of time. It's also a great gaming title to have in the Kid's Corner for our younger audience.

Water Rings Levels

From the main menu of Water Rings you have options to jump into the game, view your playing stats, access the settings, view the about screen, rate the app and upgrade to the ad-free version ($.99). Settings is basically turning on/off the various sound effects of the game and turning on the Kid's Mode (easy mode). You also have a help section and a mute button on the main screen.

Water Rings

Game play is spread out across ten levels with levels progressively adding more rings and pegs to the playing field, ranging from one peg and three rings to three pegs and thirty-three rings.  Where the classic toy game has button plungers to generate the bubbles and currents to guide your rings, with Water Rings you tap the screen to generate the bubbles and tilt the Windows Phone to guide the rings on to the pegs.

Water Rings is really a simple game to pick up but you'll be surprised how challenging guiding those rings on to the pegs can be. Especially when your score is based on how fast you can get all the rings on the pegs.

Water Rings Toy

The graphics with Water Rings is really nice and gives the game a nice aquarium feel to it. Sound effects aren't bad either. Water Rings may not appeal to everyone but the developer has done a commendable job of replicating the classic toy water game.

Water Rings is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone 8 device. You can get rid of the ads with a $.99 in-app purchase. Water Rings can be found here in the Windows Phone Store.

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