Wayward Pines: Gone TV series companion app launches on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

Wayward Pines, the 10-episode "event" TV series from Fox, premiered on Thursday night. Now the show, centering on a small town with big secrets, has a companion app. Wayward Pines: Gone was created in collaboration with Microsoft.

The app is now available for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. In addition to information about the Wayward Pines series itself, including cast and bio bioes, the app also offers access to "GONE: A Wayward Pines Story." It's a 10-part digital video series that offers up a side story to the main plot of the Wayward Pines TV series. In fact, if you live outside the US, the only way to watch this side-story is via the app.

Download Wayward Pines: Gone from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

Download Wayward Pines: Gone from the Windows Store (Free)

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John Callaham