Weather Channel app for Windows 10 Mobile gets a new look with latest version

The Weather Channel app has been updated for Windows 10 Mobile, bringing with it the new user interface that has been included in previous iOS and Android versions.

While the new update does not have a published change log, the Weather Channel app definitely has a new look, ditching the old UI that placed the current temperature inside a circle with one that showcases the local weather situation with a small icon, temperature and alerts for possible future changes. It also has a new splash screen and a new "first time experience" screen.

At the moment, it looks like just the Windows 10 Mobile version has been updated, with the Windows 10 PC version retaining the old UI. If you happen to notice anything else in this new version, let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Aaron for the tip!

Download The Weather Channel from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Weather Channel

John Callaham
  • This is one of the weather app works for me.... MSN Weather never worked though
  • 8.1 version was good. 10 is curiously bad.
  • Amazing Weather HD is the best one I've found. Costs $1.99, though. -- Lumia 640 (Windows 10)
  • I actually prefer MSN Weather... it's super fast, clean and the most accurate from what I've noticed.  Also, love the cool paralax effect they use.  Accuweather is the second best one.  This one looks much better now, but the live tile is not refreshing.  I'll stick with MSN Weather.
  • I use the Weather Network app because it works best in Canada Posted via Microsoft Halo Phone
  • Will download this again and give it a try I been using accuweather
  • I preferred the old look better. This one seems less organized
  • Maybe I'll reinstall this again..  
  • Not so sure on the ui, I best give it a bit of time before looking around again...
  • Does it have a transparent live tile finally? It's a deal breaker for any weather app in my book if it doesn't have it. AppyWeather did and so does the new AccuWeather :v
  • Totally agree, but AccuWeather's live tile never updates for me except when I actually click on it to open the app. -- Lumia 640 (Windows 10)
  • Would you like to try my app, Strawberry Weather? It has a transparent live tile and a toast notifications regarding any upcoming alets! It's universal app, and syncs settings and places across Winodws 10 devices!
  • AccuWeather is not a transparent tile.  Just tried it and it's quite orange.
  • now it works in continuum mode from my phone
  • Can't find pin tile to start on this version! Forgotten?
  • Click the pin next to location Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • MSN works perfect for me. Accurate and clean.
  • Live tile not working now. I did pin after installing update
  • liking the new look. Amazing Weather HD is still my Fav though!
  • I like the new look.  The radar finally works.  The only things to nitpick are it's still not a transparent tile and no lockscreen support.
  • @John Callaham  It's the same app as the desktop. Take the desktop app and shrink its width and watch it become the phone. 
  • This update is great; puts the app on par with the Android version. Nice to see TWC is continuing to support the W10 app with new features.