Weather Barometer app helps you predict storms using just your phone

If you want to try your hand at predicting changes in the weather using nothing more than the air pressure around you, a free app simply called Weather Barometer may be worth a look. Compatible with Windows 10 Mobile phone sporting a barometric sensor — such as the Lumia 950, 950 XL and HP Elite x3 — Weather Barometer works by letting you keep track of current air pressure as well as trends.

Here's a quick look at the features of the app:

  • Displays Barometric Pressure and Pressure Trend
  • Suggested weather forecast based on pressure and pressure trend
  • Displays Metric or Imperial units depending on your region settings
  • Elevation correction for station pressure to mean sea level pressure
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Doesn't require an internet connection
  • Works with Continuum

It's a rather simple app, but one that could definitely come in handy if you're looking for a near-term prediction of what the weather may do at any given moment.

If you'd like to try the app, be sure to grab it at the Windows Store and let us know what you think in the comments! As a reminder, the app does require your phone to be equipped with with a barometer to work, and specifically calls out compatibility with the Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

Download Weather Barometer at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Weather Barometer

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  • I didn't even know the 950 had a barometer equipped on it.
  • In case anyone wanted to know, the 640 does not have a barometer ;).
  • Thanks for the info! :)
  • I didn't either... That's pretty crazy. One more thing for me to fail at.. Meteorology!
  • I don't think Microsoft knew about it either. I don't recall seeing it listed in any Lumia specs.
  • You know what else helps me predict storms? The Weather App.
  • With you there, but this could be more fun for some.
  • I was just being smart. I actually downloaded the app to check it out.
  • Just tested, and the pressure is wrong. Correct is 1014. App says 1002. L950XL
  • from where are you getting this "correct" measurement?
  • I have two weatherstations (different brands) installed in my home. They show the same pressure (+/-1)
  • Do the weatherstations show Station Pressure or Mean Sea Level Pressure (ie corrected for elevation)?  I'm just trying to see if the difference is that the raw pressure measurement from the phone is differen then what might be a raw pressure measurement in your weatherstations.
  • don't know what else may affect their calculations but in case of the phone you can count on more sensors inside it aiding in giving you the most correct measurement, or the most likely scenario; poor tiny thing just isn't as accurate :P
  • In the table the top pressure is the phone measured pressure known as Station Pressure and the pressure at the bottom is corrected for elevation (why we need the location so we can get an estimate of your elevation) and is referred to as Mean Sea Level Pressure and this pressure is what Meteorologists use when forecasting and reporting on the weather.
  • Mine is 1014, not sure what it means though.
  • 1014 would be a hPa pressure (metric units), is that the 'Pressure' or 'Sea Level' value?  
  • Inches of mercury, this doesn't tell me anything. It sounds like a medieval torture method.
    I wish the measured value below would be able to show in bar/Pascal instead, by changing the settings.
  • But it does show millibars
  • No, not in numbers in the lower end. at least not mine. Mine looks like the one in the pic above.
  • Which units (metric or imperial) the app displays in are determined by the region setting, but certainly something we can look into for the next version.
  • If that's the case then I think it doesn't work as expected. Everything in my phone is set to sweden where I live. Maybe the app is not to blame though. A couple of days ago my phone changed the time zone to namibia, 5400 miles from where I live.
  • Lumia 1520 :(
  • Location elevation not found, try again later.
    ​Don't know why...      
  • Ditto. 95
  • Are you inside a building?  As we need a full GPS location to get an elevation measurement.
  • I'd like to see a graphical trend displayed. It is more useful in "forecasting."
  • Actually you can "Mark" current value in order to compare with later measurements. Function located at the app bar.
  • A graphical trend is on the list for future enhancements for the reason you mention.
  • Is not in spanish
  • ¿Haz intentado comunicarte con los desarrolladores?
  • I hope to add some other languages like Spanish in future versions, would you be interested in translating and testing?
  • I would like to! Though my L640 isn't the appropriate for testing, I could help with some of the translation side.
  • I woud be interested in translating and testing (my wife's phone is 950XL)
  • So this app works with only three Windows phones.
  • Does the HP Elite x3 have a barometer sensor?
  • It doesn't have barometer sensor, but Lumia 950 XL does.
  • No. Voy a dejar un review. Buena idea
  • Works fine.
  • Very cool. Installed. Thanks for the information.
  • Lovely simple design, very cool. It can't seem to get my location /elevation for some reason? .. 950xl...
  • Are you inside?  In order to get an elevation we need a satellite location. One of the challenges compared to a barometer that sits on your wall is you and your phone move around and for example you could be on top of a mountain or in a river valley or on the 50th floor of an office building, so the app has to account for these elevation changes which create raw pressure measurement differences, so the app wants to calculate a Mean Sea Level pressure for forecasting with. The app is also aware of distance between measurements so if you were to mark a pressure and then travel say a couple hundred miles away and do another pressure reading the app will let you know that the marked pressure was from a couple hundred miles away and so might not give a truly representative pressure trend to forecast with.
  • Thanks for the reply and info.. When you say satellite do mean a normal GPS fix? Does the elevation come from mapping info for that fix? I am inside, a block actually, but my GPS fix for the maps app is very accurate.. Can't get a reading in your app..
  • The GPS fix has the elevation component that we need to calculate Mean Sea Level Pressure.  There are actually position accuracy levels for GPS and we need the highest as not every GPS reading returns an elevation.  One other interesting thing to note is GPS is pretty good in terms of x and y position but z (elevation) isn't as accurate so there is some more drift in elevation as compared to the other components.
  • I understand that, that's why I asked how your app determines it. Again thanks for the support/info..I'll have another go to get an elevation fix, from my balcony this time, take it from there..
  • Installed, saw the huge advert banner at bottom of screen and the removed the app.
  • You uninstalled a free app because it has an ad? Also, the ad is far from "huge".
  • I also didn't like the banner. Banners are very annoying. I also removed the app.
  • And certainly that is always the user's perogative, I appreciate the feedback.
  • Installed and after tapping the screen a few times it worked (That is a joke, see footnote), couple of points: 1 Well done as a developer and coming on here and answering questions  2 is there a paid option so we can remove the adverts?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Footnote: A traditional barometer works by air pressure impacting on an open at one end vial of liquid, this liquid is compressed by the air pressure and a dial is added to reflect the amount of compression. Often the liquid used is mecury and the vial is often a thin tube (That can be coiled) and sometimes the mecury gets stuck, so a quick gentle tap on the glass will release the surface tension and allow the mecury to rise or fall.  
  • I have a list of features I want to add to this app. I hope in the next release I'll add localization for languages and then the release after that a paid option to remove the adverts. I also have a list of other apps I'd like to write and hopefully the next app will be out before Christmas. Trying to 'Make Windows Mobile Great Again' :)
  • Very nice looking app.
    But it doesn't show any measures in live tile. That would be really helpful.
    Please, make it possible for the user to change the units from the settings. The auto-feature of region recognition is cool, but as we know, that isn't always accurate.
  • I was hesitant to do anything with the live tile now as I'm hoping in a future version the app will auto take a pressure say every hour and that would make the live tile 'live' as right now it would just be the last pressure measured, is there enough value in that to add it to the live tile?
  • The value of a live tile might be to also show the latest trend graphically and help inform of an impending storm. Different live tile sizes for a graph would be a nice option.
  • Live tile is a live tile for a reason. It shows information, so even the last pressure measured showing would be helpful. Add the time stamp, and you have a really helpful tile.
    Show the last three measures, and you can see a trend, with a graph even better.
    Show an up or down arrow, based on the trend, and you can see what's happening with a glimpse of an eye. Change the angle of the arrow, based on the speed of change in pressure, and you can get shelter in time before the storm!
    You already have all these values mentioned above inside your app, just use them. The units showing should be freely chosen by the user. Now my app shows elevation units in feets, even that i use metrics. And pressure shows inHg, but we are used to hPa. If it could auto read the pressure, that would really be awesome. Keep up with the good work!
  • Nice app. Didn't even know my 950XL could act as my granddad's antique weatherglass. Seems to me measures are not displayed according region settings. NL-NL should be metric, not inches(Hg) and feet (elevation).
    Actually had expected a simple settings toggle to choose the desired.
  • What language do you have selected in your phone?
  • Language Dutch. Region Dutch.
  • A blog posting I did about this problem Currently working towards a solution.
  • A very cool app. For the people with Lumia 950 / XL also have a look at AIDA64 which pulls out data from all of your device sensors.
  • Does it work in Lumia 930?
  • I wish I had better news for you, but no the 930 doesn't have an internal barometer sensor. This app only works with Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL as those are the only phones I know have a barometer sensor in them that run Windows 10. The Lumia 1020 has a barometer sensor but it doesn't run Windows 10 (or at least officially).
  • Doesn't work on my 930 :(
  • The weather guy tells me when there is a storm coming. Y'know?